On the Subject of De-Logicing Boolean Maze

Logic? Nah!

This module contains four movement keys: U, L, R, D, a STUCK? key, a RESET! key and a display which will display integers from 0 to 3.

Tips for Success

  • In order to solve this module, travel from the starting point to the ending point.
    • Starting Location: (3rd,4th) positions of the serial
    • Ending Location: (5th,6th) positions of the serial
  • Make sure to convert letters to numbers (A = 1, B = 2, ...) 3 take their value modulo 10.
  • The starting and ending locations will be in (row,column) format, with the top left space of the maze being (0,0).
  • Use U,L,R,D to move Up, Left, Right, and Down respectively.
  • A move is considered legal only if, the number is on the space you’re moving to.
  • If you attempt to enter a space, and the number displayed is not on the space you’re moving to, you will get a strike and not move.
  • You may not leave the edges of the maze. Doing so will result in a strike, and you will not be moved.
  • If you have no legal moves you can press STUCK? to change the display until you can move again, but be careful, using this when you have a legal move will result in a strike and you will be reset back to the start.
  • If you think you may be lost you can press RESET! to reset back to the starting position.
  • NOTE: If the Ending Location is on a 0 or an 3, then it will shift 1 cell at a time until it is no longer a 0/3. The direction of the shift depends on the original displayed number (0 = UP, 1 = RIGHT, 2 = DOWN, 3 = LEFT). If the shift reaches the edge of the grid it will wrap around to the other side of the grid.