On the Subject of Blue Hexabuttons

What fruit always feels depressed? A blue-berry.

The symbols written on each button references to a movement when you press the center button. Find the symbol on the table below to find out which button is linked to which movement:

ζΓγηξο1st MovementΞΣ£Ψθx4th Movement
¢σνρεΠ2nd Movementτ$ιαφς5th Movement
υΛλδΔμ3rd MovementβΩωκπ6th Movement

Pressing the center button will transition into the movement phase. The symbols on the buttons will disappear as well as the center button. Each movement has a different value found on the table below:


The button that is linked with that movement gets that value. Press the buttons in ascending value order to disarm the module. Do note, since the buttons have moved around, the values move with them. Therefore, keep track of which button is which.

If you would like to see the symbols again, press the center button. You can only press the non-center buttons after the movement phase.

Pressing the buttons in the wrong order will result in a strike. Any input you have made will be undone.