On the Subject of Birthdays

Who knew Lil Tecca and Mother Teresa had something in common?

When the needy activates, a Discord ID will be shown on the top screen. Use the left and right screens to adjust the displayed date. (Dates are displayed in DD/MM format.) Submit the date that corresponds to the birthday of that Discord user. Press the top screen to submit.

Discord ID User Birthday
4314 EpicToastâ„¢ 11th of September
5986 TasThing 26th of August
2463 Xmaster 15th of December
6903 Nico Robin 20th of October
7431 Danny7007 17th of September
1167 Fang 17th of December
1518 aGood_Usernam3 3rd of July
6835 Blananas2 9th of November
5301 superpawn87 20th of December
5448 Espik 24th of January
4414 MCD573 7th of May
4192 Procyon 19th of February
6320 VFlyer 18th of February
5765 Crazycaleb 5th of March
0607 meh 22nd of January
3002 Eltrick 12th of June
7314 Pikachu_Plays_07 25th of March
0551 Timwi 21st of October