With a theme Book of Mario

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In the module, you will see an appointment indicated by one of the four buttons and one of the characters in Mario's book that shows the image of the character on each one. Please, select the correct letters.

Next, the name of the badge is shown on the button. The image of the credential is shown on the screen where the estimate was first displayed. Please, select the correct name of the badge. Finally, four icon elements are displayed on the screen. Your four choices will be the name of the object in the game. Three of them are displayed on the screen. Choose an odd number to solve the module.

Goombell "Dark Koopatrol. These people just blow hard, don’t you think?”
"I came, Mario! You finna”
"Absolutely, I came! Got it!”
"Well, I’m so desperate, so you better save me…”
"That thing is sick”
"In other words, I came!”
"If you like me, I will do my best to create problems for you."
"For all of you, the world will be facing a terrible darkness.”
"Love… How can I explain it? Love tells you when you’re not done yet.”
"Could it be? Oh, yes! Christians! Benefits, Browser!”
"Stop talking with puzzles, chicken sperm”
Mr. Krump "Everyone… Syphillis, sign up!”
"Dude, you’re a crap! Small details, right? And you came, did you?”
"I do not think it would be better, like my daughter, that little premature death..."
""Oh, do you say the star of the glass, Mr Krump?” BOOM! Directly online.”
"I call it the LIFE DETECTOR with LOVE PUMP.”
Mario "I came, you can go!”
"Piss off, nerd!”
"No, he suffers suffocation”
"Damn circus!”
Flavio "Everything went well... I’m still full of terrorism..."
"Altough we are returning to Rogueport, we are here to kill..."
"My womb is brown"
"HEY, women and insects! Welcome, everyone, let’s go Super Quiz Super 65 Quiz!"
"Excellent headline opportunity! MMM HELLO HA HA!”
"Bad is not right! Dumbass!"
Carbon "People said I cried..."
"Man, that’s a salad..."
"I came here to eat Hoko Saba and then destroy our city."
"We have chestnuts.”
"But the truth is, I’m gonna end my father. Him. All.”
"You will regret everything!”
Belda "Do carrots. I do not have it. Censorship!"
"Roasted bread, character! Do not deal with this unusual outlook!”
"Viviana! You are poop! Concern! Shadow shadow!”
"Quiet, boobs! Now it’s time to continue with stupid details.”
"Where am I now? You! Viviana! Don’t tell me that you lost our baby!”
"So why don’t you go see me and Lyn doing a good trap?”
Make "Give me your face, PETA!"
"This is the Flirting Couch! Yes! Let’s put it back!"
"90 breasts was a pleasure! Now it is 101!"
Yoshi Kid "Whoa! Free cake in the country! Let’s be calm."
"Pigs can not be on the road!”
Bob "HUP! HUP! WOT WOT?!? Yobie boobs...PIRATES!"
"Now who do you think I’m gonna do?"
"Let’s get cancer, Mario..."
"That’s a ghost! You talk a little. I came.”
"He drowned in the womb until it was too late for a walk! Hoo!”
"Now take me and show me the pills!”
"Listen, son: At this point, I want you to pull it out. Do...not...forget…”
"Now I’m afraid you know my big deal… I have a bed.”
"He… found my secret… My secret...pumpkin…”