On the Subject of Blank Card

A great magician would do this without a manual.

  • This module contains a clear button on the top, a canvas on the left, and a card on the right.
  • Draw the card using the canvas to disarm the module.

Determining the Card

However, the card is face down and it will not allow you to turn it face up. Fortunately, this card comes from a marked deck. Find the circle that has a line through it and use its properties to determine what the card is.


Drawing the Card

To draw the card, create 4 lines forming a square on the canvas. To draw a line, click one of the white dots and drag it over to another white dot. Depending how you draw the 4 lines will form the card.

Line 1

This line will determine the card’s suit. Use the table below to draw the line according to the card’s suit:


Line 2

This line will determine a group of card ranks. Going in clockwise order starting from the 1st line you drew, each undrawn line will get the groups of [A - 4], [5 - 8], [9 - Q] respectively.

Line 3

Going clockwise starting from the 2nd line you drew, the 1st undrawn line will get the group of odd ranks and the other undrawn line will get the group of even ranks.

Line 4

The direction of the last line will determine the final rank. Drawing the line Down/Left will choose the lower value. Drawing the line Up/Right will choose the higher value.

Drawing a King

To draw a king, draw all 4 lines WITHOUT LETTING GO OF THE INPUT. Follow the rules of drawing Line 1 for the suit.

Drawing the 4th line will automatically form the card. If this card is the same card as the face-down card, the module will disarm. Otherwise the module will strike and reset any input you’ve made. Pressing the clear button will also reset any input you’ve made.