On the Subject of Bomb It!

Press It! Flip It! Snip It! Slide It! Tilt It! Boom It... no, don’t do that last one please...

Press the play button at the top to start the module.

A drum beat will start, and voice instructions will play. Perform the correct action in sync with the kick drum of the drum beat.

The required number of actions will be a random number between 6 and 10 inclusive.

Performing the wrong action, not performing any action, or performing the correct action too early or too late will incur a strike.

The following are the possible voice lines, along with their expected actions:

  • Press It! Press the red button.
  • Flip It! Flip the blue switch.
  • Snip It! Snip the yellow wire.
  • Slide It! Click and drag the green slider.
  • Tilt It! Tilt the bomb up or down.
  • Solve It! Press the status light. Doing so will disarm the module.

Further Notes:

  • There is a 0.4 second window of time for each action to be performed, except for Solve It!, which has a 0.8 second window of time.
  • Performing any action while the sequence is not playing will not incur a strike, except for attempting to snip the wire, as doing so would prevent Snip It! from appearing as a potential command.
  • If the Snip It! command was made, but not performed in time, it will incur a strike. However, to prevent a double strike, there is a 0.5 second window of time where snipping the wire will not incur a strike.
  • The Tilt It! command will check if the bomb is tilted upwards or downwards at an angle of at least 45 degrees.