On the Subject of The Blue Whale

It IS the blue whale.


This module will present you with an image of a blue whale, and four buttons containing statements about the blue whale.

To solve the module, simply select the statement that is true.

Be careful, as almost every wrong answer is either very similar to the facts, or common misconceptions about the blue whale.

The following is a list of statements about blue whales that have been proven to be true.

  • Blue whales are the largest animals on earth
  • They are incapable of eating anything larger than a grapefruit
  • These whales are able to hear from up to 1,600 kilometers away
  • They can also weigh up to 200 tons
  • On the IUCN Red List, they are considered an endangered species
  • A blue whale’s tongue is about as heavy as one adult elephant
  • Their heart is the largest of any species on earth
  • Despite their size, they are still sometimes attacked by orca whales

Whale is judging you. Do not let him down.