On the Subject of Blinking Notes

Flashes before your eyes.

  • This module consists of a flashing light, a left and right button to select a frequency, a play button and a submit button.
  • Press the play button to play the note sequence. You cannot replay the sequence until it has been fully played out.
  • Identify the music played using the light on the module flashing in sync with the rhythm of the song and by using the table below.
  • Once the music is identified, start from the corresponding frequency and move down for each time the sequence has been played, wrapping around if the bottom of the table is reached, then set the final frequency and press the submit (TX) button.
  • Note that if a strike occurs, the number of play button presses reset and that pressing the play button while the sequence is playing does not count as a play button press.
Extract Music Name Frequency
Link New Super Mario Bros. - Castle Theme 3.505 MHz
Link Better Call Saul Intro 3.515 MHz
Link Franz Schubert - Serenade 3.522 MHz
Link Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes OST - SMILEYFACE 3.532 MHz
Link Plants Vs. Zombies OST - Watery Graves (Horde) 3.535 MHz
Link Cass Elliot - Make Your Own Kind Of Music 3.542 MHz
Link Michael Jackson - Earth Song 3.545 MHz
Link Maon Kurosaki - DEAD OR LIE 3.552 MHz
Link La Marseillaise (French National Anthem) 3.555 MHz
Link Dave James & Keith Beauvais - Class Act 3.565 MHz
Link Rhythm Heaven Fever OST - Exhibition Match 3.572 MHz
Link Lost OST - Hollywood And Vines 3.575 MHz
Link TLoZ: A Link To The Past OST - Hyrule Castle 3.582 MHz
Link TLoZ: Spirit Tracks OST - Realm Overworld 3.592 MHz
Link Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity 3.595 MHz
Link Mii Channel Theme 3.600 MHz