On the Subject of The Blue Whale

It IS the blue whale.

To solve the module, simply select the statement that is true.

The following is a list of statements about blue whales that have been proven to be true.

  • Largest animal on earth
    • ✗ longest, loudest, 2nd largest, fastest
    • ✗ living thing, dead body
  • Can't eat anything larger than a grapefruit
    • ✗ cantaloupe
  • Can hear up to 1,600 kilometers away
    • ✗ 1,600 meters
  • Weigh up to 200 tons
  • Listed as endangered
    • ✗ vulnerable
  • Tongue is as heavy as an adult elephant
  • Largest heart in the world
    • ✗ biggest mouth
  • Sometimes attacked by orca whales