On the Subject of Blind Circle

Huh? Where did the colors go? Ohhhhh, I didn’t know it could do that!

This Big Circle look-alike module has 8 colorless, rotating wedges.

  • When no wedge is colored, pressing any wedge will make the circle flash 3 colors in sequence.
  • After these flashes one of the wedges will be colored and the module is ready to be disarmed by pressing a sequence of 3 wedges.
  • Based on the flashing colors, the direction of rotation and the now lit wedge determine the three wedges to press according to the table on the next page.
  • The three flashing colors will give you a row to use, where the 1st flash is for the 1st press, 2nd flash for 2nd press and 3rd flash for 3rd press.
  • The column will be determined by whether both, neither or exactly one of these two rules is true:
    • The circle is rotating counterclockwise.
    • There are at least 3 indicators.
  • After having determined what wedges need to be pressed, input the sequence to solve the module.
  • A strike will be given if a wrong input is made. This will also reset the module back to its uncolored form and generate a new solution.

Determining wedges

Color Exactly 1 condition is true 0 or 2 conditions are true
Red +1 - battery holders
Orange black 1st flash
Yellow -1 orange
Green - port types + port count
Blue 3rd flash magenta
Magenta green 3 counterclockwise
White - uniques - battery count
Black 2 clockwise + repeats


  • +X: means to press the wedge X-many positions in the direction of rotation, starting from the colored wedge. (+0 means to press the colored wedge)
  • -X: similar to +X but you go in the opposite way of rotation.
  • uniques: count the amount of unique colors from the colors that flashed
  • repeats: tally up the amount of times each color flashed and take the highest amount
  • Xth flash: references the color of the Xth flash (see color below)
  • if a rules tells you to press a color then select the corresponding wedge in relation to the shown color in the following sequence (going clockwise): red, green, yellow, white, black, magenta, orange, blue
    • Example: If the lit color is black, and a rule tells you to press the green wedge, then the wanted wedge is 3 spaces counterclockwise