On the Subject of Boxing

To defuse it, you’re gonna have to have the heart to stand in front of it, and to do that, you’ve gotta be willing to die yourself. I don’t know if you’re ready to do that.

You are a boxing coach, struggling to find someone to hire and send to the next bout. 5 aspiring boxers have showed up, but some of them are using steroids. Hire the strongest boxer that isn’t on steroids to disarm the module.

A boxer’s strength is determined by the intensity of the interaction punch when the punch power machine is used while he is selected. There are 5 possible strengths, numbered from 0 to 4. Use the arrow buttons to cycle between the 5 boxers. The four screens, from top to bottom, will display the boxer’s first name, his last name, his substitute’s first name, and his substitute’s last name.

Consult the table below using each boxer’s first name, to obtain two numbers that refer to positions of the boxers on the module. (The module starts with the 1st boxer selected.) Take the strength of these boxers, and concatenate them to form a base-5 number, which can be converted to a letter using A0Z25. Z is omitted.

Create a 5 digit binary number using each boxer in the order they are displayed on the module. Each digit is a 1 if any name displayed on that page contains that boxer’s calculated letter. Convert this to base-10.

Take this result modulo 6. If this number were to be called n, the n strongest boxers are using steroids.

In the event that every single boxer who has applied is on steroids, you have nobody to send into the next bout. Press the abstain button to disarm the module.

Hiring a boxer on steroids, hiring a boxer who isn’t the strongest, or abstaining when you can hire a boxer will incur a strike.

Name: Numbers: Name: Numbers:
Muhammad 1 1 Rocky 3 3
Mike 1 2 Lennox 3 4
Floyd 1 3 Thomas 3 5
Joe 1 4 Sonny 4 1
George 1 5 Julio 4 2
Manny 2 1 Roy 4 3
Sugar Ray 2 2 Larry 4 4
Evander 2 3 Archie 4 5
Oscar 2 4 Jake 5 1
Roberto 2 5 Bernard 5 2
Jack 3 1 Gene 5 3
Marvin 3 2 Ken 5 4
Wladimir 5 5