On the Subject of Broken Binary

Or binordered keys, if you prefer.

This module consists an empty screen and five buttons. Each of the three small top buttons are cycling through 8 digits, which correspond to a letter in ASCII Binary code. The bottom buttons also have letters written on them in ASCII Binary code. Find these letters using the table below to get a five letter scrambled word. Unscramble the word and submit it by pressing the corresponding buttons.

If the submitted word is not unscrambled, a strike will be recorded and new letters will be shown.

If the screen shows a word, you are looking at a different module.

Letter ASCII Binary code Letter ASCII Binary code
A 01000001 N 01001110
B 01000010 O 01001111
C 01000011 P 01010000
D 01000100 Q 01010001
E 01000101 R 01010010
F 01000110 S 01010011
G 01000111 T 01010100
H 01001000 U 01010101
I 01001001 V 01010110
J 01001010 W 01010111
K 01001011 X 01011000
L 01001100 Y 01011001
M 01001101 Z 01011010