On the Subject of Blockbusters

“Can I have a ‘P’ please (Lit) BOB?”

  • The module shows a round from the TV gameshow Blockbusters.
  • To disarm the module, create a path across the grid.
  • The letters on the tiles represent facts about the bomb, listed in the table below.
  • If the statement is true, the tile is considered safe.
  • After each correct press, the tiles will shuffle their letters.
  • Starting from the left-most column, click a tile to move onto it.
  • From there, move to the safe tile that is immediately adjacent to your current tile (shown in dark blue).
  • You can move to the right, up or down but not backwards.
  • Clicking any tile other than the adjacent safe tile will reset the entire grid and cause a strike.
Fact for... Fact for... Fact for...
A Unlit indicators > batteries I Serial # contains a vowel Q Serial # does not contain a vowel
B RJ45 ports > 2 J Parallel & serial ports on same plate R AA batteries = 4
C Stereo RCA ports = 0 K Unlit CAR present S # of serial # letters < port plates
D Battery holders = 3 L Port plates + battery holders < 4 T Port plates > 1
E Lit FRK present M Batteries = 5 U Sum of serial # digits > 17
F PS/2 ports > 0 N Last digit of serial # = odd V Unlit IND present
G Port plates < 2 O DVI-D ports > D batteries W Lit indicators > unlit indicators
H D batteries = 3 P Lit BOB present Y # of serial # digits > lit indicators