On the Subject of The Boob Tube

Extra points if you can defuse this without getting demonetized!

Did you know that “Boob Tube” is just one of the many nicknames for Television?

The module will display six words that sound dirty, but actually aren’t. All you have to do is press the words in alphabetical order based on their commonly used counterparts.

For example, given the phrases “Boob Tube; Fanny-Blower; Nestle-Cock,” the correct order would be “Fanny-Blower; Nestle-Cock; Boob Tube,” according to the dictionary given below.

AktashiteArsenic Sulfosalt MineralJerkinheadClipped-Gable Roof
AssapanickFlying SquirrelKnobstickCane
Boob TubeTelevisionLobcockedNaive
BoobyallaWattlebirdNestle-CockSpoilt Child
BumfiddlerSpoil (by Drawing Over)NobberBoxer
Dik-DikAntelopePoongaOil (from an Indian Beech Tree)
DreamholeWindowSack-ButtBarrel (for Wine)
FuksheetFore Sail (On a Ship)ShittahAcacia Tree (from Arabia)
HaboobDry WindTetheradickBaker’s Dozen
InvaginationSheath (Like To Sheath a Sword)WankapinLotus