On the Subject of Bone Apple Tea

Ah yes, synonym rolls… Just like grammar used to make.

  • To deactivate the module, submit the character pair.
  • This is found out by taking the two displayed misspelled sentences, translating them into the correct sentence, and then finding the corresponding characters.
  • The top sentence applies to the left character, and the bottom to the right.
  • Note: “Chr.” stands for “Character”.

List of Sentences

Bon appetit0I come here oftenJ
Caesar salad1Sleight of handK
Hate to break it to ya2TeslaL
This is awkward3Refreshing champagneM
Cliché4I’m being more specificN
It’s intense5God bless youO
Binge watch6PC softwareP
You’re an amateur7Sense of humorQ
Manhattan8The three musketeersR
Trial and error9Third dimensionS
MillionaireAPraying mantisT
DiabetesBHand me downsU
Russian rouletteCYum, a quesadillaV
Knight in shining armorDDaddy long legsW
What a nice gestureECan’t merge, let alone driveX
InsomniaFMy guess is...Y
This is my masterpieceGSyncZ
I’m in a cul de sacHYou lack it&
Serial killerIAdmit defeat$