On the Subject of British Slang

Good day dear sir. I’m absolutely spiffing today. Care for a spot of luncheon once finished with this thingamabob here?

  • The module consists of four buttons on the flag, each containing a word. It also contains a definition.
  • Use the guide below to find the word that matches the definition.
  • Because the British are awkward sods, at each stage, you must input the answer from the previous stage. For this reason, the first correct answer is always the blank button.
  • Progress through six stages to disarm the module.
A List of Fabulous British Words
Word Definition Word Definition Word Definition
Bagsy Call dibs Wally Silly person Chinwag Having a chat
Tickety-boo In good order Waffle Speech of little value Mardy Acting sulky
Pear-shaped Gone wrong Shirty Short-tempered Shambles Total mess
Poppycock Nonsense Nick Prison Mint Excellent condition
Gutted Really disappointed Geezer Cool London man Gaff Your home
Fag Cigarette Faff Waste time Dench "Cool"
Chocka Packed or busy Butchers Have a look Budge Up Move over
Bender Long drinking session Anorak Bit of a geek Blighty England/Britain
Ta Thanks Cheerio Goodbye Bloke Male person
Skive Skip school or work Loo Toilet Do Party
Brolly Small parasol Mortal Very drunk Round Drinks for all
Lurgy Illness Flog Sell quickly Chuffed Really pleased
Blinder Achieve faultlessly Mug Gullible idiot Fortnight Two weeks
Fit Very attractive Quid Pound coin Collywobbles Nervous