On the Subject of Boolean Wires

Also known as Creative Wires

  • This module contains two displays with letters on them, 8 input wires, a submit button (green) and a reset button (red).
  • To solve the module cut the wires so the wires you didn’t cut form the symbol of a logical operator which makes the statement true (Letter reference on page 2).
  • Valid operators are: OR; XOR; AND; NAND; NOR (Operators on page 3).
  • You can only use the OR and the NAND operator once per module!
  • After 5 correct answers the module will disarm.
  • Entering an incorrect or invalid symbol will result in a strike and the module will reset (And you can use the OR and NAND operators again).

Letter reference

  • An "!" on the module means NOT (True becomes false and vice versa.)
Letter True if... Letter True if...
A there’s a vowel in the serial #. N there’s a duplicate port on the bomb.
B more than 1 D battery. O unlit MSA indicator present.
C last digit of the serial # is even. P lit FRQ indicator present.
D even number of modules on the bomb. Q true
E there’s a Forget Me Not on the bomb. R number of modules is divisible by 3.
F lit BOB indicator present. S more modules than starting time in minutes.
G unlit CAR indicator present. T more than 71 modules.
H no batteries present. U solved modules > unsolved modules
I exactly 1 pair of AA batteries on the bomb. V number of solved modules is even.
J number of modules on the bomb is prime. W PS/2 port present.
K less than half of the bomb's original time left. X RCA port present.
L Parallel port present. Y number of lit indicators = number of unlit indicators
M Serial port present. Z no indicators present.

Operator reference

  • There are symbols you can enter. If there are more operators that make the statement true, either can be used.
  • bt1 refers to byte 1; bt2 refers to byte 2. (A.K.A. First and second letter)
  • In the table if a byte is in "not()" that means that byte is false. Otherwise the byte is true.
  • Reminder: You can only submit OR and NAND once!
Symbol and name Makes statement true if...
  • bt1 ∨ not(bt2)
  • not(bt1) ∨ bt2
  • bt1 ∨ bt2
  • bt1 ∨ not(bt2)
  • not(bt1) ∨ bt2
(AND) bt1 ∧ bt2
| (NAND)
  • bt1 ∨ not(bt2)
  • not(bt1) ∨ bt2
  • not(bt1) | not(bt2)
(NOR) not(bt1) ↓ not(bt2)