o the subjcet of bottom ger 3

it’s actukly very dficiulty to writé likd this consistentli

the bohm ger team need imedate help!!!

they are lost in deserté nd theyr cars hav broken down :O

this tiem, jeremiah liek the sand is smliey

hanond in jpeg prisno for beaning meanie on pervious modulws

and jamms has stoped smkoign el Weed, now somke cigeretté (stil bad for helf!!!)

on modull are big buntone an 20 smol butones below

when hold big bttuon, you here 3 loopig soudns at same tiem (they inertupt each othe)

clarson forgor his Bosé hedfones tho, so e’s blastin g sum PROPAH TUNES on the rado, unfortunitly makin it hahdeh to hear th sounds

to staht a cah, press 3 butones, using te sqeuence nextto a sond thats curentli playingn (nmubers refer to btoné in reding orde)

if 1 cah has stahted, take numbres in the oder 2, 3, 1 insted

if 2 cahs hav stahted, takw nmbers in thr order 3, 1, 2 intead

when cah stahted, its sund will stop plying

staht all 3 cahs to solvé the modul nd savee the duo!!! (ignpring hamock, leving him to dead for TERBUL BEHAVOR!!!!! >:<)

1sound 1i haf twevle unpad tax10 8 9
2sound 2tnoight on bohm ger9 1 6
3sound 3i drik strqaight petrolum10 7 17
4sound 4a can no logner her the screem4 16 1
5sound 5i get yelldat by t he polis for speding in the zerio mile z one13 20 7
6sound 6all oaf this an moar... tonoight on bohm ger8 6 15
7sound 7hamon tries to drif tin a weelchaire18 2 13
8sound 8oi luv u wana tri meth?7 3 7
9sound 9very noic10 1 12
10sound 10tody we repalce jams wief witha car and c if he notcies4 9 2
11sound 11helomyluv20 12 13
12sound 12cement;1 11 12
13sound 13jermi, why is jams unzippubg is pants14 12 15
14sound 14awent for a pis ya bluddy idot7 16 18
15sound 15hamon can u spar five quid mat since we loss that Bosé sponor timesuvben tuf16 15 1
16sound 16can’eve n fit intima cloves mat8 18 5
17sound 17howergon gonafi’imalambor19 5 16
18sound 18im goign to Buger Quen dyou want anythign mat12 19 9
19sound 19greeting jermey its me felo bohm ger host jmay17 17 13
20sound 20i avenue cah mat20 14 4
21sound 21hamcock help
cahs done me bluddy backin mat
2 14 8
22sound 22ill drink tuthaat14 15 14
23sound 23thank mat11 10 9
24sound 24two thosant quid fortha Chevi fan!!9 3 16
25sound 25hemorrhoids lukatme ye
tini cah mat
17 5 4
26sound 26as very noic3 1 11
27sound 27tis the las fookin tim i geta carfrom Tesco6 11 18
28sound 28mmmyes fas jcar make
mak me vroom
17 19 2
29sound 29fook the cah lets take the trane4 10 10
31sound 31roight propah idea mat14 16 4
32sound 32t’n’b’g20 20 17
33sound 33hamon on one pin of disel vesreus hamon on for pintsov disel6 18 4
34sound 34u aboslut BASTADS now i mususe this crab weelchaire thjat i foudn at the bak of sum locel crap Shel Gas Stashun9 8 19
35sound 35u no wat jus for that li’l stunt, im crahsin into ur hous11 20 17
36sound 36HAMOOOOOONNNT13 15 12
37sound 37this deservs a smonk mat1 9 20
38sound 38i jus let a roight propah fookin nikotine sticc13 11 10
39sound 39mat lemeavacwik donkenow19 4 5
40sound 40hamont
wer is my wee’e’eed
15 19 5
41sound 41jaymes wood u liek the remaning exhoost fume i can no logner inhal them16 6 16
42sound 42tonoight we wer gona play a cheeki prank on geremia2 12 18
43sound 43tody on bohm ger, we-
absolutly chufed lads bluddy plonkers dont suspec a thing
8 15 12
44sound 44jermy, hamont
aniwunels filatad bitho’ot
17 3 3
45sound 45lads
i think i caght fier
11 11 13
46sound 46shite6 15 3
47sound 47im dunlads14 19 3
48sound 48hamer look its jeremia14 2 6
49sound 49jermy you BASTAD wat did u jus do
5 6 5
50sound 50hamont
hanont, help
1 7 7
51sound 51ye an then jermy died in cah crahs nd i file divors paper8 19 2
52sound 52yuv bin
bohm ger’d
5 20 2