On the Subject of Binary

Strange, but these codes are easy and impossible at the same time.

This module contains 3 square buttons "0", "1" and "R"(Reset), 2 rectangular "Send" with "Useless button" and screen with word. To disarm this module use table below to detect the correct binary code. Then input this code with "0" and "1" buttons. Use "R" button to clear your code.

Word Binary Code
Finish 010001100110100101101110011010010111001101101000
Strike 011000110110000101101110011000110110010101101100
Solve 0101001101101111011011000111011001100101
Disarm 010001000110100101110011011000010111001001101101
NotSolve 010011100110111101110100010011100110111101110100