On the Subject of Broken Buttons

How did they get invisible ink to even work like that?

  • A broken buttons module will have 2 submit buttons at the top of it and 12 buttons below them.
  • Depending on the 12 buttons, follow the first rule that applies.
  • Repeat the rules until it tells you to press the correct submit button, which will defuse the module.
  • Every time a button is successfully pressed, the button’s text will change.
  • If the defuser presses an incorrect button, it will give a strike.
  • By default the correct submit button is the left one.
  • After successfully pressing 5 buttons, press the correct submit button.


If the defuser sees the word sea, press a button labeled sea.
Otherwise, if any button on the third or first row starts with the letter T, press it.
Otherwise, if the word one and submit appear on buttons, the correct submit button will be the first one and press the button labeled one.
Otherwise, if a button is literally blank, press that button.
Otherwise, if the word other is on a button, the correct submit button changes to the other submit button and press the button labeled other.
Otherwise, if there are any duplicate words, click one of the buttons labeled with the duplicate word.
Otherwise, if a port name and the word port or module appear on the buttons, press a button labeled a port name.
Otherwise, if a button has less than 3 characters on it, press that button.
Otherwise, if the words bomb and boom are present, press the button labeled boom.
Otherwise, if the words submit and button appear on buttons, press the correct submit button at the top.
Otherwise, if the words column and either seven or two appear on buttons, press any button in the same row as a button labeled column.
Otherwise, if a button hasn’t been correctly pressed yet, press the 3rd button in the 2nd row.
Otherwise, if the first button you pressed had the letter E in the word, the right submit is actually correct.
Lastly, press the correct submit button.