On the Subject of Brawler Database

Who needs an interspace anyways when we can just use a database!

This module is a database containing the data of all Bakugan brawlers from the Bakugan universe. It has two displays, one with the picture of a brawler and one with glitchy text. There are also 5 buttons that say Name, Home, Attribute, Faction, and Restore.

However, the database was recently hacked and after some repairs it seems some data values stored on the displayed brawler were lost. To solve this module these missing data values must be manually restored. Luckily a paper copy of all data values for each brawler are in this manual on the next few pages following the format below. Each one that was lost will be indicated by a flashing red LED next to the button that corresponds to that data value. Clicking one of these buttons will select it and the glitchy text display will display a piece of data pertaining to that data value. Pressing the glitchy text display now will cycle to the next piece of data for that data value and so on until it loops. Whatever is left on the glitchy text display when pressing a new data value button or pressing Restore will be what is checked in the restoration process. Pressing Restore will start the restoration process and check to make sure that all missing data values were restored correctly.

If a missing data value was not restored correctly, a strike will be recorded and the module will return to its initial state, updating all red LEDs.

Picture of Brawler
Name of Brawler
Home of Brawler
Bakugan Attribute most often used
Faction of Brawler
Ace Airzel Alice
Vestal Gundalia Earth
Darkus Ventus Darkus
Battle Brawlers Twelve Orders Battle Brawlers
Anubias Barodius Baron
N/A Gundalia Vestal
Darkus Darkus Haos
Chaos Army Twelve Orders Battle Brawlers
Dan Fabia Gill
Earth Neathia Gundalia
Pyrus Haos Pyrus
Battle Brawlers Battle Brawlers Twelve Orders
Prince Hydron Jake Julie
Vestal Earth Earth
Subterra Subterra Subterra
Battle Brawlers Battle Brawlers Battle Brawlers
Kazarina Marucho Masquerade
Gundalia Earth Earth
Haos Aquos Darkus
Twelve Orders Battle Brawlers Doom Beings
Mira Mylene Nurzak
Vestal Vestal Gundalia
Subterra Aquos Subterra
Battle Brawlers Vexos Battle Brawlers
Ren Runo Sellon
Gundalia Earth N/A
Darkus Haos Ventus
Battle Brawlers Battle Brawlers Chaos Army
Shun Spectra Stoica
Earth Vestal Gundalia
Ventus Darkus Aquos
Battle Brawlers Battle Brawlers Twelve Orders
Volt King Zenoheld
Vestal Vestal
Haos Pyrus
Vexos Vexos