On the Subject of Boolean Venn Diagrams

Why is there a big Venn diagram? Why are there some weird symbols? Oh no...

  • This module has eight buttons, one for each enclosed section of the Venn diagram and one representing the area not enclosed in any section of the diagram.
  • The three circles are referred to as "A" (top), "B" (bottom left), and "C" (bottom right).
  • For each section, use the boolean logic expression displayed above the Venn diagram to determine if that section is "true" or "false" by using the following rules:
    • If the section is enclosed in a circle, then the value for that variable is considered to be "true". Otherwise, it is "false".
      Example: The middle section is enclosed in all three circles, so "A", "B", and "C" should all be considered to be "true" while evaluating that section.
    • Evaluate the operator inside the parentheses before the one outside of the parentheses.
    • Images describing each operator can be found below (gray regions represent "true").
    • If the section evaluates to "true", press the button that corresponds with it. The section will turn green.
  • Solve the module by pressing the buttons corresponding to all of the "true" sections.
  • Note: if an incorrect button is pressed, a strike will be issued and the section will turn red.
X ∧ Y
X ∨ Y
X ⊻ Y
X → Y
X | Y
X ↓ Y
X ↔ Y
X ← Y