On the Subject of BizzFuzz

We’re conducting business. What kind of business? Fuzzy Business.

This module uses rules similar to FizzBuzz.

The module has a display, 9 buttons with various phrases, a Submit button, and a Reset button. The display will show a 9-digit number until you input a phrase, where it will then show the phrases you have inputted so far.

To solve the module, select the correct phrase(s) in the correct order and press Submit. If the phrase(s) are not correct or not in the right order a strike will be issued.

1. Determining Valid Phrases:

Add the first 8 digits from the displayed number together, then multiply the sum by the last digit of the displayed number and modulo 512. Convert this new number into binary, prepend zeros until it’s 9 digits long, then reverse it.

Pair up each column in the “Phrases” table with the corresponding digit from your number. Any phrases paired with a 1 are considered valid, and any paired with a 0 are invalid and to be ignored.

2. Finding your Final Number:

Replace any 1’s in the binary string with the last digit of the Serial Number and treat the new string as a Base-10 number. Add this new number to the number on the display. Be sure to disregard any carry digits when performing this operation.

This new 9-digit number is your final number.

3. Applying the Phrases:

Take your final number and determine if it is divisible by any of the valid phrases from the first step. Press any phrases that divide into the final number in reading order. If no phrases can divide into the final number, simply press the submit button without pressing any phrases.


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