On the Subject of Broken Karaoke

Come to think of it, we don’t have a normal Karaoke module.

The module has 10 blank boxes, as well as a buzzer. Pressing the buzzer will activate the House Of Games karaoke machine, which will play an excerpt of a song.

The excerpt will be from The Jukebox, The Festive Jukebox, or Weird Al Yankovic.

However, the House Of Games karaoke machine is broken, and will only display the first letter of each word every 3 seconds. Letting it run past 10 words will incur a strike.

Pressing the buzzer while the karaoke machine is running will spot it and bring up a keyboard. Enter the name of the song the excerpt is from, ignoring spaces and punctuation, and press the buzzer to submit. Entering a wrong input will cause a strike and reset the module.

Because the machine is broken, there is no way to see your input or clear it without submitting.