On the Subject of The Blue Whale

It IS the blue whale.


This module will present you with an image of a blue whale, and four buttons containing statements about the blue whale.

To solve the module, simply select the statement that is true.

Be careful, as almost every wrong answer is either very similar to the facts, or common misconceptions about the blue whale.

Use resources available to you, or your own knowledge of blue whales, to figure out which answer is correct. We tried to put the valid answers here, but it seems that the list being so short is causing problems, so we cannot provide a list at this time.

Some answers may appear twice or be very similar to each other. Because only one answer is valid, then any duplicates can be ignored safely. If two answers are very similar but not exactly the same, one of those will most likely be the correct answer. Unfortunately the rest will need to be done yourself.

Whale is judging you. Do not let him down.