On the Subject of Boot Too Big

Roses are red, Violets are blue. What why’d you put this on a bomb? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU.

The module has 8 buttons which each have a module icon on them. There is a single set of two modules whose names rhyme* with each other, while the rest do not rhyme with any other module. Simply select those two modules to disarm the module. If an incorrect pair is selected, a strike will be recorded.

Final SoundValid Modules
/æd/Boolean Keypad, Complex Keypad, Keypad, Kooky Keypad,
Number Pad, Round Keypad, The Gamepad
/ægz/Flags, Maritime Flags
/æk/Blackjack, Jack Attack
/æm/Boolean Venn Diagram, Nonogram
/æmz/Anagrams, Insanagrams, Tangrams, Unrelated Anagrams
/æs/Stained Glass, Venting Gas
/æʃ/Colour Flash, Geometry Dash, Needy Flower Mash
/æʧ/Benedict Cumberbatch, Color Match, Flower Patch
/æθ/Color Math, Emoji Math, Fast Math, LED Math, Math
/aɪ/Pie, Subscribe to Pewdiepie
/aɪəlz/Colorful Dials, Digital Dials
/aɪərz/Boolean Wires, Complicated Wires, Perplexing Wires, Risky Wires, Seven Wires, Skinny Wires, Thinking Wires, Wires
/aɪm/Lunchtime, Party Time
/aɪs/Connection Device, Encrypted Dice, Lucky Dice, Naughty or Nice
/aɪt/Left and Right; Monsplode, Fight!; Ultimate Custom Night
/aɪts/15 Mystic Lights, Flashing Lights
/aʊn/Countdown, Cruel Countdown
/aʊndz/Backgrounds, Faulty Backgrounds, Simon Sounds
/aʊt/Cheap Checkout, Cheep Checkout, Lights Out, Odd Mod Out, Odd One Out
/ɑb/Knob, Needy Mrs Bob
/ɑk/Combination Lock, Gridlock, Keypad Lock,
Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, Rubik’s Clock, The Block,
The Clock
/ɑks/Crackbox, The Festive Jukebox, The Jukebox
/ɑn/The Necronomicon, The Swan
/ɑrk/Elder Futhark, Question Mark
/ɑrm/Burger Alarm, Burglar Alarm
/ɑrt/Garfield Kart, Roman Art
/ɑt/Forget It Not, Forget Me Not, Forget Us Not, Turtle Robot
/ɑts/Silly Slots, Skewed Slots
/eɪ/aa, Know Your Way, X-Ray
/eɪts/Foreign Exchange Rates, Logic Gates, Simon States
/eɪz/3D Maze, Blind Maze, Boolean Maze, Catchphrase, Cruel Boolean Maze, Factory Maze, Faulty RGB Maze, Hexamaze, Maze, Module Maze,
Morse-A-Maze, Mouse In The Maze, Polyhedral Maze, RGB Maze, Subways, The Colored Maze, The Crystal Maze, USA Maze
/ə/Algebra, Alpha, Forget Enigma
/əl/ Affine Cycle, Big Circle, Binary Puzzle, Boggle, Bomb Diffusal, Caesar Cycle, Cryptic Cycle, European Travel, Game of Life Simple, Hex To Decimal, Hill Cycle, Jumble Cycle, Light Cycle, Marble Tumble, Mastermind Simple, Periodic Table, Pigpen Cycle, Playfair Cycle, Qwirkle, Symbol Cycle, The Crafting Table, The Legendre Symbol,
The Triangle, Ultimate Cycle, Word Scramble
/əlz/3D Tunnels, Intervals, Quintuples, Raiding Temples, Roman Numerals, Signals, Simon Samples, Simon Scrambles, Sonic & Knuckles
/ən/❖, Bamboozled Again, Bamboozling Button, Square Button, The Button, The Hexabutton, The Plunger Button, The Triangle Button,
The Very Annoying Button
/əndz/Cruel Ten Seconds, Ten Seconds
/əns/Button Sequence, Genetic Sequence, Harmony Sequence, Maintenance, Simon’s Sequence, Wire Sequence
/ənt/Logic Statement, Retirement, Visual Impairment, Waste Management, Wire Placement
/ənts/Christmas Presents, Determinants, Module Movements
/ənz/A-maze-ing Buttons, Answering Questions, Broken Buttons, Complicated Buttons, Gryphons, Logical Buttons, Memorable Buttons, Morse Buttons, Rapid Buttons, Simon Simons, Spinning Buttons, Triangle Buttons
/ər/ Air Traffic Controller, Alphabetical Order, Antichamber,
Black Cipher, Blue Cipher, Button Masher, Caesar Cipher, Calendar, Color Generator, Digital Cipher, Double Color, Dr. Doctor, Filibuster, Follow the Leader, Forget Me Later, Gadgetron Vendor, Gray Cipher, Green Cipher, Indigo Cipher, Loopover, Maze Scrambler, Melody Sequencer, Meter, Microcontroller, Mineseeker, Minesweeper, Modern Cipher, Murder, Orange Cipher, Playfair Cipher,
Point of Order, Poker, Prime Checker, Radiator,
Random Number Generator, Red Cipher, Snooker, Street Fighter, Ternary Converter, The Dealmaker, The Fidget Spinner, The Hangover, The Number, The Number Cipher, The Plunger, The Time Keeper, Ultimate Cipher, Unfair Cipher, Unown Cipher, Vigenère Cipher, Violet Cipher, White Cipher, Yellow Cipher
/ərz/ Adjacent Letters, Alphabet Numbers, Blockbusters, Corners,
Divisible Numbers, Following Orders, Graffiti Numbers,
Hidden Colors, Hyperactive Numbers, Lasers, Manometers, Natures, Numbers, Resistors, Snakes and Ladders, Time Signatures, Vectors
/əs/Calculus, Colorful Madness, Greek Calculus, Number Nimbleness, Tennis, Tetris, The Witness
/ət/The Digit, The Stock Market
/əts/Coordinates, Planets, Symbolic Coordinates
/əz/Bases, Colored Switches, Eight Pages, Multicolored Switches,
Simon’s Stages, Switches
/ɛks/Equations X, Flavor Text EX, Press X, TetraVex
/ɛkt/Font Select, Only Connect
/ɛkts/Pay Respects, Simon Selects
/ɛns/Common Sense, Motion Sense
/ɛr/Lion’s Share, Mystic Square, Safety Square, The Stare
/ɛrz/Colored Squares, Decolored Squares, Discolored Squares,
Divided Squares, Uncolored Squares, Varicolored Squares
/ɛs/Chess, Lousy Chess
/ɛt/Alphabet, S.E.T.
/ɛz/Simon Literally Says, Simon Says
/ɜrd/Cryptic Password, Extended Password, Password, Symbolic Password
/ɜrk/Edgework, Module Homework
/ɜrst/Simon’s On First, Who’s on First
/i/ Alchemy, Astrology, Binary, Binary Tree, Blind Alley, Bone Apple Tea, Colorful Insanity, Cryptography, Dragon Energy, Flash Memory,
Four-Card Monte, Graphic Memory, Heraldry, Horrible Memory, Kanji, Laundry, Mad Memory, Memory, Modules Against Humanity, Old Fogey, Pictionary, Poetry, Purgatory, Shape Memory, Spelling Bee,
SYNC-125 [3], Turn The Key, Vexillology, Wire Spaghetti, Yahtzee, Zoni
/iə/IKEA, Mafia
/iks/Simon Shrieks, Simon Speaks
/iz/ Binary LEDs, Bordered Keys, Chord Qualities, Colored Keys,
Cruel Piano Keys, Disordered Keys, Festive Piano Keys, Letter Keys, Misordered Keys, Ordered Keys, Piano Keys, Recorded Keys,
Reordered Keys, Tallordered Keys, Turn The Keys, Unordered Keys
/ɪd/3x3 Grid, Bamboozling Button Grid, Binary Grid, Button Grid,
LED Grid
/ɪft/Character Shift, Shape Shift
/ɪk/Arithmelogic, Logic, Superlogic, Weird Al Yankovic
/ɪks/Hieroglyphics, Mashematics, Matchematics, Mazematics, Morsematics, The Matrix
/ɪnz/Seven Deadly Sins, Simon Spins
/ɪŋ/ Bartending, Chinese Counting, Color Decoding, Cooking,
Digit String, Forget Everything, Free Parking, Grid Matching, Hunting, Listening, Module Listening, Painting, Plumbing, Probing, Robot Programming, Scripting, Symbolic Colouring,
Timing is Everything, Wavetapping
/ɪŋk/Faulty Sink, Sink, The Giant’s Drink, The Hyperlink
/ɪŋz/Simon Sings, The Deck of Many Things, Wingdings
/ɪp/Battleship, Friendship
/ɪr/Refill that Beer!, Souvenir, The Sphere
/ɪts/Alpha-Bits, Two Bits
/ɪz/BuzzFizz, Hinges, Human Resources, Matrices, Terraria Quiz
/oʊ/Cursed Double-Oh, DetoNATO, Double-Oh, Encryption Bingo,
Hot Potato, Modulo, Needy Piano, Tic Tac Toe
/oʊd/Colour Code, Lines of Code, Morse Code, QR Code, Tap Code,
Ten-Button Color Code, The Code, Who’s That Monsplode?
/oʊdz/Character Codes, Error Codes, Passcodes
/oʊl/Black Hole, Passport Control, The Troll
/oʊn/Rotary Phone, The iPhone, Timezone
/oʊts/Footnotes, Sticky Notes
/oʊz/Annoying Arrows, Blue Arrows, Dominoes, Double Arrows,
Green Arrows, LEGOs, Neutrinos, Object Shows, Orange Arrows,
Purple Arrows, Rainbow Arrows, Red Arrows, Yellow Arrows
/ɔk/Colo(u)r Talk, Crazy Talk, Insane Talk, Krazy Talk, Regular Crazy Talk
/ɔl/Forget Them All, Sueet Wall
/ɔŋ/Mahjong, Pong
/ɔr/64, Grocery Store, Morse War, Semaphore, Seven Choose Four,
The High Score
/ɔrdz/Broken Guitar Chords, Guitar Chords
/ɔrs/Color Morse, Encrypted Morse, Reverse Morse, Transmitted Morse
/ɔrz/Simon Stores, UltraStores
/ʃən/Accumulation, Color Addition, Creation, Hereditary Base Notation, LED Encryption, Modulus Manipulation, Morse Identification, Neutralization, Organization, Prime Encryption, Synchronization, Time Accumulation
/ʃənz/101 Dalmatians, Bitwise Operations, Chord Progressions, Constellations, Daylight Directions, Functions, Instructions, Keypad Combinations, Pigpen Rotations
/u/Baba Is Who?, Kudosudoku, Masyu, Mega Man 2, Shikaku, The Screw, Zoo
/ub/Orientation Cube, Pattern Cube, Rubik’s Cube, The Cube,
The Hypercube, The Ultracube
/ul/Game of Life Cruel, Mastermind Cruel, The cRule, The Rule, Übermodule
/ut/Cruel Digital Root, Digital Root, Faulty Digital Root,
Splitting The Loot
/ʌn/Answering Can Be Fun, The Sun, X01
/ʌnt/Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt
/ʌz/FizzBuzz, Quiz Buzz
/ʒənz/Encrypted Equations, Equations

*For the purposes of this module, a rhyming words are those where their final vowel sound and all sounds afterward match.

Modules that have no rhyme:
14, A Mistake, Adventure Game, Bitmaps, Blinkstop, Block Stacks, Bob Barks, Boot Too Big, Braille, British Slang, Brush Strokes, Capacitor Discharge, Challenge & Contact, Codenames, Coffeebucks, Command Prompt, Connection Check, Cookie Jars, Cruel Keypads, Curriculum, Desert Bus, Double Expert, Draw, egg, Encrypted Values, English Test,
Find The Date, Flavor Text, Flip The Coin, Forget Me Now, Forget Perspective, Forget This, Fruits, Hogwarts, Hold Ups, Homophones, HTTP Response, Ice Cream, Identity Parade, Ingredients, Jenga, Langton’s Ant, Lightspeed, Lombax Cubes, Maze³, Micro-Modules, Monsplode Trading Cards, Mortal Kombat, N&Ms, Partial Derivatives, Perspective Pegs, Polygons, Rhythms, Safety Safe, Schlag den Bomb, Sea Shells, Shapes And Bombs,
Simon Forgets, Simon Screams, Simon Sends, Simon Squawks, Simon Stops, Simon’s Star, Skyrim, Snap!, Sonic the Hedgehog, Speak English, Stack’em, Synonyms, T-Words,
Tasha Squeals, Tax Returns, Text Field, The Black Page, The Bulb, The Jack-O’-Lantern,
The Jewel Vault, The Labyrinth, The London Underground, The Modkit, The Moon, The Radio, The Stopwatch, The Switch, The Wire, Third Base, Toon Enough, Tower of Hanoi, Valves,
Web Design, Westeros, Word Search