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Today on bottom gear I drive a silent electric car Hammond uses a toilet And james commits arson
*show budget does not exceed 23¥
good evening ladies and gents today, our todayz sponsor is MSI colgate b450 check tem out, promo code: revving my wife tonigt
today we will be reviewing one of a kin vehicle that has about 2.3 ghz revving engine sound, goes up to idk 88 mm per every time i find a proper job in today’s economy
helo mate we are going to asda do uwant sanythijng
hello i am stug i go quikk noom
oy luv you posh dickead oy 'ave cum bak gimme a siggy innit cheesed off bloke daft frucker bollocks fish and chips bloody bloody arse

hammon you tiny man where is the lambo chevy?
gon ei crashed it into James car
hammond you sodding tic tac this was my laborghini aventador
call 999 my fokin cah is beaning on Fire mate
ham ond i have crack additcion i am die
Jeremy I have to write divorce papers today I don’t know what to do next please help me I can’t go o-
we do not hav petroleum hmalet
Tody on medium gear, wat happens when taste exhoost fume?
K, I’ll have a wiff.
Ery nice.
No Jeremia, car gas bad for helf.
Shut mouth hammock.
Shut up jams
th Esped is a lot !




badh ammond!!!!! cripple, no credti