On the Subject of Belittling Bitmaps

Over 18 quintillion combinations, fun fact, none of them actually matter.

  • Start at row equal to last digit of serial number.
# Rule Answer
0 1 Q has ≤ 5 W pixels W in other Qs
1 Most W Qs = lit inds. Battery count
2 1 row or column is solid x/y coord of row or column
3 Most B Qs > Most W Qs Most B Qs
4 Total W ≥ 36 Total W
5 Most W Qs > Most B Qs B count in Q with fewest B
6 1 Q has ≤ 5 B pixels B in other Qs
7 Most B Qs = unlit inds. Port count
8 Solid 3×3 square x coord of first square in reading order
9 Most W Qs = Most B Qs First number in S#