On the Subject of Binary

Strange, but these codes are easy and impossible at the same time.

This module consists of a screen and five buttons: "0", "1", "R", "Send" and "Useless button".

On the screen you will see a word. Translate each letter of the word into binary with the table below and input it into the module with the "0" and "1" buttons. To submit your input press the "Send" button. You can also press the "R" button to reset your input.

If the submitted input is correct the module will be disarmed. If it is incorrect a strike will be recorded, your input will be reset, and a new word will be shown.

If the buttons are red, the screen doesn`t show a word, or the screen is pressable, you are looking at a different module.

Letter ASCII Binary code Letter ASCII Binary code
A 01000001 N 01001110
B 01000010 O 01001111
C 01000011 P 01010000
D 01000100 Q 01010001
E 01000101 R 01010010
F 01000110 S 01010011
G 01000111 T 01010100
H 01001000 U 01010101
I 01001001 V 01010110
J 01001010 W 01010111
K 01001011 X 01011000
L 01001100 Y 01011001
M 01001101 Z 01011010