On the Subject of The Television

Presented by TetheradickBagels.

The module will display six words that sound dirty, but actually aren’t. All you have to do is press the words in order based on the table below, in reading order.

For example, given the phrases “Boob Tube; Fanny-Blower; Nestle-Cock,” the correct order would be “Fanny-Blower; Nestle-Cock; Boob Tube,” according to the dictionary given below.

Shittah Dik-Dik Aktashite Tetheradick Sack-Butt
Nobber Knobstick Jerkinhead Haboob Fanny-Blower
Assapanick Fuksheet Clatterfart Humpenscrump Cock-Bell
Slagger Pakapoo Wankapin Lobcocked Poonga
Sexagesm Tit-Bore Pershitte Invagination Bumfiddler
Nestle-Cock Gullgroper Boob Tube Boobyalla Dreamhole