On the Subject of Boomdas

Thinking outside the boundaries.

This module displays a grid of nine wooden pieces.

When you click an arrow on a piece, this piece (and all others necessary to not break the puzzle in two) will slide. Slide these pieces into a configuration calculated below.

Finding the configuration

First, place a piece labeled '0' on the currently empty board.

Then repeat the following 8 times:

  • Take the value of the first piece in reading order of which you haven’t taken the value already and concatenate this digit to the end of the current number (if there is no current number, this is 0).
  • Take the full current number modulo 4 to obtain your direction, 0 being up going 90 degrees clockwise for each one added.
  • Take the full current number divided by 4, removing decimals and modulo by the amount of pieces, to obtain the starting piece.
  • Starting at the starting piece, move in the direction obtained until you are on an empty position.
  • This empty position will become a piece with the value of the label of the previously placed piece plus 1.

The shape constructed by the pieces through the rules above is the target shape. You are free in choosing the order of the pieces, as long as the shape you are submitting is the same as the one constructed above. To submit, press the submit button. Upon a strike, the module will generate a new answer according to the configuration when the strike occurred.

However, if your target shape is a 1×9 rectangle horizontal or vertical, the shape is impossible to make. You can submit at any configuration.


This is an example using the seemingly random order 381654729.