On the Subject of Blackout

Even the flavour text is black!

The module’s screen will initially show a color. Upon every solve of a non-ignored module, the screen will change color, and a voice clip will play.

You have to press the screen when it’s a Blackout. Pressing the screen when it’s not a Blackout or solving a module before pressing the screen when it’s a Blackout will incur a strike.

The module will automatically solve once all other non-ignored modules are solved.

Calculating Blackout

Every color on the screen is considered to be a sum of three RGB components. There is an Internal Color that must be remembered throughout the bomb.

For the initial state of the module, the Internal Color is the color shown on the module. (or the Displayed Color.) For the first solve, the Internal Color is the color shown on the previous stage. For all future solves, the Internal Color is the resulting color of the previous solve.

For each solve after the first stage, determine a logic gate to use:

  • Take the name of the most recently solved module, remove all spaces, and remove any diacritics.
  • If the module name directly contains the name of a logic gate, use that logic gate.*
    • e.g. Unordered Keys = NOR
  • Otherwise, if the module name contains the letters of a logic gate in order with any amount of letters separating them, use that logic gate.*
    • e.g. The Xenocryst = XOR
  • Otherwise, use the logic gate next in the logic gate priority list (or XOR if this is the first stage.)
  • Priority List: XOR, NOR, AND, NOT**, OR.
    • *If multiple logic gates are present, use the logic gate found earlier in the priority list.
    • **Use only the Internal Color for this logic gate.

Apply this logic gate to the Internal Color and the Displayed Color.

If the resulting color is black, it’s a Blackout.