On the Subject of the Brown Cipher

I hope this cipher isn’t as crappy as it looks.

On the module, you will see 3 screens, a keyboard, 2 arrows, and a submit button that displays the current page you’re on.

Pressing the right arrow takes you to the next page. Pressing the left arrow takes you to the previous page. There is a total of 2 pages.

On page 1, the top screen shows a 6 letter encrypted word, the middle and bottom screen shows an 6 letter string.

On page 2, the top and middle screens shows a 6 digit number, and the bottom screen shows a 6 letter screen.

Follow the mechanics down below to decrypt your word:

Step 1: Book Cipher

Take the text from all the screens except for the top screen of page 1 and layer it like so:

Middle Screen Page 1
Bottom Screen Page 1
Top Screen Page 2
Middle Screen Page 2
Bottom Screen Page 2

You should now have a grid of 6 columns by 5 rows. Each column corresponds to a letter from the Diary in the Appendix. For each column do the following instructions:

  • Take the 1st row character and turn the letter into its alphabetic position. This will be called W.
  • Take the 2nd row character and turn the letter into its alphabetic position. This will be called X.
  • Take the 3rd row character and multiply it by 10. Add the 4th row character to that number. This will be called Y.
  • Take the 5th row character and turn the letter into its alphabetic position. This will be called Z.
  • The Zth character in the (Yth) word of the {Xth} paragraph on the [Wth] page is the decrypted letter.

This will result in a 6 letter keyword that will be used in steps 2 and 3.

(Ctrl+F [BACK] to get back here.)


Only count the letters/numbers, ignore everything else.

The dash (-) doesn’t count as a letter but does connect the words together to form one word.

The colon (:) also does the same thing, usually with time like so: 7:30. If it has a space like you see between so and 7:30, they are considered 2 words.

If the resulting character is a number follow these instructions:

  • If the number is even, turn the number into the 1st letter of the serial number.
  • Otherwise, turn the numbers into the last letter of the serial number.


Encrypted Keyword:

TJ12E -> E
QK22A -> S
NN41D -> C
VG12A -> A
RD12A -> P
QI31C -> E
Decrypted Keyword: ESCAPE

Step 2: Strip Cipher

For this, you’re going to need the encrypted word on the top screen of page 1, and the keyword you got from step 1.

For each letter of the keyword, use it as a row to get a 26 letter strip from the table below:


You should now have 6 rows of 26 letters. Shift each row so that the left most column spells out the encrypted word, top to bottom.

Read the (26 - X)th column top to bottom where X is equal to the sum of the serial number digits, modulo 25.

The resulting letters will form your new encrypted word.

Encrypted Word: FGSJYY
Keyword: ESCAPE
Column: 26 - ((7 + 9 + 8) % 25) = 2


F -> Z
G -> I
S -> Q
J -> E
Y -> S
Y -> O
New Encrypted Word: ZIQESO

Step 3: Simplified M-209 Cipher

For this, you will need the encrypted word from step 2, and the keyword from step 1.

Turn each character of the serial number into a 6 digit binary using the table below to form 6 rows and 6 columns. Then turn each letter of the keyword into its alphabetic position, minus 1 (A = 0, B = 1, ... Z = 25), modulo 13, plus 1.


Each row of binary represents 1 rotor with 1s being an active pin and 0s being an inactive pin. Each number represents the number of lugs that are placed for that rotor (1st number is placed in 1st row, 2nd number is placed in 2nd row, etc.).

For each letter of the encrypted word, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn the Nth letter into its alphabetic position.
  • Then take 27 minus the number.
  • For each 1 in the Nth column of the 6×6 binary sequence, add to the number the number of lugs that is in the same row as the rotor.
  • If the number is higher than 26, subtract 26 until it falls between 1 - 26.
  • Turn the number back into the letter.

After following the instructions, you should now have a decrypted word.

Encrypted Word: ZIQESO
Keyword: ESCAPE
Serial Number: J79EG8

E -> 4 % 13 = 4 + 1 = 5
S -> 18 % 13 = 5 + 1 = 6
C -> 2 % 13 = 2 + 1 = 3
A -> 0 % 13 = 0 + 1 = 1
P -> 15 % 13 = 2 + 1 = 3
E -> 4 % 13 = 4 + 1 = 5


Z -> 27 - 26 = 1 + 5 + 6 + 1 + 5 = 18 -> R
I -> 27 - 9 = 18 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 31 - 26 = 5 -> E
Q -> 27 - 17 = 10 + 6 + 3 + 3 = 22 -> V
E -> 27 - 5 = 22 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 31 - 26 = 5 -> E
S -> 27 - 19 = 8 + 6 + 3 + 1 = 18 -> R
O -> 27 - 15 = 12 + 3 + 5 = 20 -> T
Decrypted Word: REVERT

Once you finally have your decrypted word, you can submit it. Once you start typing, all the screens will go black and the bottom screen will show what you are typing.

To clear it, just click one of the arrows. This goes to one of the pages and clears any input you put in. It will not let you go over 6 letters on input.

Once you are satisfied with your input, press the button labeled "SUB" to submit your answer. On a strike, the module will go back to the first page of the module, but it does not regenerate.

Appendix: Diary

{A} (1)FIRST (2)OF (3)ALL (4)I (5)WANT (6)TO (7)GET (8)SOMETHING (9)STRAIGHT (10)THIS (11)IS (12)A (13)JOURNAL (14)NOT (15)A (16)DIARY (17)I (18)KNOW (19)WHAT (20)IT (21)SAYS (22)ON (23)THE (24)COVER (25)BUT (26)WHEN (27)MOM (28)WENT (29)OUT (30)TO (31)BUY (32)THIS (33)THING (34)I (35)SPECIFICALLY (36)SAID (37)TO (38)MAKE (39)SURE (40)IT (41)DIDNT (42)SAY (43)DIARY (44)ON (45)IT (46)SO (47)DONT (48)EXPECT (49)ME (50)TO (51)BE (52)ALL (53)DEAR (54)DIARY (55)THIS (56)AND (57)DEAR (58)DIARY (59)THAT

{B} (1)ALL (2)I (3)NEED (4)IS (5)FOR (6)SOME (7)JERK (8)TO (9)CATCH (10)ME (11)CARRYING (12)THIS (13)THING (14)AROUND (15)AND (16)GET (17)THE (18)WRONG (19)IDEA

{C} (1)THE (2)OTHER (3)THING (4)I (5)WANT (6)TO (7)CLEAR (8)UP (9)RIGHT (10)AWAY (11)IS (12)HOW (13)THIS (14)WAS (15)NOT (16)MY (17)IDEA (18)IT (19)WAS (20)MOMS

{D} (1)THE (2)DEAL (3)IS (4)THAT (5)IF (6)I (7)WRITE (8)IN (9)THIS (10)BOOK (11)A (12)LITTLE (13)BIT (14)EACH (15)DAY (16)I (17)GET (18)OUT (19)OF (20)ONE (21)CHORE (22)ON (23)SATURDAYS (24)SO (25)OF (26)COURSE (27)I (28)PICKED (29)THE (30)ONE (31)I (32)HATE (33)THE (34)MOST (35)BUT (36)IF (37)RODRICK (38)EVER (39)FINDS (40)OUT (41)HES (42)SCRUBBING (43)TOILETS (44)BECAUSE (45)OF (46)THIS (47)BOOK (48)IM (49)DEAD

{E} (1)OH (2)YEAH (3)RODRICKS (4)MY (5)BROTHER (6)I (7)TRY (8)TO (9)AVOID (10)HIM (11)ANYWAY (12)BUT (13)NOW (14)THAT (15)I (16)STRUCK (17)THIS (18)DEAL (19)WITH (20)MOM (21)I (22)BETTER (23)BE (24)EXTRA (25)CAREFUL

{F} (1)ANYWAY (2)I (3)THINK (4)MOM (5)HAS (6)THIS (7)IDEA (8)IM (9)GOING (10)TO (11)WRITE (12)DOWN (13)MY (14)FEELINGS (15)AND (16)ALL (17)THAT (18)BUT (19)SHES (20)NOT (21)ACTUALLY (22)ALLOWED (23)TO (24)READ (25)IT (26)SO (27)I (28)FIGURE (29)ILL (30)JUST (31)WRITE (32)WHAT (33)I (34)WANT

{G} (1)THE (2)REAL (3)REASON (4)I (5)AGREED (6)TO (7)DO (8)THIS (9)AT (10)ALL (11)IS (12)BECAUSE (13)I (14)FIGURE (15)LATER (16)ON (17)WHEN (18)IM (19)RICH (20)AND (21)FAMOUS (22)ILL (23)HAVE (24)BETTER (25)THINGS (26)TO (27)DO (28)THAN (29)ANSWER (30)PEOPLES (31)STUPID (32)QUESTIONS (33)ALL (34)DAY (35)LONG

{H} (1)LIKE (2)I (3)SAID (4)ONE (5)DAY (6)I (7)WILL (8)DEFINITELY (9)BE (10)FAMOUS (11)BUT (12)FOR (13)NOW (14)IM (15)STUCK (16)IN (17)THE (18)SEVENTH (19)GRADE (20)WITH (21)A (22)BUNCH (23)OF (24)MORONS

{I} (1)TODAY (2)IS (3)THE (4)FIRST (5)DAY (6)OF (7)SCHOOL (8)AND (9)RIGHT (10)NOW (11)WERE (12)JUST (13)WAITING (14)AROUND (15)FOR (16)THE (17)TEACHER (18)TO (19)HURRY (20)UP (21)AND (22)FINISH (23)THE (24)SEATING (25)CHART

{J} (1)SO (2)I (3)FIGURED (4)I (5)MIGHT (6)AS (7)WELL (8)WRITE (9)IN (10)THIS (11)BOOK (12)AND (13)JUST (14)GET (15)IT (16)OVER (17)WITH (18)FOR (19)THE (20)DAY

{K} (1)BUT (2)ILL (3)TELL (4)YOU (5)SOMETHING (6)ON (7)THE (8)FIRST (9)DAY (10)OF (11)SCHOOL (12)YOU (13)GOT (14)TO (15)BE (16)REAL (17)CAREFUL (18)OF (19)WHERE (20)YOU (21)SIT (22)YOU (23)WALK (24)INTO (25)THE (26)CLASSROOM (27)AND (28)JUST (29)PLUNK (30)YOUR (31)STUFF (32)DOWN (33)ON (34)ANY (35)OLD (36)DESK (37)AND (38)THE (39)NEXT (40)THING (41)YOU (42)KNOW (43)THE (44)TEACHER (45)IS (46)SAYING (47)I (48)HOPE (49)YOU (50)ALL (51)LIKE (52)WHERE (53)YOURE (54)SITTING (55)BECAUSE (56)THESE (57)ARE (58)YOUR (59)PERMANENT (60)SEATS

{L} (1)SO (2)IN (3)THIS (4)CLASS (5)I (6)GOT (7)STUCK (8)WITH (9)CHRIS (10)HOSEY (11)IN (12)FRONT (13)OF (14)ME (15)AND (16)LIONEL (17)JAMES (18)IN (19)BACK (20)OF (21)ME (22)OTHA (23)HARRIS (24)CAME (25)IN (26)LATE (27)AND (28)ALMOST (29)SAT (30)NEXT (31)TO (32)ME (33)BUT (34)LUCKILY (35)I (36)DID (37)SOME (38)QUICK (39)THINKING (40)AND (41)GOT (42)MYSELF (43)OUT (44)OF (45)THAT (46)ONE

{A} (1)IM (2)THINKING (3)FOR (4)NEXT (5)PERIOD (6)I (7)SHOULD (8)JUST (9)SIT (10)IN (11)THE (12)MIDDLE (13)OF (14)A (15)BUNCH (16)OF (17)CUTE (18)GIRLS (19)AS (20)SOON (21)AS (22)I (23)STEP (24)IN (25)THE (26)ROOM

{B} (1)THEN (2)AGAIN (3)IF (4)I (5)DO (6)THAT (7)IT (8)JUST (9)PROVES (10)THAT (11)I (12)DIDNT (13)LEARN (14)A (15)THING (16)FROM (17)LAST (18)YEAR

{C} (1)PLUS (2)THE (3)OTHER (4)THING (5)I (6)GOT (7)TO (8)THINK (9)ABOUT (10)IS (11)THAT (12)GIRLS (13)DONT (14)LET (15)YOU (16)COPY (17)OFF (18)OF (19)THEM (20)WHICH (21)COULD (22)BE (23)A (24)REAL (25)PROBLEM (26)IN (27)A (28)CLASS (29)LIKE (30)PRE (31)ALGEBRA

{D} (1)SPEAKING (2)OF (3)SEATING (4)SOMETHING (5)THAT (6)REALLY (7)STUNK (8)TODAY (9)IS (10)HOW (11)IN (12)HOME (13)ROOM (14)I (15)GOT (16)STUCK (17)WITH (18)SOME (19)TEACHER (20)WHO (21)HAD (22)RODRICK (23)IN (24)HIS (25)CLASS (26)A (27)FEW (28)YEARS (29)BACK

{E} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)GOOD (4)THING (5)I (6)CAN (7)THINK (8)ABOUT (9)THE (10)FIRST (11)DAY (12)OF (13)SCHOOL (14)IS (15)THAT (16)SOME (17)OF (18)THE (19)TEACHERS (20)ARE (21)NEW (22)AND (23)SO (24)YOU (25)CAN (26)SLIDE (27)A (28)LITTLE

{F} (1)ANYWAY (2)THE (3)TEACHER (4)IS (5)ALMOST (6)DONE (7)WITH (8)THE (9)SEATING (10)CHART (11)AND (12)I (13)THINK (14)I (15)WROTE (16)ENOUGH (17)IN (18)THIS (19)BOOK (20)TO (21)KEEP (22)MOM (23)OFF (24)MY (25)BACK (26)FOR (27)TODAY

{G} (1)THIS (2)MORNING (3)MOM (4)MADE (5)ME (6)LEND (7)MY (8)BROTHER (9)RODRICK (10)SOME (11)OF (12)MY (13)MONEY (14)SO (15)HE (16)COULD (17)BUY (18)LUNCH (19)WHICH (20)REALLY (21)STUNK (22)IM (23)STILL (24)MAD (25)AT (26)RODRICK (27)FOR (28)THE (29)TRICK (30)HE (31)PULLED (32)ON (33)ME (34)AT (35)THE (36)BEGINNING (37)OF (38)THE (39)SUMMER (40)SO (41)IM (42)REALLY (43)NOT (44)LOOKING (45)TO (46)DO (47)HIM (48)ANY (49)FAVORS

{H} (1)WHAT (2)HAPPENED (3)WAS (4)THAT (5)ON (6)THE (7)FIRST (8)DAY (9)OF (10)SUMMER (11)VACATION (12)HE (13)WOKE (14)ME (15)UP (16)IN (17)THE (18)MIDDLE (19)OF (20)THE (21)NIGHT (22)DRESSED (23)UP (24)IN (25)HIS (26)SCHOOL (27)CLOTHES (28)HE (29)TOLD (30)ME (31)I (32)SLEPT (33)THROUGH (34)THE (35)WHOLE (36)SUMMER (37)BUT (38)THAT (39)LUCKILY (40)I (41)HAD (42)WOKEN (43)UP (44)IN (45)TIME (46)FOR (47)THE (48)FIRST (49)DAY (50)OF (51)SCHOOL

{I} (1)YOU (2)MIGHT (3)THINK (4)IM (5)PRETTY (6)DUMB (7)FOR (8)FALLING (9)FOR (10)THAT (11)ONE (12)BUT (13)I (14)WAS (15)TOO (16)GROGGY (17)TO (18)KNOW (19)ANY (20)BETTER (21)AND (22)PLUS (23)RODRICK (24)HAD (25)SET (26)MY (27)CLOCK (28)AHEAD (29)AND (30)PULLED (31)THE (32)BLINDS (33)SHUT

{J} (1)SO (2)I (3)JUST (4)GOT (5)UP (6)AND (7)GOT (8)DRESSED (9)AND (10)WENT (11)DOWNSTAIRS (12)TO (13)FIX (14)MYSELF (15)SOME (16)BREAKFAST (17)I (18)MUSTVE (19)MADE (20)A (21)BIG (22)RACKET (23)BECAUSE (24)THE (25)NEXT (26)THING (27)I (28)KNEW (29)DAD (30)WAS (31)IN (32)MY (33)FACE (34)WONDERING (35)WHAT (36)THE (37)HECK (38)I (39)WAS (40)DOING (41)EATING (42)CHEERIOS (43)AT (44)3 (45)AM

{K} (1)THE (2)THING (3)ABOUT (4)DAD (5)WHEN (6)HE (7)COMES (8)DOWNSTAIRS (9)LATE (10)AT (11)NIGHT (12)IS (13)THAT (14)HES (15)ALWAYS (16)JUST (17)WEARING (18)A (19)TEE (20)SHIRT (21)AND (22)SOME (23)BOXER (24)SHORTS (25)I (26)DONT (27)KNOW (28)WHICH (29)IS (30)WORSE (31)GETTING (32)YELLED (33)OUT (34)OR (35)HAVING (36)TO (37)SEE (38)YOUR (39)FATHER (40)IN (41)HIS (42)UNDERWEAR

{L} (1)I (2)KEEP (3)MEANING (4)TO (5)ASK (6)HIM (7)TO (8)PLEASE (9)PUT (10)ON (11)SOME (12)MORE (13)CLOTHES (14)THE (15)NEXT (16)TIME (17)HE (18)COMES (19)DOWNSTAIRS (20)BUT (21)THE (22)RIGHT (23)OPPORTUNITY (24)NEVER (25)COMES (26)UP

{M} (1)ANYWAY (2)IT (3)TOOK (4)ME (5)A (6)COUPLE (7)OF (8)MINUTES (9)TO (10)FIGURE (11)OUT (12)WHAT (13)ALL (14)WAS (15)GOING (16)ON (17)WHEN (18)I (19)TOLD (20)DAD (21)RODRICK (22)TRICKED (23)ME (24)DAD (25)STOMPED (26)ON (27)DOWN (28)TO (29)RODRICKS (30)ROOM (31)IN (32)THE (33)BASEMENT (34)AND (35)I (36)FOLLOWED (37)ALONG

{N} (1)I (2)WAS (3)PRETTY (4)EXCITED (5)TO (6)FINALLY (7)SEE (8)RODRICK (9)GET (10)WHAT (11)WAS (12)COMING (13)TO (14)HIM

{A} (1)BUT (2)WHEN (3)WE (4)GOT (5)DOWN (6)THERE (7)RODRICK (8)HAD (9)COVERED (10)UP (11)HIS (12)TRACKS (13)PRETTY (14)GOOD (15)AND (16)YOU (17)WOULD (18)NEVER (19)KNOW (20)HE (21)HAD (22)BEEN (23)UP (24)TO (25)SOMETHING

{B} (1)DAD (2)JUST (3)THREW (4)UP (5)HIS (6)HANDS (7)AND (8)WENT (9)BACK (10)UP (11)TO (12)BED (13)SO (14)NOW (15)DAD (16)THOUGHT (17)I (18)WAS (19)AN (20)IDIOT (21)AND (22)A (23)LIAR

{C} (1)COME (2)TO (3)THINK (4)OF (5)IT (6)EVER (7)SINCE (8)DAD (9)HAS (10)BEEN (11)REAL (12)SUSPICIOUS (13)AROUND (14)ME (15)LIKE (16)IM (17)TURNING (18)INTO (19)A (20)BAD (21)KID (22)OR (23)SOMETHING

{D} (1)ILL (2)PUT (3)IT (4)TO (5)YOU (6)THIS (7)WAY (8)IF (9)IM (10)GOING (11)TO (12)DO (13)SOMETHING (14)BAD (15)AND (16)TAKE (17)THE (18)HEAT (19)LIKE (20)I (21)DID (22)THAT (23)NIGHT (24)YOU (25)BETTER (26)BELIEVE (27)IM (28)GOING (29)TO (30)COME (31)UP (32)WITH (33)SOMETHING (34)A (35)LOT (36)MORE (37)SATISFYING (38)THAN (39)EATING (40)A (41)BOWL (42)OF (43)CHEERIOS (44)IN (45)THE (46)MIDDLE (47)OF (48)THE (49)NIGHT

{E} (1)TODAY (2)IN (3)SOCIAL (4)STUDIES (5)I (6)SCORED (7)PRETTY (8)BIG (9)THE (10)TEACHER (11)MADE (12)US (13)SIT (14)IN (15)ALPHABETICAL (16)ORDER (17)SO (18)THE (19)WAY (20)THINGS (21)FELL (22)OUT (23)I (24)ENDED (25)UP (26)RIGHT (27)NEXT (28)TO (29)ALEX (30)ARUDA (31)WHO (32)IS (33)THE (34)SMARTEST (35)KID (36)IN (37)THE (38)CLASS

{F} (1)HES (2)SUPER (3)EASY (4)TO (5)COPY (6)OFF (7)OF (8)BECAUSE (9)HE (10)ALWAYS (11)FINISHES (12)HIS (13)TESTS (14)EARLY (15)AND (16)THEN (17)JUST (18)PUTS (19)HIS (20)PAPER (21)ON (22)THE (23)FLOOR (24)NEXT (25)TO (26)HIM (27)WHILE (28)HE (29)READS (30)A (31)SCIENCE (32)FICTION (33)NOVEL (34)OR (35)SOMETHING

{G} (1)KIDS (2)WHOSE (3)LAST (4)NAMES (5)START (6)WITH (7)THE (8)EARLY (9)LETTERS (10)ALWAYS (11)END (12)UP (13)BEING (14)THE (15)SMARTEST (16)BECAUSE (17)THEY (18)GET (19)CALLED (20)ON (21)FIRST (22)SOME (23)PEOPLE (24)THINK (25)THATS (26)NOT (27)TRUE (28)BUT (29)IF (30)YOU (31)WANT (32)TO (33)COME (34)OVER (35)TO (36)MY (37)SCHOOL (38)I (39)CAN (40)PROVE (41)IT

{H} (1)I (2)CAN (3)ONLY (4)THINK (5)OF (6)ONE (7)KID (8)WHO (9)BROKE (10)THE (11)LAST (12)NAME (13)RULE (14)AND (15)THATS (16)PETER (17)UTEGER (18)HE (19)WAS (20)THE (21)SMARTEST (22)KID (23)UNTIL (24)THE (25)MIDDLE (26)OF (27)THE (28)FIFTH (29)GRADE (30)THATS (31)WHEN (32)A (33)COUPLE (34)OF (35)US (36)STARTED (37)GIVING (38)HIM (39)A (40)HARD (41)TIME (42)ABOUT (43)WHAT (44)HIS (45)INITIALS (46)SPELLED (47)EVERY (48)CHANCE (49)WE (50)GOT

{I} (1)NOW (2)HE (3)DOESNT (4)RAISE (5)HIS (6)HAND (7)AT (8)ALL (9)WHICH (10)MAKES (11)FOR (12)OTHER (13)KIDS (14)TO (15)STEP (16)FORWARD (17)AND (18)TAKE (19)THE (20)SMARTEST (21)KID (22)TITLE

{J} (1)I (2)FEEL (3)A (4)LITTLE (5)BAD (6)ABOUT (7)THE (8)WHOLE (9)PU (10)THING (11)BECAUSE (12)IM (13)ONE (14)OF (15)THE (16)GUYS (17)WHO (18)STARTED (19)IT (20)BUT (21)ITS (22)HARD (23)NOT (24)TO (25)TAKE (26)CREDIT (27)FOR (28)IT (29)WHENEVER (30)IT (31)COMES (32)UP

{K} (1)I (2)FIGURED (3)OUT (4)ANOTHER (5)GOOD (6)THING (7)ABOUT (8)WRITING (9)THIS (10)JOURNAL (11)WHEN (12)IM (13)FAMOUS (14)I (15)CAN (16)CASH (17)IN (18)ON (19)IT (20)I (21)JUST (22)HAVE (23)TO (24)REMEMBER (25)TO (26)KEEP (27)IT (28)AWAY (29)FROM (30)MANNY (31)MY (32)LITTLE (33)BROTHER

{L} (1)IF (2)YOU (3)HAVE (4)SOMETHING (5)VALUABLE (6)IN (7)THE (8)HOUSE (9)BELIEVE (10)ME (11)MANNY (12)WILL (13)FIND (14)A (15)WAY (16)TO (17)DESTROY (18)IT

{M} (1)BACK (2)BEFORE (3)MANNY (4)CAME (5)ALONG (6)I (7)REMEMBER (8)I (9)WAS (10)ALL (11)EXCITED (12)ABOUT (13)GETTING (14)A (15)LITTLE (16)BROTHER (17)AFTER (18)ALL (19)THOSE (20)YEARS (21)OF (22)RODRICK (23)PICKING (24)ON (25)ME (26)I (27)FIGURED (28)IT (29)WAS (30)MY (31)TURN (32)TO (33)BE (34)A (35)LITTLE (36)HIGHER (37)ON (38)THE (39)TOTEM (40)POLE

{A} (1)BUT (2)BEING (3)A (4)BIG (5)BROTHER (6)DIDNT (7)TURN (8)OUT (9)LIKE (10)I (11)EXPECTED (12)AT (13)ALL (14)MOM (15)AND (16)DAD (17)PROTECT (18)MANNY (19)SO (20)I (21)CANT (22)PICK (23)ON (24)HIM (25)EVEN (26)IF (27)HE (28)DOES (29)SOMETHING (30)TO (31)TICK (32)ME (33)OFF

{B} (1)PLUS (2)HES (3)NEVER (4)GOTTEN (5)PUNISHED (6)FOR (7)ANYTHING (8)AND (9)BELIEVE (10)ME (11)HES (12)DESERVED (13)IT (14)A (15)BUNCH (16)OF (17)TIMES

{C} (1)JUST (2)THE (3)OTHER (4)DAY (5)HE (6)SOMEHOW (7)GOT (8)INTO (9)MY (10)ROOM (11)AND (12)USED (13)A (14)BUNCH (15)OF (16)MAGIC (17)MARKERS (18)TO (19)DECORATE (20)MY (21)DOOR (22)I (23)THOUGHT (24)MOM (25)AND (26)DAD (27)WOULD (28)REALLY (29)LET (30)HIM (31)HAVE (32)IT (33)BUT (34)AS (35)USUAL (36)I (37)WAS (38)WRONG

{D} (1)SO (2)NOW (3)IM (4)STUCK (5)WAKING (6)UP (7)TO (8)THIS (9)HORRIBLE (10)DRAWING (11)STARING (12)AT (13)ME (14)EVERYDAY (15)MOM (16)WONT (17)LET (18)ME (19)PAINT (20)OVER (21)IT (22)OR (23)EVEN (24)COVER (25)IT (26)UP (27)WITH (28)A (29)POSTER (30)BECAUSE (31)SHE (32)SAYS (33)IT (34)MIGHT (35)HURT (36)MANNYS (37)FEELINGS


{F} (1)THE (2)WORST (3)THING (4)ABOUT (5)MANNY (6)IS (7)THAT (8)WHEN (9)HE (10)WAS (11)REAL (12)LITTLE (13)HE (14)COULDNT (15)PRONOUNCE (16)BROTHER (17)SO (18)HE (19)STARTED (20)CALLING (21)ME (22)BUBBY (23)AND (24)MOM (25)AND (26)DAD (27)DIDNT (28)MAKE (29)HIM (30)CALL (31)ME (32)MY (33)REAL (34)NAME (35)WHEN (36)HE (37)COULD (38)SAY (39)IT

{G} (1)LUCKILY (2)NONE (3)OF (4)MY (5)FRIENDS (6)HAVE (7)FOUND (8)OUT (9)YET (10)BUT (11)I (12)HAVE (13)HAD (14)SOME (15)REALLY (16)CLOSE (17)CALLS

{H} (1)YESTERDAY (2)WAS (3)THE (4)FIRST (5)DAY (6)OF (7)PE (8)AND (9)WE (10)STARTED (11)THE (12)FOOTBALL (13)UNIT (14)THE (15)FIRST (16)THING (17)I (18)DID (19)WAS (20)SNEAK (21)OFF (22)TO (23)THE (24)BASKETBALL (25)COURTS (26)AND (27)CHECK (28)TO (29)SEE (30)IF (31)THE (32)CHEESE (33)WAS (34)STILL (35)WHERE (36)IT (37)WAS (38)AT (39)THE (40)END (41)OF (42)LAST (43)SCHOOL (44)YEAR (45)AND (46)SURE (47)ENOUGH (48)IT (49)WAS

{I} (1)THAT (2)THING (3)HAS (4)BEEN (5)SITTING (6)ON (7)THE (8)COURT (9)SINCE (10)AT (11)LEAST (12)LAST (13)FALL (14)AND (15)IT (16)HAS (17)CAUSED (18)A (19)WHOLE (20)LOT (21)OF (22)TROUBLE (23)ITS (24)ALL (25)MOLDLY (26)AND (27)NASTY (28)AND (29)EVER (30)SINCE (31)IT (32)SHOWED (33)UP (34)PEOPLE (35)HAVE (36)BEEN (37)TRYING (38)TO (39)AVOID (40)IT

{J} (1)TO (2)GIVE (3)YOU (4)AN (5)IDEA (6)OF (7)HOW (8)PEOPLE (9)WILL (10)GO (11)OUT (12)OF (13)THEIR (14)WAY (15)TO (16)STAY (17)AWAY (18)FROM (19)THE (20)CHEESE (21)ITS (22)SITTING (23)RIGHT (24)UNDER (25)THE (26)ONLY (27)HOOP (28)WITH (29)A (30)NET (31)IN (32)IT (33)BUT (34)NOBODYS (35)PLAYED (36)ON (37)THAT (38)COURT (39)FOR (40)A (41)YEAR

{K} (1)DARNELL (2)WASHINGTON (3)TRIPPED (4)AND (5)FELL (6)AND (7)BRUSHED (8)THE (9)CHEESE (10)WITH (11)HIS (12)FINGER (13)LAST (14)YEAR (15)AND (16)STARTED (17)THIS (18)WHOLE (19)THING (20)CALLED (21)THE (22)CHEESE (23)TOUCH (24)ITS (25)BASICALLY (26)LIKE (27)COOTIES (28)WHERE (29)IF (30)YOU (31)GET (32)TOUCHED (33)WITH (34)THE (35)CHEESE (36)TOUCH (37)THEN (38)YOU (39)HAVE (40)IT (41)UNTIL (42)YOU (43)PASS (44)IT (45)ON (46)TO (47)SOMEBODY (48)ELSE

{L} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)WAY (4)TO (5)PROTECT (6)YOURSELF (7)FROM (8)THE (9)CHEESE (10)TOUCH (11)WAS (12)TO (13)CROSS (14)YOUR (15)FINGERS (16)BUT (17)IT (18)WAS (19)REALLY (20)HARD (21)TO (22)REMEMBER (23)TO (24)KEEP (25)YOUR (26)FINGERS (27)CROSSED (28)ALL (29)THE (30)TIME (31)ESPECIALLY (32)WHEN (33)WHOEVER (34)HAD (35)THE (36)CHEESE (37)TOUCH (38)WAS (39)LOOKING (40)FOR (41)HIS (42)NEXT (43)VICTIM

{A} (1)SO (2)I (3)TAPED (4)MY (5)FINGERS (6)TOGETHER (7)FOR (8)THE (9)LAST (10)COUPLE (11)WEEKS (12)OF (13)SCHOOL (14)I (15)ENDED (16)UP (17)GETTING (18)A (19)D (20)IN (21)HANDWRITING (22)BUT (23)IT (24)WAS (25)TOTALLY (26)WORTH (27)IT

{B} (1)THIS (2)ONE (3)KID (4)NAMED (5)ABE (6)HALL (7)GOT (8)THE (9)CHEESE (10)TOUCH (11)IN (12)APRIL (13)AND (14)NOBODY (15)WOULD (16)EVEN (17)SIT (18)AT (19)THE (20)SAME (21)TABLE (22)WITH (23)HIM (24)AT (25)LUNCH (26)FOR (27)THE (28)WHOLE (29)REST (30)OF (31)THE (32)YEAR

{C} (1)THIS (2)SUMMER (3)HE (4)MOVED (5)AWAY (6)TO (7)CALIFORNIA (8)AND (9)HE (10)TOOK (11)THE (12)CHEESE (13)TOUCH (14)WITH (15)HIM (16)NOBODY (17)HAS (18)TOUCHED (19)THE (20)CHEESE (21)EVER (22)SINCE (23)THEN (24)NOT (25)EVEN (26)WITH (27)A (28)STICK

{D} (1)WELL (2)THE (3)FIRST (4)WEEK (5)OF (6)SCHOOL (7)IS (8)FINALLY (9)OVER (10)SO (11)I (12)CAN (13)SLEEP (14)LATE (15)AGAIN (16)MOST (17)KIDS (18)SET (19)THEIR (20)ALARMS (21)AND (22)GET (23)UP (24)EARLY (25)ON (26)SATURDAY (27)MORNING (28)TO (29)WATCH (30)CARTOONS (31)OR (32)WHATEVER (33)BUT (34)NOT (35)ME (36)THE (37)WAY (38)I (39)KNOW (40)ITS (41)TIME (42)FOR (43)ME (44)TO (45)CRAWL (46)OUT (47)OF (48)BED (49)IS (50)WHEN (51)I (52)CANT (53)STAND (54)THE (55)TASTE (56)OF (57)MY (58)BREATH (59)ANYMORE

{E} (1)UNFORTUNATELY (2)DAD (3)WAKES (4)UP (5)AT (6)600 (7)IN (8)THE (9)MORNING (10)NO (11)MATTER (12)WHAT (13)DAY (14)IT (15)IS (16)AND (17)HE (18)IS (19)NOT (20)REAL (21)CONSIDERATE (22)OF (23)THE (24)FACT (25)THAT (26)I (27)AM (28)TRYING (29)TO (30)ENJOY (31)MY (32)SATURDAY

{F} (1)OTHER (2)THAN (3)THE (4)SATURDAY (5)MORNING (6)VACUUMING (7)ME (8)AND (9)DAD (10)GET (11)ALONG (12)PRETTY (13)GOOD (14)BUT (15)RODRICK (16)AND (17)DAD (18)IS (19)ANOTHER (20)STORY (21)IT (22)DOESNT (23)HELP (24)THAT (25)RODRICK (26)IS (27)A (28)TEENAGER (29)WHICH (30)IS (31)DADS (32)LEAST (33)FAVORITE (34)TYPE (35)OF (36)PERSON

{G} (1)I (2)THINK (3)IF (4)THERE (5)WAS (6)A (7)PETITION (8)TO (9)SHIP (10)ALL (11)OF (12)THE (13)TEENAGERS (14)IN (15)THE (16)STATE (17)TO (18)AUSTRALIA (19)OR (20)ALCATRAZ (21)OR (22)SOMETHING (23)DAD (24)WOULD (25)BE (26)THE (27)FIRST (28)PERSON (29)TO (30)SIGN (31)IT



{J} (1)WHILE (2)IM (3)ON (4)THE (5)SUBJECT (6)OF (7)SATURDAY (8)I (9)SHOULD (10)MENTION (11)SOME (12)OF (13)MY (14)OTHER (15)GRIPES (16)FIRST (17)OF (18)ALL (19)THERES (20)NOTHING (21)ON (22)TV (23)AFTER (24)100 (25)PM (26)EXCEPT (27)GOLF (28)AND (29)BOWLING (30)SECOND (31)OF (32)ALL (33)THE (34)SUN (35)COMES (36)RIGHT (37)THROUGH (38)THE (39)SLIDING (40)GLASS (41)WINDOW (42)AND (43)YOU (44)CAN (45)HARDLY (46)SEE (47)WHATS (48)ON (49)THE (50)TV (51)ANYWAY (52)AND (53)ON (54)TOP (55)OF (56)THAT (57)YOU (58)GET (59)ALL (60)SWEATY (61)AND (62)STICK (63)TO (64)THE (65)COUCH (66)ITS (67)PRACTICALLY (68)LIKE (69)A (70)CONSIPRACY (71)AGAINST (72)KIDS (73)TO (74)MAKE (75)THEM (76)GO (77)OUTSIDE (78)AND (79)DO (80)SOMETHING (81)BESIDES (82)WATCH (83)TV

{K} (1)TODAY (2)AFTER (3)DAD (4)WOKE (5)ME (6)UP (7)I (8)DECIDED (9)TO (10)JUST (11)SKIP (12)THE (13)WHOLE (14)TV (15)THING (16)AND (17)GO (18)OVER (19)TO (20)ROWLEYS

{L} (1)I (2)KNOW (3)I (4)HAVENT (5)MENTIONED (6)ROWLEY (7)IN (8)THIS (9)JOURNAL (10)YET (11)EVEN (12)THOUGH (13)HES (14)TECHNICALLY (15)MY (16)BEST (17)FRIEND (18)BUT (19)THERES (20)A (21)PRETTY (22)GOOD (23)REASON (24)FOR (25)THAT

{M} (1)ROWLEY (2)KIND (3)OF (4)TICKED (5)ME (6)OFF (7)ON (8)THE (9)FIRST (10)DAY (11)OF (12)SCHOOL (13)WITH (14)SOMETHING (15)HE (16)SAID (17)AT (18)THE (19)END (20)OF (21)THE (22)DAY (23)WHEN (24)WE (25)WERE (26)GETTING (27)OUR (28)STUFF (29)FROM (30)OUR (31)LOCKERS

{A} (1)I (2)TOLD (3)ROWLEY (4)AT (5)LEAST (6)A (7)BILLION (8)TIMES (9)THIS (10)SUMMER (11)THAT (12)NOW (13)THAT (14)WERE (15)IN (16)MIDDLE (17)SCHOOL (18)YOURE (19)SUPPOSED (20)TO (21)SAY (22)HANG (23)OUT (24)NOT (25)PLAY (26)BUT (27)NO (28)MATTER (29)HOW (30)MANY (31)TIMES (32)I (33)KICK (34)HIM (35)IN (36)THE (37)SHINS (38)WHEN (39)HE (40)SAYS (41)PLAY (42)HE (43)ALWAYS (44)FORGETS (45)FOR (46)THE (47)NEXT (48)TIME

{B} (1)SO (2)I (3)GUESS (4)YOU (5)COULD (6)SAY (7)IVE (8)BEEN (9)AVOIDING (10)ROWLEY (11)THIS (12)WEEK (13)IVE (14)BEEN (15)TRYING (16)TO (17)BE (18)MORE (19)CAREFUL (20)ABOUT (21)MY (22)IMAGE (23)EVER (24)SINCE (25)THIS (26)SUMMER (27)WHEN (28)WE (29)GOT (30)CAUGHT (31)PLAYING (32)VIKINGS (33)AND (34)INDIANS (35)IN (36)THE (37)WOODS (38)BY (39)A (40)COUPLE (41)OF (42)EIGHTH (43)GRADERS

{C} (1)WHAT (2)REALLY (3)BURNED (4)ME (5)UP (6)ABOUT (7)THAT (8)WHOLE (9)INCIDENT (10)IS (11)HOW (12)THAT (13)GUY (14)CALLED (15)ME (16)A (17)NERD (18)NOW (19)ILL (20)ADMIT (21)IM (22)NOT (23)EXACTLY (24)THE (25)MOST (26)MACHO (27)GUY (28)AROUND (29)IN (30)TERMS (31)OF (32)WANTING (33)TO (34)DO (35)PUSHUPS (36)ALL (37)THE (38)TIME (39)OR (40)WHATEVER (41)SO (42)IF (43)YOU (44)WANT (45)TO (46)CALL (47)ME (48)A (49)WIMP (50)THEN (51)FINE (52)BUT (53)I (54)KNOW (55)ONE (56)THING (57)FOR (58)SURE (59)AND (60)ITS (61)THAT (62)I (63)AM (64)NOT (65)A (66)NERD

{D} (1)THE (2)TROUBLE (3)WITH (4)NERDS (5)IS (6)THAT (7)THEY (8)GIVE (9)WIMPY (10)KIDS (11)LIKE (12)ME (13)A (14)BAD (15)NAME (16)BECAUSE (17)PEOPLE (18)END (19)UP (20)LUMPING (21)US (22)ALL (23)IN (24)THE (25)SAME (26)CATEGORY (27)WHEN (28)I (29)THINK (30)OF (31)NERDS (32)I (33)THINK (34)OF (35)TEACHERS (36)PETS (37)AND (38)TICKLE (39)FIGHTS (40)AND (41)HALL (42)MONITORS (43)AND (44)THAT (45)IS (46)NOT (47)ME

{E} (1)NOW (2)ROWLEY (3)CAN (4)SPEAK (5)FOR (6)HIMSELF (7)ON (8)THE (9)WHOLE (10)NERD (11)THING (12)BUT (13)I (14)WILL (15)JUST (16)MENTION (17)AS (18)A (19)SIDE (20)NOTE (21)THAT (22)HE (23)IS (24)THE (25)ONLY (26)12YEAROLD (27)I (28)KNOW (29)WHO (30)STILL (31)HAS (32)A (33)BABYSITTER

{F} (1)ROWLEY (2)MOVED (3)HERE (4)A (5)COUPLE (6)YEARS (7)AGO (8)AND (9)I (10)KIND (11)OF (12)TOOK (13)HIM (14)UNDER (15)MY (16)WING (17)MY (18)FORMER (19)BEST (20)FRIEND (21)BEN (22)MOVED (23)TO (24)PISCATAWAY (25)AND (26)I (27)FIGURED (28)ID (29)BETTER (30)FIND (31)MYSELF (32)A (33)NEW (34)FRIEND (35)TO (36)HANG (37)OUT (38)WITH (39)SO (40)HERE (41)COMES (42)ROWLEY (43)STRAIGHT (44)OUT (45)OF (46)OHIO (47)HIS (48)MOM (49)BOUGHT (50)HIM (51)SOME (52)BOOK (53)CALLED (54)HOW (55)TO (56)MAKE (57)FRIENDS (58)IN (59)NEW (60)PLACES (61)AND (62)HE (63)SHOWED (64)UP (65)AT (66)MY (67)DOOR (68)TRYING (69)OUT (70)ALL (71)THESE (72)GIMMICKS

{G} (1)ALL (2)THAT (3)KID (4)WOULDVE (5)HAD (6)TO (7)HAVE (8)DONE (9)IS (10)TO (11)HAVE (12)COME (13)RIGHT (14)OUT (15)AND (16)TOLD (17)ME (18)HE (19)HAD (20)A (21)PLAYSTATION (22)WITH (23)42 (24)GAMES (25)AND (26)IT (27)WOULD (28)HAVE (29)SEALED (30)THE (31)DEAL

{H} (1)THE (2)BEST (3)THING (4)ABOUT (5)HAVING (6)ROWLEY (7)AROUND (8)IS (9)THAT (10)I (11)GET (12)A (13)CHANCE (14)TO (15)USE (16)ALL (17)THE (18)TRICKS (19)RODRICK (20)USED (21)ON (22)ME (23)THAT (24)I (25)COULD (26)NEVER (27)GET (28)AWAY (29)WITH (30)PULLING (31)ON (32)MANNY

{I} (1)ANOTHER (2)BONUS (3)ABOUT (4)ROWLEY (5)IS (6)THAT (7)HE (8)HAS (9)NEVER (10)SQUEALED (11)ON (12)ME (13)NOT (14)EVEN (15)ONCE (16)SO (17)IN (18)SOME (19)WAYS (20)I (21)GUESS (22)YOU (23)COULD (24)SAY (25)HES (26)THE (27)PERFECT (28)FRIEND

{J} (1)TODAY (2)WAS (3)A (4)REALLY (5)BAD (6)DAY (7)DAD (8)ENDED (9)UP (10)RUNNING (11)INTO (12)MR (13)SWANN (14)AT (15)CHURCH (16)AND (17)MR (18)SWANN (19)WAS (20)TELLING (21)DAD (22)HOW (23)GREAT (24)BISHOP (25)GARRIGAN (26)HIGH (27)SCHOOL (28)IS (29)WHERE (30)HIS (31)SON (32)DAN (33)GOES

{K} (1)DAD (2)SEEMED (3)REAL (4)INTERESTED (5)WHICH (6)IS (7)A (8)VERY (9)BAD (10)SIGN (11)FOR (12)ME (13)NOW (14)IM (15)SURE (16)BISHOP (17)GARRIGAN (18)IS (19)A (20)FINE (21)SCHOOL (22)AND (23)ALL (24)THAT (25)EXCEPT (26)FOR (27)THE (28)FACT (29)THAT (30)IT (31)IS (32)ALL (33)BOYS (34)NUMBER (35)ONE (36)I (37)WANT (38)TO (39)GO (40)TO (41)CROSSLAND (42)HIGH (43)SCHOOL (44)WHERE (45)THERE (46)ARE (47)BOYS (48)AND (49)GIRLS (50)AND (51)NUMBER (52)TWO (53)I (54)WOULDNT (55)SURVIVE (56)THE (57)FIRST (58)DAY (59)AT (60)BISHOP (61)GARRIGAN

{A} (1)RODRICK (2)DOESNT (3)HAVE (4)TO (5)WORRY (6)ABOUT (7)GETTING (8)SENT (9)TO (10)BISHOP (11)GARRIGAN (12)BECAUSE (13)HE (14)IS (15)ALREADY (16)A (17)JUNIOR (18)AT (19)CROSSLAND (20)BUT (21)I (22)HAD (23)DEFINITELY (24)BETTER (25)FIGURE (26)A (27)WAY (28)OUT (29)OF (30)THIS

{B} (1)MR (2)SWANN (3)WENT (4)ON (5)AND (6)ON (7)ABOUT (8)HOW (9)BISHOP (10)GARRIGAN (11)MAKES (12)MEN (13)OUT (14)OF (15)BOYS (16)AND (17)FROM (18)THE (19)WAY (20)DAD (21)KEPT (22)LOOKING (23)OVER (24)AT (25)ME (26)I (27)KNEW (28)I (29)WAS (30)IN (31)TROUBLE (32)IT (33)DOESNT (34)HELP (35)THAT (36)MR (37)SWANN (38)HAS (39)THREE (40)BOYS (41)WHO (42)ARE (43)THE (44)SAME (45)AGES (46)AS (47)US (48)HEFFLEY (49)BOYS (50)AND (51)DADS (52)CARPOOL (53)PASSES (54)BY (55)THEIR (56)HOUSE (57)EVERY (58)NIGHT

{C} (1)AS (2)FAR (3)AS (4)THE (5)WHOLE (6)MAKING (7)MEN (8)OUT (9)OF (10)BOYS (11)IDEA (12)GOES (13)I (14)THINK (15)THE (16)SWANN (17)BOYS (18)HAVE (19)A (20)PRETTY (21)GOOD (22)HEAD (23)START

{D} (1)IVE (2)STILL (3)GOT (4)TWO (5)YEARS (6)BEFORE (7)I (8)GO (9)TO (10)HIGH (11)SCHOOL (12)AND (13)HOPEFULLY (14)DAD (15)WILL (16)FORGET (17)ABOUT (18)BISHOP (19)GARRIGAN (20)BY (21)THEN

{E} (1)BUT (2)IF (3)THINGS (4)LOOK (5)BAD (6)DOWN (7)THE (8)ROAD (9)I (10)BETTER (11)START (12)WORKING (13)ON (14)MOM (15)TO (16)CHANGE (17)MY (18)FATE

{F} (1)TODAY (2)I (3)WOKE (4)UP (5)AND (6)AT (7)FIRST (8)I (9)THOUGHT (10)IT (11)WAS (12)STILL (13)SUMMER (14)VACATION (15)WHICH (16)IS (17)A (18)REALLY (19)BAD (20)WAY (21)TO (22)START (23)A (24)SCHOOL (25)DAY

{G} (1)THE (2)NEW (3)THING (4)IS (5)THAT (6)I (7)HAVE (8)TO (9)FIX (10)MANNY (11)HIS (12)CEREAL (13)EVERY (14)MORNING (15)WHILE (16)MOM (17)GETS (18)READY (19)FOR (20)WORK (21)MANNY (22)TAKES (23)HIS (24)BOWL (25)AND (26)SITS (27)RIGHT (28)IN (29)FRONT (30)OF (31)THE (32)TV (33)ON (34)HIS (35)PLASTIC (36)POTTY

{H} (1)ITS (2)NOT (3)LIKE (4)HES (5)NOT (6)POTTY (7)TRAINED (8)BUT (9)HE (10)GOT (11)IN (12)THE (13)HABIT (14)OF (15)DOING (16)THIS (17)WHEN (18)HE (19)WAS (20)TWO (21)AND (22)HE (23)JUST (24)NEVER (25)QUIT

{I} (1)THE (2)WORST (3)PART (4)IS (5)THAT (6)AFTER (7)HES (8)DONE (9)HE (10)DUMPS (11)WHATEVER (12)HE (13)DIDNT (14)EAT (15)RIGHT (16)INTO (17)THE (18)POTTY (19)AND (20)ITS (21)ALWAYS (22)ME (23)WHO (24)HAS (25)TO (26)CLEAN (27)IT (28)UP

{J} (1)MOM (2)ALWAYS (3)GETS (4)ON (5)ME (6)ABOUT (7)NOT (8)FINISHING (9)MY (10)BREAKFAST (11)BUT (12)IF (13)YOU (14)HAD (15)TO (16)SCRAPE (17)A (18)BUNCH (19)OF (20)CHEERIOS (21)OUT (22)OF (23)A (24)POTTY (25)EVERY (26)MORNING (27)I (28)BET (29)YOU (30)WOULDNT (31)HAVE (32)ANY (33)APPETITE (34)EITHER

{K} (1)TODAY (2)AT (3)SCHOOL (4)WE (5)GOT (6)ASSIGNED (7)TO (8)READING (9)GROUPS (10)I (11)WAS (12)LOOKING (13)FORWARD (14)TO (15)FINDING (16)OUT (17)WHICH (18)GROUP (19)I (20)WAS (21)GOING (22)TO (23)GET (24)PUT (25)INTO (26)BECAUSE (27)I (28)WANTED (29)TO (30)SEE (31)IF (32)A (33)BIG (34)PLAN (35)I (36)HATCHED (37)AT (38)THE (39)END (40)OF (41)LAST (42)YEAR (43)WAS (44)GOING (45)TO (46)WORK

{L} (1)NOW (2)THEY (3)DONT (4)COME (5)RIGHT (6)OUT (7)AND (8)TELL (9)YOU (10)IF (11)YOURE (12)IN (13)THE (14)HARD (15)GROUP (16)OR (17)THE (18)EASY (19)GROUP (20)BUT (21)YOU (22)CAN (23)FIGURE (24)IT (25)OUT (26)RIGHT (27)AWAY (28)BY (29)LOOKING (30)AT (31)THE (32)COVERS (33)OF (34)THE (35)BOOKS (36)THEY (37)GIVE (38)YOU

{M} (1)I (2)WAS (3)PRETTY (4)MAD (5)TO (6)FIND (7)OUT (8)I (9)GOT (10)PUT (11)IN (12)THE (13)HARD (14)GROUP (15)TODAY (16)WHICH (17)MEANT (18)MY (19)PLAN (20)FAILED (21)I (22)WAS (23)HOPING (24)TO (25)GET (26)IN (27)THE (28)EASY (29)GROUP (30)BECAUSE (31)THEY (32)ONLY (33)HAVE (34)TO (35)READ (36)ABOUT (37)A (38)TENTH (39)OF (40)THE (41)STUFF (42)THAT (43)THE (44)KIDS (45)IN (46)THE (47)HARD (48)GROUP (49)HAVE (50)TO (51)READ (52)AND (53)THERES (54)A (55)WHOLE (56)LOT (57)LESS (58)HOMEWORK

{A} (1)AT (2)THE (3)END (4)OF (5)LAST (6)YEAR (7)I (8)DID (9)MY (10)BEST (11)TO (12)MUFF (13)UP (14)MY (15)SCREENING (16)TEST (17)TO (18)MAKE (19)SURE (20)I (21)DIDNT (22)GET (23)PUT (24)IN (25)THE (26)HARD (27)GROUP

{B} (1)ANOTHER (2)THING (3)I (4)DID (5)TO (6)MAKE (7)SURE (8)I (9)DIDNT (10)GET (11)PUT (12)IN (13)THE (14)HARD (15)GROUP (16)WAS (17)TO (18)MAKE (19)SURE (20)I (21)DIDNT (22)TRY (23)TO (24)HARD (25)ON (26)MY (27)ENDOFTHEYEAR (28)ESSAY

{C} (1)THEY (2)MAKE (3)YOU (4)DO (5)THIS (6)FOUR (7)PAGE (8)PAPER (9)AT (10)THE (11)END (12)OF (13)THE (14)YEAR (15)WHICH (16)IS (17)ANOTHER (18)WAY (19)THEY (20)FIGURE (21)OUT (22)HOW (23)TO (24)PLACE (25)YOU

{D} (1)IM (2)GUESSING (3)MOM (4)STEPPED (5)IN (6)AND (7)MADE (8)SURE (9)I (10)GOT (11)PUT (12)IN (13)THE (14)HARD (15)CLASSES (16)BECAUSE (17)SHE (18)KNOWS (19)THE (20)PRINCIPAL (21)OF (22)THE (23)SCHOOL

{E} (1)MOMS (2)ALWAYS (3)SAYING (4)HOW (5)IM (6)A (7)REAL (8)SMART (9)KID (10)BUT (11)I (12)JUST (13)DONT (14)APPLY (15)MYSELF

{F} (1)YOU (2)MIGHT (3)WONDER (4)WHY (5)ID (6)WANT (7)TO (8)GET (9)PUT (10)IN (11)THE (12)EASY (13)CLASSES (14)SINCE (15)I (16)PROBABLY (17)DESERVE (18)TO (19)BE (20)IN (21)THE (22)HARD (23)CLASSES (24)BUT (25)I (26)HAVE (27)A (28)PRETTY (29)GOOD (30)ANSWER (31)FOR (32)THAT

{G} (1)IF (2)THERES (3)ONE (4)THING (5)I (6)LEARNED (7)FROM (8)RODRICK (9)ITS (10)TO (11)SET (12)PEOPLES (13)EXPECTATIONS (14)REAL (15)LOW (16)SO (17)YOU (18)END (19)UP (20)SURPRISING (21)EVERYONE (22)BY (23)DOING (24)ALMOST (25)NOTHING (26)AT (27)ALL

{H} (1)IN (2)FACT (3)HE (4)DID (5)SOMETHING (6)ON (7)FRIDAY (8)THAT (9)TOTALLY (10)PROVES (11)MY (12)POINT

{I} (1)ANYWAY (2)I (3)GUESS (4)IM (5)GLAD (6)MY (7)PLAN (8)DIDNT (9)WORK (10)BECAUSE (11)I (12)NOTICED (13)AT (14)LEAST (15)TWO (16)OF (17)THE (18)KIDS (19)IN (20)THE (21)BINK (22)SAYS (23)BOO (24)GROUP (25)WERE (26)HOLDING (27)THEIR (28)BOOKS (29)UPSIDE (30)DOWN (31)AND (32)I (33)DONT (34)THINK (35)THEY (36)WERE (37)JOKING (38)AROUND

{J} (1)TODAY (2)AT (3)LUNCH (4)I (5)GOT (6)TO (7)LISTEN (8)TO (9)ALBERT (10)SANDY (11)BRAG (12)ABOUT (13)HOW (14)HIS (15)PARENTS (16)BOUGHT (17)HIM (18)A (19)36 (20)INCH (21)TV (22)AND (23)A (24)DVD (25)PLAYER (26)AND (27)A (28)BUNCH (29)OF (30)OTHER (31)STUFF (32)FOR (33)HIS (34)BEDROOM

{K} (1)IT (2)REALLY (3)MAKES (4)ME (5)MAD (6)BECAUSE (7)MY (8)WHOLE (9)GOAL (10)THIS (11)SUMMER (12)WAS (13)TO (14)SAVE (15)UP (16)FOR (17)A (18)TV (19)SO (20)I (21)DIDNT (22)HAVE (23)TO (24)HANG (25)OUT (26)WITH (27)THE (28)REST (29)OF (30)MY (31)FAMILY (32)AND (33)WATCH (34)WHAT (35)THEY (36)WANT (37)TO (38)WATCH (39)ALL (40)THE (41)TIME

{L} (1)SO (2)I (3)SPENT (4)THE (5)WHOLE (6)SUMMER (7)TAKING (8)CARE (9)OF (10)MR (11)AND (12)MRS (13)ROSES (14)DOG (15)WHILE (16)THEY (17)WERE (18)ON (19)A (20)TRIP

{M} (1)THE (2)DEAL (3)WAS (4)THAT (5)I (6)HAD (7)TO (8)GO (9)OVER (10)TO (11)THEIR (12)HOUSE (13)TWICE (14)A (15)DAY (16)TO (17)TAKE (18)THEIR (19)DOG (20)STEVIE (21)OUT (22)AND (23)I (24)WAS (25)SUPPOSED (26)TO (27)GET (28)THREE (29)BUCKS (30)A (31)DAY (32)FOR (33)DOING (34)IT

{N} (1)THE (2)BIG (3)PROBLEM (4)WITH (5)STEVIE (6)IS (7)THAT (8)I (9)GUESS (10)HE (11)IS (12)TOTALLY (13)SHY (14)WHEN (15)IT (16)COMES (17)TO (18)GOING (19)TO (20)THE (21)BATHROOM (22)IN (23)FRONT (24)OF (25)STRANGERS (26)SO (27)I (28)WASTED (29)A (30)WHOLE (31)LOT (32)OF (33)MY (34)SUMMER (35)STANDING (36)THERE (37)WAITING (38)FOR (39)THIS (40)STUPID (41)DOG (42)TO (43)HURRY (44)UP (45)AND (46)GO

{O} (1)SO (2)ID (3)WAIT (4)AND (5)WAIT (6)AND (7)NOTHING (8)WOULD (9)HAPPEN (10)SO (11)ID (12)JUST (13)GO (14)HOME (15)BUT (16)EVERY (17)TIME (18)I (19)CAME (20)BACK (21)TO (22)THE (23)HOUSE (24)LATER (25)ON (26)STEVIE (27)HAD (28)MADE (29)A (30)MESS (31)IN (32)THE (33)KITCHEN (34)I (35)FINALLY (36)FIGURED (37)OUT (38)STEVIE (39)WAS (40)JUST (41)HOLDING (42)IT (43)UNTIL (44)THE (45)COAST (46)WAS (47)CLEAR

{A} (1)IN (2)FACT (3)ONE (4)DAY (5)I (6)TRIED (7)AN (8)EXPERIMENT (9)WHERE (10)I (11)LEFT (12)AND (13)THEN (14)CAME (15)BACK (16)FIVE (17)MINUTES (18)LATER (19)AND (20)SURE (21)ENOUGH (22)STEVIE (23)HAD (24)POOPED (25)RIGHT (26)ON (27)THE (28)KITCHEN (29)FLOOR

{B} (1)AND (2)ITS (3)NOT (4)LIKE (5)I (6)DIDNT (7)GIVE (8)THE (9)DOG (10)A (11)CHANCE (12)TO (13)GO (14)THE (15)ROSES (16)HAVE (17)SATELLITE (18)TV (19)AND (20)TONS (21)OF (22)JUNK (23)FOOD (24)SO (25)I (26)BASICALLY (27)SPENT (28)THREE (29)HOURS (30)A (31)DAY (32)ON (33)MR (34)ROSES (35)LAZBOY (36)WITH (37)THE (38)AIR (39)CONDITIONER (40)ON (41)FULL (42)BLAST

{C} (1)SO (2)THIS (3)ONE (4)DAY (5)I (6)FINALLY (7)FIGURED (8)OUT (9)IT (10)WAS (11)A (12)BIG (13)HASSLE (14)TO (15)CLEAN (16)UP (17)THIS (18)DOGS (19)MESS (20)EVERY (21)SINGLE (22)DAY (23)SO (24)I (25)DECIDED (26)TO (27)JUST (28)SAVE (29)MYSELF (30)SOME (31)TIME (32)AND (33)CLEAN (34)IT (35)UP (36)ALL (37)AT (38)ONCE

{D} (1)I (2)LET (3)THINGS (4)GO (5)FOR (6)ABOUT (7)A (8)WEEK (9)THEN (10)THE (11)NIGHT (12)BEFORE (13)THE (14)ROSES (15)WERE (16)SUPPOSED (17)TO (18)GET (19)BACK (20)I (21)HEADED (22)UP (23)THE (24)HILL (25)WITH (26)ALL (27)MY (28)CLEANING (29)STUFF

{E} (1)AND (2)WOULDNT (3)YOU (4)KNOW (5)IT (6)THE (7)ROSES (8)CAME (9)HOME (10)A (11)DAY (12)EARLY

{F} (1)TO (2)MAKE (3)A (4)LONG (5)STORY (6)SHORT (7)I (8)DIDNT (9)GET (10)PAID (11)A (12)SINGLE (13)CENT (14)NOT (15)EVEN (16)FOR (17)THE (18)DAYS (19)I (20)DID (21)MY (22)JOB (23)LIKE (24)I (25)WAS (26)SUPPOSED (27)TO (28)SO (29)HEARING (30)ALBERT (31)SANDY (32)BRAGGING (33)ABOUT (34)HIS (35)TV (36)JUST (37)REMINDED (38)ME (39)HOW (40)I (41)GOT (42)STIFFED (43)AND (44)PUT (45)ME (46)IN (47)A (48)BAD (49)MOOD (50)FOR (51)THE (52)REST (53)OF (54)THE (55)DAY

{G} (1)YOU (2)KNOW (3)HOW (4)I (5)SAID (6)MOM (7)IS (8)ALWAYS (9)TAKING (10)MANNYS (11)SIDE (12)WELL (13)TODAY (14)WAS (15)SOME (16)MORE (17)PROOF (18)OF (19)THAT

{H} (1)I (2)MADE (3)MANNY (4)HIS (5)CEREAL (6)LIKE (7)I (8)ALWAYS (9)DO (10)BUT (11)THIS (12)TIME (13)I (14)ACCIDENTALLY (15)POURED (16)THE (17)MILK (18)IN (19)BEFORE (20)THE (21)CEREAL (22)AND (23)WHEN (24)I (25)POURED (26)THE (27)CEREAL (28)IN (29)ON (30)TOP (31)OF (32)THAT (33)MANNY (34)JUST (35)ABOUT (36)LOST (37)HIS (38)MIND (39)HE (40)MADE (41)A (42)HUGE (43)RACKET (44)CRYING (45)AND (46)HOLLERING (47)AND (48)ALL (49)THAT (50)AND (51)MOM (52)CAME (53)DOWN (54)TO (55)SEE (56)WHAT (57)WAS (58)GOING (59)ON (60)SO (61)I (62)TOLD (63)HER (64)WHAT (65)HAPPENED (66)AND (67)I (68)FIGURED (69)SHE (70)WOULD (71)JUST (72)TELL (73)MANNY (74)TO (75)PIPE (76)DOWN (77)AND (78)EAT (79)HIS (80)STUPID (81)CEREAL

{I} (1)BUT (2)INSTEAD (3)SHE (4)SAYS (5)I (6)WOULDNT (7)EAT (8)IT (9)EITHER (10)AND (11)THEN (12)SHE (13)GIVES (14)MANNY (15)A (16)BIG (17)HUG (18)AND (19)MAKES (20)ME (21)POUR (22)HIM (23)A (24)NEW (25)BOWL (26)OF (27)CEREAL (28)THIS (29)TIME (30)IN (31)THE (32)RIGHT (33)ORDER

{J} (1)I (2)GUESS (3)I (4)SHOULDVE (5)EXPECTED (6)IT (7)A (8)COUPLE (9)WEEKS (10)AGO (11)WHEN (12)MANNY (13)WAS (14)AT (15)DAYCARE (16)HE (17)OPENED (18)UP (19)HIS (20)LUNCHBOX (21)AND (22)WHEN (23)HE (24)TOOK (25)OUT (26)HIS (27)SANDWHICH (28)HE (29)HAD (30)A (31)FIT (32)BECAUSE (33)IT (34)WAS (35)CUT (36)IN (37)TWO (38)HALVES (39)NOT (40)FOUR (41)SQUARES (42)LIKE (43)HE (44)USUALLY (45)GETS (46)IT (47)SO (48)THE (49)DAYCARE (50)PEOPLE (51)HAD (52)TO (53)CALL (54)MOM (55)UP (56)AT (57)WORK (58)TO (59)GET (60)HER (61)TO (62)COME (63)OVER (64)SO (65)MANNY (66)WOULD (67)CALM (68)DOWN

{K} (1)TODAY (2)I (3)GOT (4)TOTALLY (5)DISSED (6)BY (7)CHRISTINE (8)COOLIDGE (9)I (10)ASKED (11)HER (12)IF (13)SHE (14)WOULD (15)BE (16)MY (17)LAB (18)PARTNER (19)FOR (20)SCIENCE (21)AND (22)SHE (23)TOLD (24)ME (25)SHE (26)ALREADY (27)HAD (28)A (29)PARTNER

{L} (1)BUT (2)THEN (3)LATER (4)ON (5)IN (6)THE (7)CLASS (8)I (9)SAW (10)HER (11)WALK (12)UP (13)TO (14)BRYCE (15)ANDERSON (16)AND (17)ASK (18)HIM (19)IF (20)HE (21)WOULD (22)BE (23)HER (24)LAB (25)PARTNER (26)IM (27)NOT (28)SURPRISED (29)SHE (30)WENT (31)AFTER (32)BRYCE (33)BECAUSE (34)HE (35)IS (36)THE (37)MOST (38)POPULAR (39)KID (40)IN (41)OUR (42)GRADE (43)FOR (44)SOMETHING (45)LIKE (46)THREE (47)YEARS (48)RUNNING (49)BUT (50)SHE (51)DIDNT (52)HAVE (53)TO (54)GO (55)AND (56)LIE (57)ABOUT (58)IT (59)EITHER

{A} (1)IT (2)USED (3)TO (4)BE (5)A (6)LOT (7)MORE (8)SIMPLE (9)WITH (10)GIRLS (11)WAY (12)BACK (13)IN (14)THE (15)THIRD (16)GRADE (17)THE (18)DEAL (19)WAS (20)IF (21)YOU (22)WERE (23)THE (24)FASTEST (25)RUNNER (26)IN (27)YOUR (28)GRADE (29)YOU (30)WERE (31)THE (32)KING (33)AND (34)IN (35)MY (36)GRADE (37)THAT (38)WAS (39)RONNIE (40)JONES


{C} (1)NOT (2)ONLY (3)DOES (4)BRYCE (5)ANDERSON (6)GET (7)ALL (8)THE (9)GIRLS (10)BUT (11)HE (12)ALSO (13)HAS (14)A (15)BIG (16)GROUP (17)OF (18)CRONIES (19)THAT (20)FOLLOWS (21)HIM (22)AROUND (23)AND (24)BASICALLY (25)WORSHIPS (26)EVERY (27)WORD (28)THAT (29)COMES (30)OUT (31)OF (32)HIS (33)MOUTH

{D} (1)THE (2)THING (3)THAT (4)REALLY (5)STINKS (6)IS (7)THAT (8)I (9)HAVE (10)ALWAYS (11)BEEN (12)INTO (13)GIRLS (14)BUT (15)KIDS (16)LIKE (17)BRYCE (18)HAVE (19)ONLY (20)COME (21)AROUND (22)TO (23)LIKING (24)GIRLS (25)IN (26)THE (27)PAST (28)COUPLE (29)OF (30)YEARS (31)I (32)REMEMBER (33)HOW (34)BRYCE (35)USED (36)TO (37)BE (38)BACK (39)IN (40)FOURTH (41)AND (42)FIFTH (43)GRADE

{E} (1)AND (2)OF (3)COURSE (4)NOW (5)I (6)DONT (7)GET (8)ANY (9)CREDIT (10)FROM (11)THE (12)GIRLS (13)FOR (14)STICKING (15)WITH (16)THEM (17)FOR (18)ALL (19)THIS (20)TIME

{F} (1)LIKE (2)I (3)SAID (4)BRYCE (5)IS (6)THE (7)MOST (8)POPULAR (9)KID (10)IN (11)THE (12)SEVENTH (13)GRADE (14)SO (15)THAT (16)LEAVES (17)ALL (18)THE (19)REST (20)OF (21)US (22)SCRAMBLING (23)TO (24)MOVE (25)UP (26)THE (27)LADDER

{G} (1)THE (2)BEST (3)WAY (4)TO (5)FIGURE (6)OUT (7)HOW (8)POPULAR (9)YOU (10)ARE (11)IS (12)TO (13)GET (14)A (15)HOLD (16)OF (17)ONE (18)OF (19)THE (20)SLAM (21)BOOKS (22)THAT (23)GETS (24)PASSED (25)AROUND (26)BASICALLY (27)THEYRE (28)NOTEBOOKS (29)WHERE (30)PEOPLE (31)PUT (32)RANKINGS (33)DOWN (34)FOR (35)MOST (36)POPULAR (37)BOY (38)MOST (39)POPULAR (40)GIRL (41)BEST (42)HAIR (43)CUTEST (44)BUTT (45)AND (46)ALL (47)OF (48)THAT

{H} (1)THE (2)PROBLEM (3)WITH (4)THESE (5)BOOKS (6)THOUGH (7)IS (8)THAT (9)THEYRE (10)IN (11)REGULAR (12)NOTEBOOKS (13)WHICH (14)ONLY (15)HAVE (16)24 (17)LINES (18)ON (19)EACH (20)PAGE (21)SO (22)PEOPLE (23)LIKE (24)ME (25)WHO (26)DONT (27)MAKE (28)THE (29)TOP (30)24 (31)HAVE (32)TO (33)GUESS (34)WHERE (35)THEY (36)RANK (37)THE (38)BEST (39)I (40)CAN (41)FIGURE (42)RIGHT (43)NOW (44)IS (45)THAT (46)IM (47)SOMEWHERE (48)AROUND (49)32ND (50)OR (51)33RD (52)MOST (53)POPULAR (54)BUT (55)I (56)THINK (57)IM (58)ABOUT (59)TO (60)MOVE (61)UP (62)A (63)RANK (64)BECAUSE (65)CHARLIE (66)DAVIES (67)WHO (68)IS (69)A (70)REALLY (71)NICE (72)KID (73)GETS (74)HIS (75)BRACES (76)ON (77)TUESDAY

{I} (1)WHAT (2)SOMEONE (3)NEEDS (4)TO (5)DO (6)IS (7)START (8)UP (9)A (10)SLAM (11)BOOK (12)WITH (13)ONE (14)OF (15)THOSE (16)YELLOW (17)LEGAL (18)PADS (19)OF (20)PAPER (21)BECAUSE (22)THEY (23)HAVE (24)SOMETHING (25)LIKE (26)32 (27)LINES (28)IN (29)THEM (30)SO (31)AT (32)LEAST (33)KIDS (34)LIKE (35)ME (36)COULD (37)GET (38)A (39)BETTER (40)PICTURE (41)OF (42)WHERE (43)THEY (44)STAND (45)BUT (46)THE (47)PROBLEM (48)IS (49)THAT (50)IT (51)TAKES (52)A (53)POPULAR (54)KID (55)TO (56)START (57)A (58)SLAM (59)BOOK (60)AND (61)IM (62)SURE (63)IF (64)I (65)STARTED (66)ONE (67)IT (68)WOULD (69)GET (70)FILLED (71)OUT (72)BY (73)ALL (74)NERDS

{J} (1)TODAY (2)I (3)GOT (4)A (5)HOLD (6)OF (7)A (8)SLAM (9)BOOK (10)AND (11)I (12)WAS (13)TRYING (14)TO (15)EXPLAIN (16)ALL (17)THIS (18)TO (19)ROWLEY (20)ON (21)THE (22)BUS (23)RIDE (24)HOME (25)BUT (26)HONESTLY (27)SOMETIMES (28)WITH (29)HIM (30)I (31)FEEL (32)LIKE (33)ITS (34)JUST (35)IN (36)ONE (37)EAR (38)AND (39)OUT (40)THE (41)OTHER

{K} (1)TONIGHT (2)DAD (3)WAS (4)SHOWING (5)ME (6)THE (7)NEWEST (8)STUFF (9)HE (10)ADDED (11)TO (12)HIS (13)CIVIL (14)WAR (15)DIORAMA (16)IN (17)THE (18)BASEMENT (19)AND (20)I (21)GOT (22)TO (23)ADMIT (24)ITS (25)PRETTY (26)COOL

{L} (1)DADS (2)NOT (3)LIKE (4)THE (5)REGULAR (6)KINDS (7)OF (8)DADS (9)YOU (10)SEE (11)ON (12)TV (13)SITTING (14)AROUND (15)WATCHING (16)FOOTBALL (17)AND (18)DRINKING (19)BEER (20)AND (21)ALL (22)OF (23)THAT

{A} (1)ANY (2)FREE (3)SECOND (4)HE (5)GETS (6)YOU (7)CAN (8)BE (9)SURE (10)HES (11)DOWN (12)IN (13)HIS (14)WORKROOM (15)PAINTING (16)HIS (17)LITTLE (18)SOLDIERS (19)OR (20)MOVING (21)STUFF (22)AROUND (23)THE (24)BATTLEFIELD (25)TRYING (26)TO (27)MAKE (28)IT (29)AS (30)ACCURATE (31)AS (32)POSSIBLE

{B} (1)DAD (2)WOULD (3)BE (4)HAPPY (5)TO (6)SPEND (7)THE (8)WHOLE (9)WEEKEND (10)WORKING (11)ON (12)HIS (13)DIORAMA (14)BUT (15)MOM (16)USUALLY (17)HAS (18)OTHER (19)IDEAS (20)MOM (21)LIKES (22)TO (23)RENT (24)THESE (25)ROMANTIC (26)COMEDIES (27)AND (28)DAD (29)HAS (30)TO (31)WATCH (32)THEM (33)WITH (34)HER (35)WHETHER (36)HE (37)WANTS (38)TO (39)OR (40)NOT

{C} (1)A (2)COUPLE (3)WEEKS (4)AGO (5)WHEN (6)MOM (7)RENTED (8)ONE (9)OF (10)THESE (11)MOVIES (12)DAD (13)TRIED (14)TO (15)GET (16)CLEVER (17)AND (18)FAKE (19)OUT (20)MOM (21)WHEN (22)SHE (23)GOT (24)UP (25)TO (26)GO (27)TO (28)THE (29)BATHROOM (30)DAD (31)STUFFED (32)A (33)BUNCH (34)OF (35)PILLOWS (36)UNDER (37)THE (38)BLANKETS (39)TO (40)MAKE (41)IT (42)SEEM (43)LIKE (44)HE (45)HAD (46)FALLEN (47)ASLEEP

{D} (1)SO (2)MOM (3)WATCHED (4)THE (5)REST (6)OF (7)THE (8)MOVIE (9)AND (10)DIDNT (11)CATCH (12)ON (13)THAT (14)DAD (15)HAD (16)MADE (17)A (18)DECOY (19)UNTIL (20)THE (21)MOVIE (22)WAS (23)OVER

{E} (1)DAD (2)WAS (3)IN (4)THE (5)DOG (6)HOUSE (7)FOR (8)A (9)LONG (10)TIME (11)AFTER (12)THAT (13)ONE

{F} (1)ANOTHER (2)THING (3)I (4)SHOULD (5)MENTION (6)ABOUT (7)DADS (8)WORKROOM (9)IS (10)THAT (11)HE (12)IS (13)REAL (14)PROTECTIVE (15)OF (16)IT (17)HE (18)KEEPS (19)THE (20)DOOR (21)BOLTED (22)SHUT (23)WITH (24)ONE (25)OF (26)THOSE (27)COMBINATION (28)LOCKS (29)SO (30)I (31)HARDLY (32)EVER (33)EVEN (34)GET (35)TO (36)STEP (37)FOOT (38)IN (39)THERE

{G} (1)I (2)DONT (3)EVEN (4)THINK (5)MANNY (6)KNOWS (7)THE (8)DIORAMA (9)EXISTS (10)IVE (11)SEEN (12)DAD (13)SAY (14)SOME (15)THINGS (16)TO (17)MANNY (18)TO (19)MAKE (20)SURE (21)MANNY (22)KEEPS (23)CLEAR (24)OF (25)THAT (26)PART (27)OF (28)THE (29)BASEMENT

{H} (1)ROWLEY (2)CAME (3)OVER (4)TONIGHT (5)AND (6)DAD (7)GETS (8)REAL (9)EDGY (10)WHEN (11)ROWLEYS (12)AROUND (13)FOR (14)SOME (15)REASON (16)DAD (17)HAS (18)IT (19)IN (20)HIS (21)HEAD (22)THAT (23)ROWLEY (24)IS (25)A (26)KLUTZ (27)AND (28)THAT (29)HES (30)GOING (31)TO (32)BREAK (33)SOMETHING (34)EVERY (35)TIME (36)HE (37)COMES (38)OVER



{K} (1)TODAY (2)I (3)GOT (4)OUT (5)OF (6)BED (7)EARLY (8)BECAUSE (9)THE (10)VACUUMING (11)THING (12)WAS (13)MORE (14)THAN (15)I (16)COULD (17)HANDLE (18)I (19)WATCHED (20)CARTOONS (21)FOR (22)A (23)WHILE (24)BUT (25)THEN (26)I (27)REMEMBERED (28)THE (29)OTHER (30)REASON (31)I (32)DONT (33)GET (34)UP (35)EARLY (36)ON (37)SATURDAYS (38)WITH (39)DAD (40)DOING (41)HIS (42)CHORES (43)ALL (44)AROUND (45)YOU (46)IT (47)MAKES (48)YOU (49)FEEL (50)GUILTY (51)AND (52)TAKES (53)ALL (54)THE (55)JOY (56)OUT (57)OF (58)JUST (59)LAYING (60)AROUND (61)DOING (62)NOTHING

{L} (1)TONIGHT (2)IM (3)GOING (4)TO (5)SPEND (6)THE (7)NIGHT (8)AT (9)ROWLEYS (10)ITS (11)A (12)PRETTY (13)BIG (14)DEAL (15)BECAUSE (16)I (17)HAVENT (18)SPENT (19)THE (20)NIGHT (21)OVER (22)THERE (23)IN (24)SOMETHING (25)LIKE (26)A (27)YEAR (28)AND (29)A (30)HALF

{M} (1)THE (2)MAIN (3)REASON (4)I (5)HAVENT (6)SLEPT (7)OVER (8)THERE (9)IN (10)SO (11)LONG (12)IS (13)BECAUSE (14)ROWLEYS (15)DAD (16)REALLY (17)DOESNT (18)LIKE (19)ME


{B} (1)ME (2)AND (3)ROWLEY (4)THOUGHT (5)THE (6)WHOLE (7)SECRET (8)LANGUAGE (9)THING (10)WAS (11)PRETTY (12)COOL (13)BUT (14)WE (15)COULDNT (16)FIGURE (17)OUT (18)HOW (19)TO (20)DO (21)IT (22)LIKE (23)THE (24)KIDS (25)IN (26)THE (27)MOVIE

{C} (1)SO (2)WE (3)DECIDED (4)TO (5)MAKE (6)UP (7)OUR (8)OWN (9)SECRET (10)LANGUAGE (11)AND (12)WE (13)TRIED (14)IT (15)OUT (16)OVER (17)DINNER

{D} (1)WELL (2)ROWLEYS (3)DAD (4)MUST (5)HAVE (6)CRACKED (7)OUR (8)CODE (9)BECAUSE (10)THE (11)NEXT (12)THING (13)I (14)KNEW (15)I (16)WAS (17)GOING (18)HOME (19)EARLY

{E} (1)AND (2)THAT (3)WAS (4)THE (5)LAST (6)TIME (7)I (8)WAS (9)INVITED (10)FOR (11)A (12)SLEEPOVER

{F} (1)SO (2)I (3)DONT (4)KNOW (5)WHY (6)MR (7)JEFFERSON (8)IS (9)GIVING (10)ME (11)A (12)SECOND (13)CHANCE (14)EITHER (15)HES (16)GOTTEN (17)OVER (18)THE (19)WHOLE (20)SECRET (21)LANGUAGE (22)THING (23)OR (24)HES (25)FORGOTTEN (26)WHY (27)HE (28)DOESNT (29)LIKE (30)ME

{G} (1)THE (2)SLEEPOVER (3)AT (4)ROWLEYS (5)LAST (6)NIGHT (7)ENDED (8)UP (9)BEING (10)A (11)NIGHTMARE (12)THE (13)FIRST (14)HINT (15)I (16)HAD (17)THAT (18)THINGS (19)WERE (20)GOING (21)TO (22)GO (23)WRONG (24)WAS (25)WHEN (26)ROWLEYS (27)MOM (28)TOLD (29)US (30)THATS (31)ENOUGH (32)TV (33)FOR (34)THE (35)NIGHT (36)AT (37)700

{H} (1)I (2)WAS (3)LIKE (4)WELL (5)WHAT (6)ARE (7)WE (8)SUPPOSED (9)TO (10)DO (11)NOW (12)AND (13)SHE (14)SAID (15)YOU (16)COULD (17)READ (18)A (19)BOOK

{I} (1)SO (2)OF (3)COURSE (4)I (5)THOUGHT (6)SHE (7)WAS (8)JOKING (9)BUT (10)RIGHT (11)WHEN (12)I (13)WAS (14)TELLING (15)ROWLEY (16)HOW (17)I (18)THOUGHT (19)HIS (20)MOM (21)WAS (22)PRETTY (23)FUNNY (24)SHE (25)SHOWED (26)UP (27)AGAIN (28)WITH (29)HER (30)ARMS (31)FULL (32)OF (33)BOOKS

{J} (1)I (2)REALIZED (3)RIGHT (4)THEN (5)I (6)WAS (7)IN (8)FOR (9)A (10)PRETTY (11)LONG (12)NIGHT (13)SINCE (14)THE (15)TV (16)WAS (17)OFF (18)LIMITS (19)VIDEO (20)GAMES (21)WERE (22)OUT (23)TOO (24)SO (25)I (26)TRIED (27)TO (28)THINK (29)UP (30)WAYS (31)WE (32)COULD (33)KEEP (34)OURSELVES (35)ENTERTAINED (36)I (37)BROKE (38)OUT (39)SOME (40)BOARD (41)GAMES (42)BUT (43)ROWLEY (44)HAD (45)TO (46)TAKE (47)A (48)BATHROOM (49)BREAK (50)SOMETHING (51)LIKE (52)EVERY (53)FIVE (54)MINUTES (55)SO (56)IT (57)MADE (58)OUR (59)GAME (60)OF (61)RISK (62)GO (63)ON (64)FOREVER

{K} (1)EVERY (2)TIME (3)ROWLEY (4)CAME (5)BACK (6)FROM (7)A (8)BATHROOM (9)BREAK (10)HE (11)WOULD (12)RUN (13)DOWN (14)STAIRS (15)AND (16)KICK (17)THIS (18)GIANT (19)SOMBRERO (20)ACROSS (21)THE (22)ROOM

{L} (1)IT (2)WAS (3)FUNNY (4)THE (5)FIRST (6)TEN (7)TIMES (8)OR (9)SO (10)BUT (11)AFTER (12)A (13)WHILE (14)IT (15)REALLY (16)STARTED (17)GETTING (18)ON (19)MY (20)NERVES (21)SO (22)THIS (23)ONE (24)TIME (25)WHEN (26)HE (27)WAS (28)UPSTAIRS (29)I (30)PUT (31)ONE (32)OF (33)HIS (34)DADS (35)DUMBELLS (36)UNDER (37)THE (38)HAT (39)TO (40)SEE (41)IF (42)HE (43)WOULD (44)STILL (45)KICK (46)IT

{M} (1)AND (2)SURE (3)ENOUGH (4)ROWLEY (5)COMES (6)RUNNING (7)DOWN (8)THE (9)STAIRS (10)AND (11)GIVES (12)THE (13)HAT (14)A (15)BIG (16)KICK

{N} (1)ROWLEYS (2)DAD (3)WAS (4)DOWN (5)THE (6)STAIRS (7)IN (8)NO (9)TIME (10)FLAT (11)I (12)DONT (13)THINK (14)ROWLEY (15)KNEW (16)I (17)PUT (18)THE (19)DUMBELL (20)UNDER (21)THE (22)HAT (23)BUT (24)ROWLEYS (25)DAD (26)SEEMED (27)PRETTY (28)SUSPICIOUS

{A} (1)ANYWAY (2)I (3)GUESS (4)HE (5)DIDNT (6)HAVE (7)ENOUGH (8)HARD (9)EVIDENCE (10)OR (11)HE (12)WOULD (13)HAVE (14)SENT (15)ME (16)HOME (17)RIGHT (18)THEN (19)I (20)FELT (21)A (22)LITTLE (23)BIT (24)BAD (25)ABOUT (26)DOING (27)WHAT (28)I (29)DID (30)BUT (31)IF (32)YOU (33)THINK (34)ABOUT (35)IT (36)IF (37)ROWLEYS (38)PARENTS (39)HADNT (40)MAKE (41)US (42)TURN (43)OFF (44)THE (45)TV (46)THIS (47)NEVER (48)WOULD (49)HAVE (50)HAPPENED

{B} (1)AT (2)900 (3)ROWLEYS (4)MOM (5)CAME (6)DOWN (7)TO (8)SAY (9)IT (10)WAS (11)LIGHTS (12)OUT (13)IF (14)I (15)WOULDVE (16)KNOWN (17)ROWLEYS (18)BEDTIME (19)ON (20)WEEKENDS (21)WAS (22)900 (23)BELIEVE (24)ME (25)I (26)NEVER (27)WOULD (28)HAVE (29)COME (30)OVER

{C} (1)AND (2)THEN (3)I (4)FOUND (5)OUT (6)ANOTHER (7)UGLY (8)SURPRISE (9)THERE (10)WAS (11)NO (12)GUEST (13)BED (14)SO (15)I (16)HAD (17)TO (18)SLEEP (19)IN (20)THE (21)SAME (22)BED (23)WITH (24)ROWLEY (25)I (26)TRIED (27)TO (28)LAY (29)AS (30)FAR (31)AWAY (32)FROM (33)ROWLEY (34)AS (35)POSSIBLE (36)BUT (37)IT (38)WAS (39)IMPOSSIBLE (40)TO (41)GET (42)TO (43)SLEEP (44)WITH (45)HALF (46)OF (47)MY (48)BODY (49)HANGING (50)OFF (51)THE (52)BED

{D} (1)ROWLEY (2)FELL (3)ASLEEP (4)RIGHT (5)AWAY (6)BUT (7)IT (8)MUSTVE (9)TAKEN (10)ME (11)TWO (12)HOURS (13)BUT (14)RIGHT (15)WHEN (16)I (17)FINALLY (18)STARTED (19)TO (20)DRIFT (21)OFF (22)ROWLEY (23)LETS (24)OUT (25)THIS (26)SCREAM (27)WHICH (28)SCARED (29)ME (30)SO (31)BAD (32)I (33)DROPPED (34)RIGHT (35)OUT (36)OF (37)THE (38)BED (39)AND (40)ONTO (41)THE (42)HARDWOOD (43)FLOOR


{F} (1)IT (2)TURNS (3)OUT (4)HE (5)HAD (6)A (7)NIGHTMARE (8)THAT (9)A (10)CHICKEN (11)WAS (12)HIDING (13)UNDERNEATH (14)HIM (15)AND (16)THATS (17)WHAT (18)MADE (19)HIM (20)YELL (21)OUT (22)BUT (23)I (24)THINK (25)ROWLEY (26)WAS (27)SO (28)OUT (29)OF (30)IT (31)HE (32)DIDNT (33)REALLY (34)REALIZE (35)IT (36)WAS (37)JUST (38)A (39)DREAM

{G} (1)SO (2)ROWLEYS (3)PARENTS (4)TOOK (5)HIM (6)INTO (7)THEIR (8)ROOM (9)AND (10)SPENT (11)THE (12)NEXT (13)TWENTY (14)MINUTES (15)CALMING (16)HIM (17)DOWN (18)AND (19)TELLING (20)HIM (21)IT (22)WAS (23)JUST (24)A (25)DREAM (26)AND (27)HOW (28)THERE (29)REALLY (30)WAS (31)NO (32)CHICKEN

{H} (1)MAN (2)IF (3)I (4)WOKE (5)MY (6)DAD (7)UP (8)WITH (9)SOME (10)NONSENSE (11)ABOUT (12)A (13)CHICKEN (14)YOU (15)BETTER (16)BELIEVE (17)HE (18)WOULDNT (19)BE (20)GIVING (21)ME (22)A (23)BIG (24)HUG (25)AND (26)TELLING (27)ME (28)EVERYTHING (29)WAS (30)OK (31)BUT (32)THAT (33)JUST (34)GOES (35)TO (36)SHOW (37)HOW (38)DIFFERENT (39)MY (40)PARENTS (41)ARE (42)FROM (43)ROWLEYS

{I} (1)AND (2)I (3)JUST (4)WANTED (5)TO (6)MAKE (7)A (8)NOTE (9)THAT (10)NOBODY (11)SEEMED (12)ALL (13)THAT (14)CONCERNED (15)THAT (16)I (17)TOOK (18)A (19)THREEFOOT (20)FALL (21)ONTO (22)THE (23)FLOOR (24)EVEN (25)THOUGH (26)THAT (27)HAPPENED (28)FOR (29)REAL (30)AND (31)NOT (32)JUST (33)IN (34)SOME (35)STUPID (36)DREAM

{J} (1)I (2)THINK (3)ROWLEY (4)SPENT (5)THE (6)NIGHT (7)IN (8)HIS (9)PARENTS (10)BED (11)WHICH (12)WAS (13)JUST (14)FINE (15)BY (16)ME (17)BECAUSE (18)WITHOUT (19)ROWLEY (20)AND (21)HIS (22)NIGHTMARES (23)I (24)WAS (25)FINALLY (26)ABLE (27)TO (28)GET (29)SOME (30)SLEEP

{K} (1)BUT (2)THE (3)SECOND (4)I (5)WOKE (6)UP (7)THIS (8)MORNING (9)I (10)CAME (11)HOME (12)AND (13)POURED (14)MYSELF (15)A (16)BIG (17)BOWL (18)OF (19)JUNK (20)CEREAL (21)AND (22)DID (23)MY (24)BEST (25)TO (26)FORGET (27)ABOUT (28)THE (29)WHOLE (30)EXPERIENCE

{L} (1)I (2)COULDNT (3)WAIT (4)FOR (5)SCHOOL (6)TO (7)BE (8)OVER (9)WITH (10)TODAY (11)SO (12)I (13)COULD (14)GO (15)HOME (16)AND (17)PLAY (18)TWISTED (19)WIZARD (20)A (21)VIDEO (22)GAME (23)IVE (24)BEEN (25)PLAYING (26)FOR (27)FIVE (28)DAYS (29)STRAIGHT

{A} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)PROBLEM (4)WITH (5)TWISTED (6)WIZARD (7)IS (8)THAT (9)YOU (10)CANT (11)SAVE (12)YOUR (13)PROGRESS (14)SO (15)YOU (16)HAVE (17)TO (18)JUST (19)LEAVE (20)IT (21)ON (22)ALL (23)THE (24)TIME (25)SO (26)IMAGINE (27)HOW (28)I (29)FELT (30)TODAY (31)WHEN (32)I (33)REALIZED (34)I (35)GOT (36)HOME (37)ABOUT (38)FIVE (39)SECONDS (40)TOO (41)LATE

{B} (1)BELIEVE (2)ME (3)FROM (4)NOW (5)ON (6)I (7)AM (8)GOING (9)TO (10)PUT (11)A (12)PIECE (13)OF (14)BLACK (15)TAPE (16)OVER (17)THE (18)POWER (19)LIGHT (20)SO (21)IT (22)NEVER (23)HAPPENS (24)AGAIN

{C} (1)I (2)DONT (3)KNOW (4)IF (5)IVE (6)MENTIONED (7)IT (8)BEFORE (9)BUT (10)I (11)AM (12)SUPER (13)GOOD (14)AT (15)VIDEO (16)GAMES (17)I (18)DONT (19)KNOW (20)ANYONE (21)WHO (22)HAS (23)BEAT (24)AS (25)MANY (26)GAMES (27)AS (28)ME (29)AND (30)IVE (31)GOT (32)ALL (33)MY (34)VICTORIES (35)ON (36)VIDEO (37)TAPE (38)TO (39)PROVE (40)IT


{E} (1)SO (2)TODAY (3)I (4)TRIED (5)TO (6)EXPLAIN (7)TO (8)HIM (9)THAT (10)WITH (11)VIDEO (12)GAMES (13)YOU (14)CAN (15)PLAY (16)SPORTS (17)LIKE (18)FOOTBALL (19)AND (20)SOCCER (21)AND (22)YOU (23)DONT (24)EVEN (25)HAVE (26)TO (27)GET (28)ALL (29)HOT (30)AND (31)SWEATY

{F} (1)BUT (2)AS (3)USUAL (4)DAD (5)DIDNT (6)GET (7)MY (8)LOGIC (9)HES (10)A (11)PRETTY (12)SMART (13)GUY (14)IN (15)GENERAL (16)BUT (17)WHEN (18)IT (19)COMES (20)TO (21)COMMON (22)SENSE (23)SOMETIMES (24)I (25)WONDER (26)ABOUT (27)HIM

{G} (1)ANYWAYS (2)THATS (3)HOW (4)I (5)FOUND (6)MYSELF (7)SHUT (8)OUT (9)OF (10)THE (11)HOUSE (12)THIS (13)AFTERNOON

{H} (1)IM (2)SURE (3)DAD (4)WOULD (5)DISMANTLE (6)MY (7)VIDEO (8)GAME (9)SYSTEM (10)IF (11)HE (12)COULD (13)FIGURE (14)OUT (15)HOW (16)TO (17)BUT (18)LUCKILY (19)THE (20)PEOPLE (21)WHO (22)MAKE (23)THESE (24)THINGS (25)MAKE (26)THEM (27)PARENTPROOF

{I} (1)SO (2)LIKE (3)I (4)SAID (5)I (6)WAS (7)SHUT (8)OUT (9)OF (10)THE (11)HOUSE (12)LOOKING (13)FOR (14)SOME (15)WAY (16)TO (17)ENTERTAIN (18)MYSELF

{J} (1)WHAT (2)I (3)ALWAYS (4)DO (5)WHEN (6)DAD (7)MAKES (8)ME (9)GO (10)OUTSIDE (11)IS (12)I (13)JUST (14)GO (15)OVER (16)TO (17)COLLINS (18)HOUSE

{K} (1)IM (2)NOT (3)A (4)HUGE (5)FAN (6)OF (7)COLLINS (8)BUT (9)HE (10)HAS (11)TWO (12)THINGS (13)GOING (14)FOR (15)HIM (16)ONE (17)HE (18)DOESNT (19)MIND (20)WATCHING (21)ME (22)PLAY (23)HIS (24)VIDEO (25)GAMES (26)AND (27)TWO (28)HIS (29)DAD (30)HAS (31)EVERY (32)SPIDER (33)MAN (34)COMIC (35)BOOK (36)SINCE (37)1968

{L} (1)I (2)WOULD (3)GO (4)OVER (5)TO (6)ROWLEYS (7)HOUSE (8)TO (9)PLAY (10)VIDEO (11)GAMES (12)BUT (13)HE (14)ALWAYS (15)WANT (16)TO (17)TAKE (18)TURNS (19)WHICH (20)REALLY (21)BREAKS (22)MY (23)CONCENTRATION

{M} (1)PLUS (2)ROWLEY (3)DOESNT (4)UNDERSTAND (5)THAT (6)IF (7)HE (8)PLAYS (9)USING (10)MY (11)MEMORY (12)CARD (13)IT (14)WILL (15)REALLY (16)SCREW (17)UP (18)MY (19)STATS

{N} (1)THE (2)OTHER (3)THING (4)ABOUT (5)ROWLEY (6)IS (7)THAT (8)HES (9)NOT (10)A (11)SERIOUS (12)GAMER (13)LIKE (14)ME (15)HES (16)GOT (17)THIS (18)ONE (19)RACING (20)GAME (21)CALLED (22)FORMULA (23)ONE (24)RACING (25)IF (26)YOU (27)EVER (28)WANT (29)TO (30)BEAT (31)HIM (32)IN (33)IT (34)JUST (35)NAME (36)YOUR (37)CAR (38)SOMETHING (39)STUPID (40)AND (41)WATCH (42)WHAT (43)HAPPENS

{O} (1)SO (2)TODAY (3)I (4)PLAYED (5)TWISTED (6)WIZARD (7)OVER (8)AT (9)COLLINS (10)UNTIL (11)IT (12)WAS (13)TIME (14)TO (15)COME (16)HOME (17)FOR (18)DINNER

{A} (1)ON (2)MY (3)WAY (4)UP (5)THE (6)HILL (7)I (8)MADE (9)SURE (10)TO (11)JUMP (12)THROUGH (13)THE (14)THOMPSONS (15)SPRINKLER (16)TO (17)MAKE (18)IT (19)LOOK (20)LIKE (21)I (22)WAS (23)ALL (24)HOT (25)AND (26)SWEATY (27)AND (28)THEN (29)I (30)TIMED (31)MY (32)ENTRANCE (33)PERFECTLY

{B} (1)SO (2)MY (3)TRICK (4)WORKED (5)ON (6)DAD (7)BUT (8)IT (9)KIND (10)OF (11)BACKFIRED (12)WITH (13)MOM (14)BECAUSE (15)WHEN (16)SHE (17)SAW (18)ME (19)SHE (20)MADE (21)ME (22)TAKE (23)A (24)SHOWER (25)BEFORE (26)DINNER

{C} (1)DAD (2)MUST (3)HAVE (4)BEEN (5)PRETTY (6)PROUD (7)OF (8)HIMSELF (9)FOR (10)HIS (11)IDEA (12)TO (13)KICK (14)ME (15)OUT (16)OF (17)THE (18)HOUSE (19)YESTERDAY (20)BECAUSE (21)HE (22)DID (23)IT (24)AGAIN (25)TODAY

{D} (1)I (2)WAS (3)ACTUALLY (4)GOING (5)TO (6)GO (7)OUTSIDE (8)ANYWAY (9)BECAUSE (10)ROWLEY (11)HAD (12)GOTTEN (13)THIS (14)NEW (15)MODEL (16)ROCKET (17)WE (18)WANTED (19)TO (20)TRY (21)OUT (22)SO (23)WE (24)WENT (25)DOWN (26)TO (27)THE (28)SCHOOL (29)AND (30)SET (31)IT (32)OFF (33)BUT (34)THE (35)WIND (36)CARRIED (37)IT (38)ALL (39)THE (40)WAY (41)TO (42)THE (43)WOODS (44)AT (45)THE (46)END (47)OF (48)THE (49)FOOTBALL (50)FIELD

{E} (1)I (2)DONT (3)KNOW (4)IF (5)I (6)EVER (7)MENTIONED (8)IT (9)BEFORE (10)BUT (11)THERES (12)A (13)BULLY (14)WHO (15)HANGS (16)OUT (17)IN (18)THOSE (19)WOODS (20)NAMED (21)HERBIE (22)REAMER (23)KIDS (24)LIKE (25)ME (26)AND (27)ROWLEY (28)STAY (29)AS (30)FAR (31)AWAY (32)FROM (33)THOSE (34)WOODS (35)AS (36)POSSIBLE

{F} (1)ITS (2)A (3)REAL (4)PITY (5)TOO (6)BECAUSE (7)LIKE (8)I (9)SAID (10)IT (11)WAS (12)A (13)BRANDNEW (14)ROCKET

{G} (1)I (2)HAVE (3)NO (4)IDEA (5)HOW (6)OLD (7)HERBIE (8)REAMER (9)IS (10)OR (11)WHERE (12)HE (13)LIVES (14)I (15)GUESS (16)ITS (17)POSSIBLE (18)THAT (19)HE (20)LIVES (21)RIGHT (22)THERE (23)IN (24)THE (25)WOODS (26)LIKE (27)A (28)WILD (29)ANIMAL (30)ALL (31)I (32)KNOW (33)IS (34)THAT (35)HES (36)BEEN (37)AROUND (38)LONG (39)ENOUGH (40)THAT (41)HE (42)TERRORIZED (43)RODRICK (44)AND (45)HIS (46)FRIENDS (47)WHEN (48)THEY (49)WERE (50)IN (51)MY (52)GRADE

{H} (1)THE (2)THING (3)THAT (4)STINKS (5)IS (6)THAT (7)HERBIE (8)REAMERS (9)WOODS (10)ARE (11)RIGHT (12)BETWEEN (13)MY (14)HOUSE (15)AND (16)THE (17)SCHOOL (18)SO (19)IF (20)WE (21)COULD (22)CUT (23)THROUGH (24)THE (25)WOODS (26)IT (27)WOULD (28)SAVE (29)US (30)SOMETHING (31)LIKE (32)TWENTY (33)MINUTES (34)OF (35)WALKING

{I} (1)I (2)WAS (3)TELLING (4)DAD (5)ALL (6)ABOUT (7)HERBIE (8)REAMER (9)THE (10)OTHER (11)DAY (12)DAD (13)TOLD (14)ME (15)ABOUT (16)THE (17)BULLY (18)FROM (19)WHEN (20)HE (21)WAS (22)GROWING (23)UP (24)SAM (25)SHARMAN

{J} (1)DAD (2)SAID (3)SAM (4)SHARMAN (5)DID (6)THIS (7)PINCH (8)WHERE (9)HE (10)GRABBED (11)YOUR (12)SKIN (13)AND (14)TWISTED (15)IT (16)AROUND (17)TWO (18)TIMES

{K} (1)DAD (2)TOLD (3)ME (4)THE (5)WAY (6)ALL (7)THE (8)NEIGHBORHOOD (9)KIDS (10)DEALT (11)WITH (12)SAM (13)SHARMAN (14)WAS (15)THAT (16)THEY (17)BANDED (18)TOGETHER (19)AND (20)TOLD (21)THE (22)PRINCIPAL (23)ON (24)HIM (25)DAD (26)SAID (27)SAM (28)CRIED (29)AND (30)THAT (31)HE (32)NEVER (33)DID (34)THE (35)SAM (36)SHARMAN (37)PINCH (38)AGAIN (39)AND (40)NOW (41)HES (42)AN (43)AIR (44)CONDITIONER (45)REPAIRMAN (46)AND (47)APPARENTLY (48)NOW (49)HES (50)A (51)REALLY (52)NICE (53)GUY

{L} (1)WELL (2)FROM (3)THE (4)SOUND (5)OF (6)SAM (7)SHARMAN (8)HE (9)WOULDNT (10)LAST (11)TWO (12)SECONDS (13)AGAINST (14)HERBIE (15)REAMER (16)BUT (17)I (18)DIDNT (19)WANT (20)TO (21)HURT (22)DADS (23)FEELINGS (24)SO (25)I (26)JUST (27)TRIED (28)TO (29)ACT (30)IMPRESSED (31)BY (32)HIS (33)STORY

{M} (1)AFTER (2)WE (3)LOST (4)THE (5)ROCKET (6)WE (7)WENT (8)UP (9)TO (10)ROWLEYS (11)TO (12)PLAY (13)CARDS (14)BUT (15)I (16)LOST (17)TRACK (18)OF (19)TIME (20)AND (21)I (22)WAS (23)LATE (24)FOR (25)DINNER (26)AT (27)MY (28)HOUSE (29)SO (30)ON (31)MY (32)WAY (33)DOWN (34)THE (35)HILL (36)I (37)TRIED (38)TO (39)THINK (40)OF (41)A (42)GOOD (43)EXCUSE (44)TO (45)GET (46)ME (47)OUT (48)OF (49)TROUBLE (50)WITH (51)MOM

{A} (1)MOM (2)WAS (3)PRETTY (4)HOT (5)AT (6)ME (7)FOR (8)BEING (9)LATE (10)JUST (11)LIKE (12)I (13)EXPECTED (14)SO (15)I (16)TOLD (17)HER (18)THAT (19)THE (20)CLOCK (21)IN (22)ROWLEYS (23)KITCHEN (24)MUST (25)BE (26)WRONG (27)AND (28)THAT (29)I (30)THOUGHT (31)I (32)WAS (33)RIGHT (34)ON (35)TIME

{B} (1)AND (2)DO (3)YOU (4)KNOW (5)WHAT (6)MOM (7)DID (8)SHE (9)CALLED (10)ROWLEYS (11)MOM (12)AND (13)CAUGHT (14)ME (15)RED (16)HANDED

{C} (1)SO (2)MOM (3)WAS (4)REALLY (5)MAD (6)THAT (7)I (8)LIED (9)BUT (10)AS (11)FAR (12)AS (13)BEING (14)TRICKY (15)GOES (16)MOM (17)SHOULDNT (18)BLAME (19)ME (20)BECAUSE (21)I (22)LEARNED (23)EVERYTHING (24)I (25)KNOW (26)FROM (27)HER

{D} (1)I (2)REMEMBER (3)THIS (4)ONE (5)TIME (6)WHEN (7)I (8)WAS (9)IN (10)THE (11)SECOND (12)GRADE (13)AND (14)MOM (15)COULDNT (16)GET (17)ME (18)TO (19)BRUSH (20)MY (21)TEETH (22)SO (23)SHE (24)MADE (25)THIS (26)PRETEND (27)CALL (28)TO (29)THE (30)DENTIST (31)AND (32)I (33)TOTALLY (34)FELL (35)FOR (36)IT

{E} (1)IN (2)FACT (3)THATS (4)WHEN (5)I (6)STARTED (7)BRUSHING (8)MY (9)TEETH (10)FIVE (11)TIMES (12)A (13)DAY

{F} (1)MOM (2)SAID (3)SHE (4)WAS (5)GOING (6)TO (7)THINK (8)ABOUT (9)WHAT (10)MY (11)PUNISHMENT (12)SHOULD (13)BE (14)FOR (15)TELLING (16)A (17)LIE (18)AND (19)SHED (20)LET (21)ME (22)KNOW (23)AS (24)SOON (25)AS (26)SHE (27)CAME (28)UP (29)WITH (30)SOMETHING (31)THAT (32)FIT (33)THE (34)CRIME

{G} (1)SEE (2)THATS (3)THE (4)DIFFERENCE (5)BETWEEN (6)MOM (7)AND (8)DAD (9)DAD (10)IS (11)PRETTY (12)SIMPLE (13)IF (14)YOU (15)MESS (16)UP (17)IN (18)FRONT (19)OF (20)HIM (21)HE (22)JUST (23)THROWS (24)WHATEVER (25)IS (26)IN (27)HIS (28)HAND (29)AT (30)YOU

{H} (1)BUT (2)MOMS (3)A (4)LOT (5)MORE (6)CRAFTY (7)WITH (8)HER (9)PUNISHMENTS (10)SHE (11)THINKS (12)ABOUT (13)IT (14)FOR (15)A (16)FEW (17)DAYS (18)AND (19)THE (20)WAITING (21)ENDS (22)UP (23)BEING (24)JUST (25)ABOUT (26)AS (27)BAD (28)AS (29)THE (30)PUNISHMENT

{I} (1)IN (2)THE (3)MEANTIME (4)YOU (5)END (6)UP (7)DOING (8)ALL (9)THESE (10)NICE (11)THINGS (12)HOPING (13)ITLL (14)GET (15)YOU (16)OFF (17)EASIER

{J} (1)BUT (2)THEN (3)AFTER (4)A (5)FEW (6)DAYS (7)JUST (8)WHEN (9)YOU (10)FORGET (11)ABOUT (12)THE (13)PUNISHMENT (14)THATS (15)COMING (16)THATS (17)WHEN (18)SHE (19)GETS (20)YOU

{K} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)GOOD (4)THING (5)ABOUT (6)MOMS (7)PUNISHMENTS (8)IS (9)THAT (10)SHES (11)PRETTY (12)SOFT (13)SO (14)IF (15)YOU (16)JUST (17)LAY (18)LOW (19)FOR (20)A (21)WHILE (22)YOU (23)CAN (24)PRETTY (25)MUCH (26)ALWAYS (27)GET (28)OUT (29)OF (30)THE (31)PUNISHMENT (32)EARLY

{L} (1)ANYWAY (2)THATS (3)WHAT (4)IM (5)COUNTING (6)ON (7)WHILE (8)I (9)WAIT (10)FOR (11)THIS (12)PUNISHMENT (13)TO (14)GET (15)HANDED (16)DOWN

{M} (1)WELL (2)NOW (3)IVE (4)GONE (5)AND (6)DONE (7)IT (8)REMEMBER (9)HOW (10)I (11)SAID (12)YESTERDAY (13)THAT (14)WHILE (15)YOURE (16)WAITING (17)FOR (18)MOM (19)TO (20)HAND (21)DOWN (22)HER (23)PUNISHMENT (24)YOU (25)END (26)UP (27)DOING (28)ALL (29)THIS (30)GOOD (31)STUFF (32)TO (33)MAKE (34)HER (35)CHANGE (36)HER (37)MIND (38)IT (39)WAS (40)THAT (41)KIND (42)OF (43)THINKING (44)THAT (45)GOT (46)ME (47)IN (48)THIS (49)EXTRA (50)TROUBLE (51)IM (52)IN (53)NOW

{N} (1)TODAY (2)AFTER (3)SCHOOL (4)I (5)THOUGHT (6)MAYBE (7)IF (8)I (9)WASHED (10)MOMS (11)CAR (12)BEFORE (13)SHE (14)GOT (15)HOME (16)SHE (17)MIGHT (18)GO (19)EASY (20)ON (21)ME (22)WITH (23)THE (24)PUNISHMENT (25)THING (26)SO (27)THATS (28)WHAT (29)I (30)DID (31)BUT (32)I (33)MADE (34)THE (35)MISTAKE (36)OF (37)USING (38)BRILLO (39)TO (40)RUB (41)OFF (42)ALL (43)THE (44)BUGS (45)AND (46)TAR (47)SPOTS (48)SO (49)I (50)WAS (51)IN (52)FOR (53)THE (54)SURPRISE (55)OF (56)MY (57)LIFE (58)WHEN (59)I (60)RINSED (61)THE (62)CAR (63)OFF

{A} (1)I (2)TOTALLY (3)RUINED (4)THE (5)PAINT (6)JOB (7)I (8)THOUGHT (9)ABOUT (10)JUST (11)DENYING (12)EVERYTHING (13)WHEN (14)MOM (15)ASKED (16)ME (17)HOW (18)HER (19)CAR (20)GOT (21)SCRATCHED (22)UP (23)BUT (24)MANNY (25)WAS (26)THERE (27)TO (28)SEE (29)EVERYTHING

{B} (1)MANNY (2)HAS (3)BEEN (4)TELLING (5)ON (6)ME (7)SINCE (8)HE (9)COULD (10)TALK (11)IN (12)FACT (13)HE (14)HAS (15)TOLD (16)ON (17)ME (18)FOR (19)STUFF (20)I (21)DID (22)BEFORE (23)HE (24)COULD (25)TALK (26)ONE (27)TIME (28)WHEN (29)I (30)WAS (31)EIGHT (32)I (33)BROKE (34)THE (35)SLIDING (36)GLASS (37)DOOR (38)BUT (39)MOM (40)AND (41)DAD (42)COULDNT (43)PEG (44)IT (45)ON (46)ME (47)BUT (48)MANNY (49)WAS (50)THERE (51)TO (52)WITNESS (53)IT (54)AND (55)HE (56)SQUEALED (57)ON (58)ME (59)THREE (60)YEARS (61)LATER

{C} (1)SO (2)AFTER (3)MANNY (4)STARTED (5)TALKING (6)I (7)HAD (8)TO (9)START (10)WORRYING (11)ABOUT (12)ALL (13)THE (14)BAD (15)THINGS (16)HE (17)SAW (18)ME (19)DO (20)WHEN (21)HE (22)WAS (23)REAL (24)SMALL

{D} (1)I (2)USED (3)TO (4)BE (5)A (6)TATTLE (7)TALE (8)MYSELF (9)UNTIL (10)I (11)LEARNED (12)MY (13)LESSON (14)THIS (15)ONE (16)TIME (17)I (18)TOLD (19)ON (20)RODRICK (21)FOR (22)SAYING (23)A (24)BAD (25)WORD (26)MOM (27)ASKED (28)ME (29)WHICH (30)WORD (31)HE (32)SAID (33)SO (34)I (35)SPELLED (36)IT (37)OUT (38)AND (39)IT (40)WAS (41)A (42)LONG (43)ONE (44)TOO (45)NOT (46)ONLY (47)DID (48)RODRICK (49)GET (50)AWAY (51)SCOT (52)FREE (53)BUT (54)I (55)GOT (56)PUNISHED (57)FOR (58)KNOWING (59)HOW (60)TO (61)SPELL (62)A (63)BAD (64)WORD

{E} (1)LIKE (2)I (3)SAID (4)I (5)KNEW (6)I (7)COULDNT (8)TALK (9)MANNY (10)OUT (11)OF (12)TELLING (13)ON (14)ME (15)FOR (16)USING (17)THE (18)BRILLO (19)ON (20)THE (21)CAR (22)SO (23)I (24)DECIDED (25)TO (26)TRY (27)A (28)TRICK (29)IVE (30)BEEN (31)SAVING (32)UP (33)FOR (34)A (35)SITUATION (36)LIKE (37)THIS

{F} (1)I (2)PACKED (3)UP (4)A (5)BAG (6)AND (7)MADE (8)IT (9)SEEM (10)LIKE (11)I (12)WAS (13)GOING (14)TO (15)RUN (16)AWAY (17)FROM (18)HOME (19)RATHER (20)THAN (21)FACE (22)MOM (23)AND (24)DAD (25)FOR (26)WHAT (27)I (28)DID

{G} (1)I (2)GOT (3)TO (4)GIVE (5)RODRICK (6)CREDIT (7)FOR (8)THIS (9)ONE (10)HE (11)USED (12)TO (13)PULL (14)IT (15)ON (16)ME (17)WHEN (18)HE (19)DID (20)SOMETHING (21)BAD (22)AND (23)HE (24)KNEW (25)I (26)WAS (27)GOING (28)TO (29)TELL (30)ON (31)HIM

{H} (1)HED (2)BASICALLY (3)JUST (4)WALK (5)OUTSIDE (6)AND (7)THEN (8)COME (9)HOME (10)FIVE (11)MINUTES (12)LATER (13)BUT (14)BY (15)THAT (16)TIME (17)I (18)WAS (19)IN (20)PIECES (21)AND (22)COULDNT (23)EVEN (24)REMEMBER (25)THE (26)BAD (27)THING (28)THAT (29)HE (30)DID

{I} (1)SO (2)I (3)LEFT (4)THE (5)HOUSE (6)AND (7)WAITED (8)FIVE (9)MINUTES (10)AND (11)THEN (12)CAME (13)BACK (14)INSIDE (15)I (16)WAS (17)EXPECTING (18)TO (19)FIND (20)MANNY (21)IN (22)THE (23)FOYER (24)BAWLING (25)LIKE (26)A (27)BABY (28)BUT (29)HE (30)WASNT (31)THERE (32)AT (33)ALL

{J} (1)I (2)WENT (3)AROUND (4)THE (5)HOUSE (6)LOOKING (7)FOR (8)HIM (9)AND (10)I (11)STARTED (12)TO (13)GET (14)REALLY (15)NERVOUS (16)BECAUSE (17)IM (18)NOT (19)SUPPOSED (20)TO (21)LEAVE (22)MANNY (23)ALONE

{K} (1)BUT (2)I (3)FOUND (4)HIM (5)IN (6)THE (7)KITCHEN (8)AND (9)GUESS (10)WHAT (11)HE (12)WAS (13)HALFWAY (14)FINISHED (15)WITH (16)MY (17)GIANT (18)HERSHEYS (19)KISS (20)IVE (21)BEEN (22)SAVING (23)SINCE (24)SUMMER

{L} (1)SO (2)THINGS (3)TURNED (4)FROM (5)BAD (6)TO (7)WORSE

{M} (1)WHEN (2)MOM (3)GOT (4)HOME (5)I (6)ACTUALLY (7)SPILLED (8)THE (9)BEANS (10)TO (11)HER (12)ABOUT (13)THE (14)CAR (15)AS (16)FAST (17)AS (18)I (19)COULD

{N} (1)I (2)WAS (3)BASICALLY (4)TRYING (5)TO (6)KEEP (7)MANNY (8)QUIET (9)ABOUT (10)HOW (11)I (12)LEFT (13)THE (14)HOUSE (15)WHICH (16)WOULD (17)HAVE (18)GOTTEN (19)ME (20)IN (21)A (22)LOT (23)MORE (24)TROUBLE (25)THAN (26)RUINING (27)HER (28)CAR

{A} (1)MOM (2)JUST (3)LISTENED (4)WITH (5)A (6)FROWN (7)ON (8)HER (9)FACE (10)AND (11)THEN (12)TOLD (13)ME (14)WED (15)HAVE (16)TO (17)WAIT (18)UNTIL (19)DAD (20)GOT (21)HOME (22)TO (23)SEE (24)WHAT (25)HE (26)THOUGHT (27)ABOUT (28)WHAT (29)I (30)DID

{B} (1)I (2)FIGURED (3)SHE (4)MIGHT (5)DO (6)THAT (7)SO (8)I (9)PULLED (10)ANOTHER (11)TRICK (12)I (13)LEARNED (14)FROM (15)RODRICK (16)I (17)INVITED (18)GRAMMA (19)OVER (20)FOR (21)DINNER (22)I (23)FIGURED (24)NOTHING (25)TOO (26)BAD (27)COULD (28)HAPPEN (29)IF (30)SHE (31)WAS (32)AROUND (33)AND (34)I (35)KNEW (36)I (37)COULD (38)USE (39)ANY (40)PROTECTION (41)I (42)COULD (43)GET

{C} (1)SO (2)AT (3)600 (4)ON (5)THE (6)DOT (7)DAD (8)CAME (9)HOME (10)AND (11)OF (12)COURSE (13)HES (14)IN (15)A (16)GREAT (17)MOOD (18)FOR (19)SOME (20)REASON (21)THAT (22)ALWAYS (23)HAPPENS (24)TO (25)ME (26)WHEN (27)IM (28)IN (29)WAITFORDADTOGETHOME (30)KIND (31)OF (32)TROUBLE (33)IT (34)STINKS (35)BECAUSE (36)YOU (37)KNOW (38)HES (39)JUST (40)GONNA (41)BE (42)THAT (43)MUCH (44)MADDER (45)WHEN (46)HE (47)FINDS (48)OUT (49)WHAT (50)YOU (51)DID

{D} (1)MOM (2)KEPT (3)QUIET (4)BECAUSE (5)GRAMMA (6)WAS (7)AROUND (8)SO (9)AT (10)LEAST (11)THAT (12)PART (13)OF (14)MY (15)PLAN (16)WORKED (17)OUT (18)AFTER (19)DINNER (20)I (21)JUST (22)SNUCK (23)UP (24)TO (25)MY (26)ROOM (27)AS (28)QUIETLY (29)AS (30)I (31)COULD (32)I (33)THINK (34)MOM (35)IS (36)TELLING (37)DAD (38)ABOUT (39)THE (40)CAR (41)RIGHT (42)NOW (43)BECAUSE (44)ITS (45)REAL (46)QUIET (47)DOWNSTAIRS

{E} (1)RODRICK (2)HASNT (3)MADE (4)ME (5)FEEL (6)ANY (7)BETTER (8)ABOUT (9)THIS (10)WHOLE (11)THING (12)WHENEVER (13)IM (14)IN (15)TROUBLE (16)HE (17)TELLS (18)ME (19)THAT (20)IM (21)PROBABLY (22)GOING (23)TO (24)GET (25)THE (26)BELT

{F} (1)AS (2)FAR (3)AS (4)I (5)KNOW (6)DAD (7)DOESNT (8)BELIEVE (9)IN (10)THAT (11)KIND (12)OF (13)PUNISHMENT (14)BUT (15)RODRICK (16)ALWAYS (17)SEEMS (18)TO (19)THINK (20)DAD (21)IS (22)GOING (23)TO (24)MAKE (25)AN (26)EXCEPTION (27)FOR (28)ME

{G} (1)I (2)HAVE (3)DONE (4)MY (5)BEST (6)TO (7)MAKE (8)SURE (9)DAD (10)READS (11)ARTICLES (12)FROM (13)PARENTING (14)MAGAZINES (15)FROM (16)TIME (17)TO (18)TIME (19)TO (20)LET (21)HIM (22)KNOW (23)THAT (24)KIND (25)OF (26)THING (27)DOESNT (28)FLY (29)THESE (30)DAYS

{H} (1)I (2)JUST (3)CUT (4)THOSE (5)ARTICLES (6)OUT (7)AND (8)SLIP (9)THEM (10)INTO (11)WHATEVER (12)BOOK (13)HES (14)READING (15)AT (16)THE (17)TIME

{I} (1)I (2)THINK (3)I (4)HEAR (5)DAD (6)HEADING (7)UP (8)THE (9)STAIRS (10)NOW

{J} (1)IF (2)THESE (3)ARE (4)THE (5)LAST (6)WORDS (7)I (8)EVER (9)WRITE (10)THEN (11)I (12)LEAVE (13)ALL (14)MY (15)COMIC (16)BOOKS (17)AND (18)ACTION (19)FIGURES (20)TO (21)ROWLEY (22)AND (23)PLEASE (24)THROW (25)THE (26)OTHER (27)HALF (28)OF (29)MY (30)HERSHEYS (31)KISS (32)AWAY (33)SO (34)MANNY (35)DOESNT (36)GET (37)IT

{K} (1)WELL (2)I (3)LIVED (4)TO (5)SEE (6)ANOTHER (7)DAY (8)LAST (9)NIGHT (10)WHEN (11)DAD (12)KNOCKED (13)ON (14)MY (15)DOOR (16)I (17)PEEKED (18)THROUGH (19)THE (20)CRACK (21)AND (22)SAW (23)THAT (24)HE (25)WASNT (26)WEARING (27)THE (28)BELT (29)SO (30)I (31)LET (32)HIM (33)IN

{L} (1)DAD (2)WASNT (3)EVEN (4)ALL (5)THAT (6)MAD (7)MOSTLY (8)BECAUSE (9)IT (10)WASNT (11)HIS (12)CAR (13)THAT (14)GOT (15)SCRAPED (16)UP (17)SO (18)HE (19)JUST (20)TOLD (21)ME (22)NOT (23)TO (24)USE (25)BRILLO (26)TO (27)CLEAN (28)A (29)CAR (30)AGAIN (31)AND (32)THAT (33)WAS (34)THAT

{M} (1)MOM (2)WAS (3)ANOTHER (4)STORY (5)HER (6)PUNISHMENT (7)FOR (8)RUINING (9)HER (10)CAR (11)WAS (12)THAT (13)I (14)HAVE (15)TO (16)CLEAN (17)THE (18)WHOLE (19)BASEMENT

{N} (1)AND (2)SHE (3)SAID (4)IF (5)SHE (6)CATCHES (7)ME (8)LYING (9)AGAIN (10)SHELL (11)TAKE (12)AWAY (13)MY (14)VIDEO (15)GAMES (16)FOR (17)GOOD (18)SO (19)I (20)BETTER (21)BE (22)PRETTY (23)HONEST (24)FROM (25)NOW (26)ON

{O} (1)SO (2)NOW (3)THAT (4)ALL (5)THAT (6)STUFF (7)WAS (8)BEHIND (9)ME (10)I (11)COULD (12)SWITCH (13)MY (14)FOCUS (15)BACK (16)TO (17)SCHOOL

{A} (1)WE (2)JUST (3)GOT (4)OUR (5)FIRST (6)BIG (7)ASSIGNMENT (8)IN (9)ENGLISH (10)WHICH (11)IS (12)TO (13)DO (14)A (15)BOOK (16)REPORT (17)IVE (18)BEEN (19)MILKING (20)THE (21)SAME (22)BOOK (23)FOR (24)THE (25)PAST (26)FIVE (27)YEARS (28)ENCYCLOPEDIA (29)BROWN (30)DOES (31)IT (32)AGAIN (33)THERE (34)ARE (35)ABOUT (36)12 (37)SHORT (38)STORIES (39)IN (40)THERE (41)BUT (42)I (43)ALWAYS (44)JUST (45)TREAT (46)ONE (47)SHORT (48)STORY (49)LIKE (50)ITS (51)THE (52)WHOLE (53)BOOK (54)AND (55)THE (56)TEACHER (57)NEVER (58)NOTICES

{B} (1)AND (2)TO (3)GIVE (4)YOU (5)AN (6)IDEA (7)OF (8)HOW (9)SHORT (10)EACH (11)STORY (12)IS (13)I (14)CAN (15)FINISH (16)ONE (17)IN (18)ABOUT (19)THREE (20)AND (21)A (22)HALF (23)MINUTES (24)WITHOUT (25)REALLY (26)TRYING


{D} (1)I (2)HAVE (3)TO (4)SAY (5)THAT (6)NO (7)MATTER (8)HOW (9)HARD (10)I (11)TRY (12)I (13)HAVE (14)NEVER (15)FIGURED (16)OUT (17)ONE (18)OF (19)THESE (20)STORIES (21)BEFORE (22)THE (23)END (24)SO (25)I (26)GUESS (27)IM (28)NOT (29)AS (30)BRAINY (31)AS (32)ENCYCLOPEDIA

{E} (1)IM (2)KIND (3)OF (4)AN (5)EXPERT (6)AT (7)WRITING (8)THESE (9)BOOK (10)REPORTS (11)BY (12)NOW (13)SO (14)I (15)KNOW (16)HOW (17)TO (18)WRITE (19)EXACTLY (20)WHAT (21)A (22)TEACHER (23)WANTS (24)TO (25)HEAR

{F} (1)SO (2)FOR (3)ME (4)BOOK (5)REPORTS (6)ARE (7)NO (8)SWEAT

{G} (1)I (2)FORGOT (3)TO (4)MENTION (5)THAT (6)THIS (7)AFTERNOON (8)I (9)TOOK (10)CARE (11)OF (12)PART (13)ONE (14)OF (15)MOMS (16)PUNISHMENT

{H} (1)NOW (2)IVE (3)JUST (4)GOT (5)TO (6)KEEP (7)MY (8)NOSE (9)CLEAN (10)FOR (11)A (12)WHILE (13)AND (14)ILL (15)BE (16)OFF (17)THE (18)HOOK

{I} (1)SO (2)FAR (3)ITS (4)BEEN (5)ABOUT (6)35 (7)HOURS (8)AND (9)IVE (10)KEPT (11)MY (12)PROMISE (13)TO (14)MOM (15)ABOUT (16)THE (17)WHOLE (18)HONESTY (19)THING (20)IT (21)REALLY (22)HASNT (23)BEEN (24)AS (25)BAD (26)AS (27)I (28)THOUGHT (29)AND (30)IN (31)FACT (32)IT (33)HAS (34)BEEN (35)KIND (36)OF (37)LIBERATING

{J} (1)IVE (2)BEEN (3)IN (4)A (5)COUPLE (6)SITUATIONS (7)ALREADY (8)WHERE (9)IVE (10)BEEN (11)A (12)LOT (13)MORE (14)TRUTHFUL (15)THAN (16)I (17)WOULD (18)HAVE (19)BEEN (20)JUST (21)A (22)DAY (23)OR (24)TWO (25)AGO (26)LIKE (27)TODAY (28)WHEN (29)MAX (30)SMEDLEY (31)STARTED (32)TELLING (33)ME (34)HIS (35)BIG (36)PLANS


{L} (1)BUT (2)MOST (3)PEOPLE (4)DONT (5)SEEM (6)TO (7)REALLY (8)APPRECIATE (9)A (10)PERSON (11)AS (12)HONEST (13)AS (14)ME (15)LETS (16)JUST (17)SAY (18)I (19)CANT (20)UNDERSTAND (21)HOW (22)GEORGE (23)WASHINGTON (24)EVER (25)GOT (26)ELECTED (27)PRESIDENT


{N} (1)I (2)THINK (3)THE (4)HONESTY (5)PROMISE (6)HAS (7)BEEN (8)CANCELLED (9)AND (10)NOT (11)BY (12)ME (13)BUT (14)BY (15)MOM (16)TODAY (17)I (18)ANSWERED (19)THE (20)PHONE (21)AND (22)IT (23)WAS (24)MRS (25)GRETCHEN (26)FROM (27)THE (28)PTA (29)AND (30)SHE (31)WANTED (32)TO (33)TALK (34)TO (35)MOM (36)BUT (37)MOM (38)SIGNALED (39)TO (40)ME (41)THAT (42)I (43)SHOULD (44)TELL (45)MRS (46)GRETCHEN (47)THAT (48)SHE (49)WASNT (50)HOME (51)I (52)DIDNT (53)KNOW (54)IF (55)IT (56)WAS (57)A (58)TRICK (59)OR (60)WHAT (61)BUT (62)I (63)KNEW (64)THAT (65)I (66)WASNT (67)GOING (68)TO (69)GO (70)AND (71)BREAK (72)MY (73)HONESTY (74)STREAK (75)OVER (76)A (77)THING (78)LIKE (79)THIS (80)SO (81)I (82)MADE (83)MOM (84)GO (85)OUTSIDE (86)ON (87)THE (88)FRONT (89)PORCH (90)BEFORE (91)I (92)WOULD (93)SAY (94)A (95)WORD (96)TO (97)MRS (98)GRETCHEN

{A} (1)MOM (2)DIDNT (3)COME (4)RIGHT (5)OUT (6)AND (7)SAY (8)THE (9)HONESTY (10)DEAL (11)IS (12)OFF (13)BUT (14)SHE (15)DIDNT (16)SPEAK (17)TO (18)ME (19)FOR (20)THE (21)REST (22)OF (23)THE (24)NIGHT (25)SO (26)I (27)FIGURE (28)I (29)CAN (30)JUST (31)GO (32)BACK (33)TO (34)HOW (35)I (36)WAS (37)BEFORE

{B} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)OTHER (4)THING (5)THAT (6)HAPPENED (7)TODAY (8)THATS (9)WORTH (10)MENTIONING (11)IS (12)THAT (13)RODRICK (14)BROKE (15)HIS (16)OWN (17)SATURDAY (18)SLEEPING (19)RECORD (20)AT (21)330 (22)DAD (23)SAID (24)ENOUGH (25)IS (26)ENOUGH (27)AND (28)MADE (29)RODRICK (30)GET (31)OUT (32)OF (33)HIS (34)BED (35)IN (36)THE (37)BASEMENT

{C} (1)BUT (2)RODRICK (3)JUST (4)TOOK (5)ALL (6)HIS (7)SLEEPING (8)GEAR (9)UPSTAIRS (10)AND (11)PLOPPED (12)HIMSELF (13)ON (14)THE (15)COUCH (16)UNTIL (17)IT (18)WAS (19)TIME (20)FOR (21)DINNER

{D} (1)EVER (2)SINCE (3)MOM (4)DANGLED (5)THE (6)IDEA (7)OF (8)TAKING (9)AWAY (10)MY (11)VIDEO (12)GAMES (13)IVE (14)BEEN (15)TRYING (16)TO (17)BE (18)ON (19)MY (20)BEST (21)BEHAVIOR (22)SO (23)YOU (24)WOULDNT (25)THINK (26)I (27)COULD (28)GET (29)IN (30)TROUBLE (31)IN (32)THE (33)FIFTEEN (34)MINUTES (35)IT (36)TAKES (37)TO (38)DRIVE (39)TO (40)CHURCH (41)BUT (42)THATS (43)EXACTLY (44)WHAT (45)I (46)DID

{E} (1)I (2)WAS (3)TRYING (4)TO (5)HAVE (6)SOME (7)FUN (8)WITH (9)MANNY (10)BY (11)MAKING (12)FUNNY (13)FACES (14)AT (15)HIM (16)IN (17)THE (18)BACK (19)SEAT (20)OF (21)THE (22)CAR (23)BUT (24)WHEN (25)I (26)FINALLY (27)GOT (28)A (29)LAUGH (30)OUT (31)OF (32)HIM (33)HE (34)SPIT (35)HIS (36)JUICE (37)ALL (38)OVER (39)THE (40)CAR (41)SEAT

{F} (1)THAT (2)JUST (3)MADE (4)MANNY (5)LAUGH (6)EXTRA (7)HARD (8)BUT (9)THEN (10)THE (11)NEXT (12)THING (13)YOU (14)KNOW (15)MOM (16)SAYS (17)HE (18)COULD (19)HAVE (20)CHOKED (21)TO (22)DEATH

{G} (1)WELL (2)I (3)GUESS (4)THAT (5)THOUGHT (6)WAS (7)JUST (8)TOO (9)MUCH (10)FOR (11)MANNY (12)TO (13)TAKE (14)ALL (15)I (16)KNOW (17)IS (18)THAT (19)THE (20)REST (21)OF (22)THE (23)RIDE (24)WAS (25)PRETTY (26)MISERABLE (27)FOR (28)EVERYONE

{H} (1)SO (2)YOU (3)CAN (4)SEE (5)HOW (6)I (7)CAN (8)GO (9)FROM (10)BEING (11)THE (12)HERO (13)TO (14)THE (15)GOAT (16)IN (17)NO (18)TIME (19)FLAT

{I} (1)AT (2)CHURCH (3)MY (4)OLD (5)BEST (6)FRIEND (7)BEN (8)WAS (9)SITTING (10)UP (11)FRONT (12)WITH (13)HIS (14)FAMILY (15)MOM (16)DOESNT (17)LET (18)US (19)SIT (20)TOO (21)CLOSE (22)TO (23)BENS (24)FAMILY (25)BECAUSE (26)ME (27)AND (28)BEN (29)USED (30)TO (31)ALWAYS (32)GET (33)INTO (34)GIGGLE (35)FITS (36)WHEN (37)WED (38)SIT (39)NEAR (40)EACH (41)OTHER

{J} (1)OUR (2)BIG (3)ROUTINE (4)WAS (5)THAT (6)AT (7)THE (8)PART (9)IN (10)CHURCH (11)WHERE (12)YOURE (13)SUPPOSED (14)TO (15)SAY (16)PEACE (17)BE (18)WITH (19)YOU (20)AND (21)SHAKE (22)HANDS (23)WED (24)SAY (25)PEAS (26)BE (27)WITH (28)YOU (29)LIKE (30)THE (31)VEGETABLE

{K} (1)MOM (2)SAID (3)IF (4)WE (5)DIDNT (6)STOP (7)LAUGHING (8)IN (9)CHURCH (10)SHE (11)WAS (12)GOING (13)TO (14)SEPARATE (15)US (16)SO (17)WE (18)BEHAVED (19)OURSELVES (20)FOR (21)A (22)WHILE

{L} (1)BUT (2)THIS (3)ONE (4)SUNDAY (5)DURING (6)THE (7)PEACE (8)BE (9)WITH (10)YOU (11)PART (12)BEN (13)ACTUALLY (14)HANDED (15)ME (16)A (17)COUPLE (18)OF (19)DRIED (20)UP (21)PEAS (22)HE (23)HAD (24)BEEN (25)CARRYING (26)IN (27)HIS (28)POCKET (29)AND (30)WE (31)BOTH (32)TOTALLY (33)LOST (34)IT

{M} (1)MOM (2)KEPT (3)GOOD (4)ON (5)HER (6)PROMISE (7)BECAUSE (8)WE (9)HAVENT (10)EVEN (11)SAT (12)ON (13)THE (14)SAME (15)SIDE (16)OF (17)THE (18)CHURCH (19)AS (20)BEN (21)SINCE (22)THAT (23)DAY

{N} (1)ON (2)THE (3)WAY (4)HOME (5)FROM (6)CHURCH (7)WE (8)PASSED (9)BY (10)THE (11)SMEDLEYS (12)WHO (13)WERE (14)OUT (15)IN (16)THEIR (17)FRONT (18)YARD (19)THERE (20)ARE (21)ABOUT (22)SIX (23)BOYS (24)IN (25)THAT (26)FAMILY (27)BUT (28)ITS (29)HARD (30)TO (31)TELL (32)ANY (33)OF (34)THEM (35)APART

{A} (1)THE (2)SMEDLEYS (3)BIG (4)DREAM (5)IN (6)LIFE (7)IS (8)TO (9)WIN (10)THE (11)GRAND (12)PRIZE (13)ON (14)AMERICAS (15)FUNNIEST (16)HOME (17)VIDEOS (18)SO (19)THEYRE (20)ALWAYS (21)TRYING (22)TO (23)STAGE (24)SOME (25)KIND (26)OF (27)ACCIDENT

{B} (1)I (2)BET (3)FOR (4)EVERY (5)TEN (6)TIMES (7)YOU (8)SEE (9)A (10)GUY (11)GET (12)HIT (13)IN (14)THE (15)GROIN (16)WITH (17)A (18)GOLF (19)BALL (20)ON (21)THAT (22)SHOW (23)NINE (24)OF (25)THEM (26)ARE (27)SENT (28)IN (29)BY (30)FAMILIES (31)LIKE (32)THE (33)SMEDLEYS (34)JUST (35)TRYING (36)TO (37)MAKE (38)A (39)BUCK

{C} (1)TODAY (2)AT (3)SCHOOL (4)I (5)WAS (6)LOOKING (7)AT (8)THE (9)INSIDE (10)COVER (11)OF (12)MY (13)PREALGEBRA (14)BOOK (15)AND (16)I (17)SAW (18)THAT (19)IT (20)USED (21)TO (22)BELONG (23)TO (24)JIMMY (25)JURY (26)WHO (27)IS (28)THE (29)MOST (30)POPULAR (31)KID (32)IN (33)THE (34)8TH (35)GRADE (36)I (37)FIGURED (38)I (39)MIGHT (40)BE (41)ABLE (42)TO (43)TRANSLATE (44)THIS (45)INTO (46)SOME (47)PRETTY (48)BIG (49)POPULARITY (50)POINTS (51)OF (52)MY (53)OWN (54)BUT (55)THE (56)PROBLEM (57)WAS (58)THAT (59)JIMMY (60)JURY (61)DIDNT (62)WRITE (63)HIS (64)NAME (65)ANYWHERE (66)ON (67)THE (68)OUTSIDE (69)OF (70)THE (71)BOOK (72)SO (73)I (74)TOOK (75)CARE (76)OF (77)THAT (78)DETAIL (79)ON (80)MY (81)OWN


{E} (1)IN (2)PHYS (3)ED (4)TODAY (5)A (6)COUPLE (7)GIRLS (8)CAUSED (9)A (10)STIR (11)WHEN (12)THEY (13)PRESENTED (14)A (15)PETITION (16)TO (17)MR (18)UNDERWOOD (19)THE (20)GYM (21)TEACHER

{F} (1)THE (2)WAY (3)THEY (4)GOT (5)THE (6)IDEA (7)OF (8)WRITING (9)A (10)PETITION (11)WAS (12)BECAUSE (13)IN (14)HISTORY (15)WERE (16)STUDYING (17)MARTIN (18)LUTHER (19)WHO (20)IS (21)A (22)GUY (23)WHO (24)WROTE (25)A (26)LIST (27)OF (28)DEMANDS (29)AND (30)POSTED (31)THEM (32)ON (33)A (34)CHURCH (35)DOOR

{G} (1)SO (2)THE (3)GIRLS (4)GOT (5)IT (6)IN (7)THEIR (8)HEADS (9)THAT (10)IT (11)WAS (12)UNFAIR (13)THAT (14)THEY (15)HAD (16)TO (17)DO (18)GIRL (19)PUSHUPS (20)WHILE (21)THE (22)GUYS (23)GET (24)TO (25)DO (26)BOY (27)PUSHUPS (28)AND (29)THEY (30)ALL (31)SIGNED (32)THEIR (33)NAMES (34)TO (35)A (36)LIST (37)TO (38)PROTEST

{H} (1)IF (2)I (3)WAS (4)THEM (5)I (6)WOULDNT (7)COMPLAIN (8)GIRL (9)PUSHUPS (10)ARE (11)ABOUT (12)TEN (13)TIMES (14)EASIER (15)THAN (16)BOY (17)PUSHUPS

{I} (1)WITH (2)GIRL (3)PUSHUPS (4)YOU (5)GET (6)TO (7)KEEP (8)YOUR (9)KNEES (10)ON (11)THE (12)GROUND (13)SO (14)YOU (15)ONLY (16)HAVE (17)TO (18)WORK (19)HALF (20)AS (21)HARD

{J} (1)SO (2)I (3)THINK (4)MR (5)UNDERWOOD (6)SURPRISED (7)THEM (8)WHEN (9)HE (10)SAID (11)SURE (12)YOU (13)GIRLS (14)CAN (15)GO (16)AHEAD (17)AND (18)DO (19)BOY (20)PUSHUPS

{K} (1)I (2)THINK (3)THE (4)GIRLS (5)WERE (6)EXPECTING (7)A (8)LOT (9)BIGGER (10)FIGHT (11)AND (12)NOW (13)I (14)KNOW (15)AT (16)LEAST (17)HALF (18)OF (19)THEM (20)WISH (21)THEY (22)COULD (23)TAKE (24)THAT (25)PETITION (26)BACK

{L} (1)I (2)KIND (3)OF (4)GOT (5)INSPIRED (6)BY (7)THE (8)WHOLE (9)EPISODE (10)AND (11)I (12)STARTED (13)TO (14)PUT (15)TOGETHER (16)A (17)PETITION (18)SAYING (19)WE (20)BOYS (21)WANTED (22)TO (23)BE (24)ALLOWED (25)TO (26)DO (27)GIRL (28)PUSHUPS

{M} (1)BUT (2)WHEN (3)I (4)SAW (5)THE (6)GROUP (7)OF (8)GUYS (9)WHO (10)WAS (11)INTERESTED (12)IN (13)SIGNING (14)IT (15)I (16)DECIDED (17)TO (18)JUST (19)BAG (20)IT

{A} (1)TONIGHT (2)WAS (3)A (4)PRETTY (5)BIG (6)DEAL (7)FOR (8)ME (9)BECAUSE (10)IT (11)WAS (12)THE (13)START (14)OF (15)THE (16)NEW (17)TV (18)SEASON (19)I (20)HAVE (21)HAD (22)TO (23)WATCH (24)FIVE (25)MONTHS (26)OF (27)RERUNS (28)SO (29)YOU (30)CAN (31)PROBABLY (32)UNDERSTAND (33)THAT (34)I (35)WAS (36)FIRED (37)UP (38)TO (39)FINALLY (40)SEE (41)SOMETHING (42)NEW

{B} (1)DAD (2)PUT (3)MANNY (4)TO (5)BED (6)AND (7)MOM (8)MADE (9)POPCORN (10)AND (11)I (12)WAS (13)ALL (14)SET (15)FOR (16)SOME (17)SERIOUS (18)TELEVISION (19)WATCHING (20)BUT (21)FIVE (22)MINUTES (23)INTO (24)THE (25)FIRST (26)SHOW (27)MANNY (28)MAKES (29)AN (30)APPEARANCE (31)IN (32)THE (33)FAMILY (34)ROOM

{C} (1)BUT (2)INSTEAD (3)OF (4)PUTTING (5)MANNY (6)RIGHT (7)BACK (8)TO (9)BED (10)MOM (11)LET (12)HIM (13)STAY (14)UP (15)AND (16)WATCH (17)TV (18)WITH (19)US

{D} (1)AND (2)HERES (3)THE (4)KICKER (5)MOM (6)MADE (7)ME (8)CHANGE (9)THE (10)CHANNEL (11)BECAUSE (12)ON (13)THE (14)SHOW (15)I (16)WAS (17)WATCHING (18)THE (19)KIDS (20)HAD (21)A (22)DISRESPECTFUL (23)ATTITUDE (24)TOWARDS (25)THE (26)ADULTS (27)AND (28)SHE (29)DIDNT (30)WANT (31)MANNY (32)EXPOSED (33)TO (34)THAT (35)SORT (36)OF (37)THING

{E} (1)COP (2)SHOWS (3)WERE (4)OUT (5)TOO (6)BECAUSE (7)OF (8)THE (9)VIOLENCE (10)SO (11)GUESS (12)WHAT (13)MOM (14)MADE (15)ME (16)TURN (17)TO (18)THE (19)CARTOON (20)CHANNEL (21)WHICH (22)IS (23)EXACTLY (24)WHAT (25)MANNY (26)WAS (27)WATCHING (28)BEFORE (29)HE (30)WENT (31)TO (32)BED

{F} (1)MAN (2)I (3)WAS (4)STEAMED (5)WHEN (6)I (7)WAS (8)A (9)KID (10)THERE (11)WASNT (12)ANY (13)OF (14)THIS (15)GETTING (16)OUT (17)OF (18)BED (19)AND (20)COMING (21)BACK (22)DOWNSTAIRS (23)STUFF

{G} (1)I (2)THINK (3)I (4)DID (5)IT (6)ONCE (7)OR (8)TWICE (9)BUT (10)DAD (11)PUT (12)A (13)STOP (14)TO (15)IT (16)REAL (17)QUICK

{H} (1)THERE (2)WAS (3)THIS (4)BOOK (5)DAD (6)USED (7)TO (8)READ (9)TO (10)ME (11)BEFORE (12)I (13)WENT (14)TO (15)SLEEP (16)CALLED (17)A (18)LIGHT (19)IN (20)THE (21)ATTIC

{I} (1)IT (2)WAS (3)AN (4)AWESOME (5)BOOK (6)BUT (7)ON (8)THE (9)BACK (10)OF (11)IT (12)THERE (13)WAS (14)A (15)PICTURE (16)OF (17)THE (18)GUY (19)WHO (20)WROTE (21)IT (22)SHEL (23)SILVERSTEIN

{J} (1)HAVE (2)YOU (3)EVER (4)SEEN (5)THAT (6)GUY (7)ALL (8)I (9)CAN (10)SAY (11)IS (12)THAT (13)HE (14)LOOKS (15)MORE (16)LIKE (17)A (18)BURGLAR (19)OR (20)A (21)PIRATE (22)THAN (23)A (24)GUY (25)WHO (26)WRITES (27)POEMS (28)FOR (29)KIDS

{K} (1)WELL (2)DAD (3)USED (4)TO (5)LEAVE (6)THAT (7)BOOK (8)RIGHT (9)ON (10)MY (11)END (12)TABLE (13)EVERY (14)NIGHT (15)WITH (16)THE (17)BACK (18)OF (19)THE (20)BOOK (21)FACING (22)UP (23)AND (24)IT (25)REALLY (26)GAVE (27)ME (28)THE (29)HEEBIE (30)JEEBIES

{L} (1)I (2)THINK (3)DAD (4)CAUGHT (5)ON (6)THAT (7)SHEL (8)SILVERSTEIN (9)KIND (10)OF (11)FREAKED (12)ME (13)OUT (14)BECAUSE (15)THE (16)FIRST (17)NIGHT (18)AFTER (19)I (20)PULLED (21)THE (22)KIND (23)OF (24)THING (25)MANNY (26)PULLED (27)TONIGHT (28)DAD (29)READ (30)ME (31)SOME (32)POEMS (33)FROM (34)A (35)LIGHT (36)IN (37)THE (38)ATTIC (39)AND (40)THEN (41)SAID (42)IF (43)YOU (44)GET (45)UP (46)AGAIN (47)TONIGHT (48)I (49)WONDER (50)IF (51)YOULL (52)RUN (53)INTO (54)SHEL (55)SILVERSTEIN (56)IN (57)THE (58)HALLWAY

{M} (1)WELL (2)DAD (3)REALLY (4)HAD (5)MY (6)NUMBER (7)WITH (8)THAT (9)TRICK (10)I (11)NEVER (12)GOT (13)UP (14)AGAIN (15)NOT (16)EVEN (17)TO (18)GO (19)TO (20)THE (21)BATHROOM (22)I (23)WOULD (24)RATHER (25)HAVE (26)WET (27)THE (28)BED (29)THAN (30)TO (31)FIND (32)THAT (33)GUY (34)CREEPING (35)AROUND (36)UPSTAIRS

{A} (1)LAST (2)NIGHT (3)MANNY (4)FINALLY (5)WENT (6)TO (7)BED (8)AND (9)I (10)FINALLY (11)GOT (12)TO (13)WATCH (14)SOME (15)OF (16)THE (17)NEW (18)SHOWS (19)BUT (20)IVE (21)GOT (22)TO (23)SAY (24)IT (25)WASNT (26)WORTH (27)THE (28)WAIT

{B} (1)ALL (2)THE (3)NEW (4)SITCOMS (5)ARE (6)THE (7)SAME (8)THEY (9)BASICALLY (10)TAKE (11)ONE (12)LAME (13)JOKE (14)AND (15)THEN (16)DRIVE (17)IT (18)INTO (19)THE (20)GROUND (21)FOR (22)THE (23)NEXT (24)30 (25)MINUTES (26)I (27)WANTED (28)TO (29)SEE (30)IF (31)I (32)COULD (33)WRITE (34)A (35)BETTER (36)SHOW (37)THAN (38)THESE (39)CLOWNS (40)WHO (41)ARE (42)MAKING (43)THOUSANDS (44)OF (45)DOLLARS (46)SO (47)AT (48)LUNCH (49)TODAY (50)I (51)GAVE (52)IT (53)A (54)SHOT

{C} (1)I (2)SHOWED (3)MY (4)DRAWINGS (5)TO (6)MOM (7)AND (8)SHE (9)SURPRISED (10)ME (11)BY (12)BEING (13)REALLY (14)INTERESTED (15)SHE (16)TOLD (17)ME (18)THAT (19)IF (20)I (21)REALLY (22)WANTED (23)TO (24)WRITE (25)A (26)TV (27)SHOW (28)I (29)HAD (30)TO (31)COME (32)UP (33)WITH (34)A (35)WHOLE (36)PLOT (37)WITH (38)A (39)BEGINNING (40)AND (41)END (42)I (43)THINK (44)SHE (45)WAS (46)JUST (47)HAPPY (48)I (49)WAS (50)SHOWING (51)AN (52)INTEREST (53)IN (54)SOMETHING (55)OTHER (56)THAN (57)A (58)VIDEO (59)GAME (60)FOR (61)ONCE

{D} (1)IT (2)SEEMS (3)LIKE (4)EVERY (5)NEW (6)SHOW (7)THAT (8)COMES (9)OUT (10)NOWADAYS (11)IS (12)ABOUT (13)SOME (14)DAD (15)WHO (16)DOES (17)OR (18)SAYS (19)SOMETHING (20)REALLY (21)IGNORANT (22)AT (23)THE (24)BEGINNING (25)OF (26)THE (27)SHOW (28)BUT (29)THEN (30)BY (31)THE (32)END (33)OF (34)THE (35)SHOW (36)HE (37)COMES (38)AROUND (39)AND (40)REALIZES (41)HE (42)WAS (43)BEING (44)A (45)NINCOMPOOP (46)SO (47)THE (48)NEXT (49)SHOW (50)I (51)WROTE (52)CALLED (53)WISE (54)UP (55)MR (56)LOCKERMAN (57)IS (58)BASED (59)ON (60)THAT (61)KIND (62)OF (63)IDEA

{E} (1)I (2)SHOWED (3)THIS (4)SCRIPT (5)TO (6)MOM (7)WHEN (8)I (9)WAS (10)DONE (11)TO (12)BE (13)HONEST (14)WITH (15)YOU (16)I (17)DONT (18)THINK (19)SHE (20)REALLY (21)APPROVES (22)OF (23)MY (24)TYPE (25)OF (26)HUMOR (27)BUT (28)SHE (29)IS (30)PRETTY (31)EXCITED (32)TO (33)SEE (34)ME (35)WORKING (36)ON (37)THIS (38)STUFF (39)USUALLY (40)WHEN (41)MOM (42)GETS (43)TOO (44)ENTHUSIASTIC (45)ABOUT (46)SOMETHING (47)IM (48)DOING (49)THATS (50)MY (51)SIGNAL (52)TO (53)BACK (54)OFF (55)BUT (56)MOM (57)SAID (58)SHES (59)GOING (60)TO (61)TRY (62)TO (63)GET (64)A (65)HOLD (66)OF (67)A (68)VIDEO (69)CAMERA (70)FROM (71)WORK (72)TO (73)LET (74)ME (75)PUT (76)SOME (77)OF (78)MY (79)IDEAS (80)ON (81)FILM (82)SO (83)I (84)GUESS (85)I (86)CAN (87)DEAL (88)WITH (89)IT (90)FOR (91)NOW

{F} (1)LAST (2)NIGHT (3)I (4)WAS (5)SO (6)EXCITED (7)ABOUT (8)GETTING (9)MY (10)HANDS (11)ON (12)A (13)VIDEO (14)CAMERA (15)I (16)COULDNT (17)SLEEP (18)SO (19)TODAY (20)IN (21)SCHOOL (22)I (23)FAKED (24)ABOUT (25)BEING (26)SICK (27)IN (28)GYM (29)SO (30)I (31)COULD (32)WRITE (33)DOWN (34)MY (35)IDEA (36)FOR (37)A (38)MOVIE

{G} (1)MOM (2)WAS (3)ABLE (4)TO (5)GET (6)A (7)CAMERA (8)FROM (9)WORK (10)SO (11)I (12)FINISHED (13)UP (14)THE (15)SCRIPT (16)AND (17)BROUGHT (18)IT (19)UP (20)TO (21)ROWLEYS (22)HOUSE (23)TO (24)SHOW (25)HIM (26)I (27)THINK (28)ITS (29)MY (30)BEST (31)STUFF (32)YET (33)AND (34)THATS (35)SAYING (36)SOMETHING


{I} (1)YOUD (2)THINK (3)ROWLEY (4)WOULD (5)BE (6)GRATEFUL (7)THAT (8)I (9)WAS (10)GOING (11)TO (12)MAKE (13)HIM (14)A (15)BIG (16)STAR (17)AND (18)OF (19)COURSE (20)I (21)GOT (22)NO (23)THANKS (24)FOR (25)WRITING (26)JUICY (27)ROLES (28)FOR (29)HIS (30)PARENTS

{J} (1)TODAY (2)AFTER (3)SCHOOL (4)I (5)WALKED (6)UP (7)TO (8)ROWLEYS (9)HOUSE (10)TO (11)SHOW (12)HIM (13)SOME (14)REWRITES (15)I (16)DID (17)FOR (18)THE (19)BOY (20)WHOSE (21)FAMILY (22)THOUGHT (23)HE (24)WAS (25)A (26)DOG (27)BUT (28)ROWLEY (29)WOULDNT (30)ANSWER (31)THE (32)DOOR

{K} (1)I (2)STARTED (3)TO (4)HEAD (5)HOME (6)AND (7)THEN (8)ALL (9)OF (10)THE (11)SUDDEN (12)MOM (13)PULLS (14)UP (15)ALONG (16)SIDE (17)ME (18)WITH (19)MACKIE (20)CREAVY (21)IN (22)THE (23)BACK (24)SEAT (25)OF (26)THE (27)CAR

{L} (1)OH (2)MAN (3)I (4)COMPLETELY (5)FORGOT (6)ABOUT (7)SOCCER (8)DAD (9)MAKES (10)ME (11)DO (12)IT (13)EVERY (14)YEAR (15)SO (16)IM (17)WELL (18)ROUNDED

{A} (1)SO (2)I (3)GUESS (4)IVE (5)GOT (6)TO (7)PUT (8)MY (9)FILM (10)CAREER (11)ON (12)HOLD (13)AND (14)GO (15)GET (16)MY (17)SHINS (18)KICKED (19)FOR (20)A (21)COUPLE (22)OF (23)MONTHS

{B} (1)THE (2)FIRST (3)NIGHT (4)OF (5)SOCCER (6)PRACTICE (7)IS (8)ALWAYS (9)THE (10)SAME (11)THEY (12)START (13)OFF (14)BY (15)DOING (16)THIS (17)SKILLS (18)TEST (19)TO (20)SEE (21)HOW (22)GOOD (23)YOU (24)ARE (25)USUALLY (26)I (27)DONT (28)CARE (29)HOW (30)I (31)GET (32)RANKED (33)BUT (34)THIS (35)YEAR (36)THE (37)GUY (38)WHO (39)WAS (40)DOING (41)THE (42)TESTING (43)WAS (44)MR (45)MATTHEWS (46)WHO (47)IS (48)THE (49)FATHER (50)OF (51)PIPER (52)MATTHEWS (53)THE (54)PRETTIEST (55)GIRL (56)IN (57)OUR (58)CHURCH (59)SO (60)I (61)FIGURED (62)ID (63)BETTER (64)DO (65)MY (66)BEST (67)IF (68)I (69)WANTED (70)TO (71)IMPRESS (72)MY (73)FUTURE (74)FATHERINLAW

{C} (1)EVEN (2)THOUGH (3)I (4)TRIED (5)MY (6)HARDEST (7)I (8)STILL (9)GOT (10)RANKED (11)PRE (12)ALPHA (13)MINUS (14)WHICH (15)IS (16)ADULT (17)CODE (18)WORDS (19)FOR (20)YOU (21)STINK

{D} (1)THE (2)NEXT (3)THING (4)THEY (5)DO (6)IS (7)PUT (8)EVERYONE (9)ON (10)A (11)TEAM (12)THEY (13)BASICALLY (14)TRY (15)TO (16)SPREAD (17)OUT (18)THE (19)REALLY (20)AWFUL (21)KIDS (22)LIKE (23)ME (24)SO (25)NO (26)ONE (27)TEAM (28)HAS (29)TOO (30)MANY (31)TERRIBLE (32)PLAYERS

{E} (1)AND (2)WOULDNT (3)YOU (4)KNOW (5)MY (6)LUCK (7)I (8)GOT (9)PUT (10)ON (11)KENNY (12)KEITHS (13)TEAM (14)SO (15)THAT (16)MEANS (17)MY (18)COACH (19)IS (20)MR (21)KEITH (22)SAME (23)AS (24)LAST (25)YEAR

{F} (1)MR (2)KEITH (3)HATES (4)ME (5)AND (6)I (7)TRACE (8)IT (9)ALL (10)BACK (11)TO (12)THE (13)FIRST (14)DAY (15)OF (16)PRACTICE (17)LAST (18)YEAR (19)A (20)BUNCH (21)OF (22)US (23)TERRIBLE (24)PLAYERS (25)WERE (26)SLACKING (27)OFF (28)HANGING (29)OUT (30)BY (31)THE (32)WATER (33)JUG (34)WHEN (35)MR (36)KEITH (37)YELLED (38)FOR (39)US (40)TO (41)GET (42)BACK (43)ON (44)THE (45)PLAYING (46)FIELD

{G} (1)SO (2)AS (3)A (4)JOKE (5)I (6)RAN (7)BACKWARDS (8)WITH (9)MY (10)REAR (11)END (12)POINTED (13)AT (14)MR (15)KEITH

{H} (1)I (2)THINK (3)IT (4)WOULD (5)HAVE (6)BEEN (7)FUNNIER (8)IF (9)ALL (10)THE (11)OTHER (12)GUYS (13)HAD (14)DONE (15)THE (16)SAME (17)THING (18)I (19)DID (20)BUT (21)THEY (22)KIND (23)OF (24)HUNG (25)ME (26)OUT (27)TO (28)DRY

{I} (1)ANYWAY (2)YOU (3)CAN (4)PROBABLY (5)GUESS (6)THAT (7)MR (8)KEITH (9)DID (10)NOT (11)FIND (12)MY (13)JOKE (14)SO (15)AMUSING (16)AND (17)FROM (18)THEN (19)ON (20)HE (21)MADE (22)THINGS (23)PRETTY (24)MISERABLE (25)FOR (26)ME

{J} (1)RIGHT (2)BEFORE (3)THE (4)FIRST (5)GAME (6)HE (7)GAVE (8)US (9)ALL (10)OUR (11)POSITIONS (12)AND (13)HE (14)TOLD (15)ME (16)MY (17)POSITION (18)WAS (19)SHAG (20)I (21)DIDNT (22)KNOW (23)A (24)WHOLE (25)LOT (26)ABOUT (27)SOCCER (28)BUT (29)I (30)WAS (31)PRETTY (32)PROUD (33)THAT (34)I (35)HAD (36)MY (37)VERY (38)OWN (39)POSITION (40)I (41)REMEMBER (42)BRAGGING (43)TO (44)RODRICK (45)ABOUT (46)IT

{K} (1)BUT (2)RODRICK (3)KNEW (4)A (5)THING (6)OR (7)TWO (8)ABOUT (9)SOCCER (10)AND (11)HE (12)TOLD (13)ME (14)THAT (15)THE (16)SHAG (17)ISNT (18)ACTUALLY (19)A (20)REAL (21)POSITION (22)ON (23)THE (24)FIELD (25)ITS (26)JUST (27)A (28)KID (29)WHO (30)CHASES (31)ALL (32)THE (33)BALLS (34)THAT (35)GO (36)OUT (37)OF (38)BOUNDS

{L} (1)AND (2)SURE (3)ENOUGH (4)RODRICK (5)WAS (6)RIGHT (7)MR (8)KEITH (9)NEVER (10)PUT (11)ME (12)IN (13)A (14)GAME (15)AND (16)I (17)WASNT (18)EVEN (19)THE (20)WORST (21)KID (22)ON (23)OUR (24)TEAM (25)WE (26)HAD (27)COLLIN (28)AND (29)MACKIE (30)CREAVY (31)AND (32)A (33)COUPLE (34)OTHER (35)KIDS (36)WHO (37)CAN (38)BARELY (39)KICK (40)A (41)SOCCER (42)BALL (43)AND (44)THERE (45)I (46)WAS (47)CHASING (48)BALLS (49)INTO (50)THE (51)STREET (52)AND (53)LET (54)ME (55)JUST (56)SAY (57)SOMETHING (58)IN (59)DEFENSE (60)OF (61)ALL (62)THOSE (63)SHAGS (64)OUT (65)THERE (66)SHAG (67)MIGHT (68)NOT (69)BE (70)THE (71)MOST (72)NOBLE (73)POSITION (74)IN (75)SOCCER (76)BUT (77)IT (78)IS (79)DEFINITELY (80)THE (81)MOST (82)STRESSFUL

{A} (1)TONIGHT (2)I (3)WAS (4)ALL (5)SET (6)TO (7)GO (8)OVER (9)TO (10)COLLINS (11)HOUSE (12)BUT (13)I (14)FOUND (15)OUT (16)DAD (17)HAD (18)RENTED (19)A (20)MOVIE (21)SO (22)I (23)CHANGED (24)MY (25)PLANS (26)AND (27)STAYED (28)HOME (29)WHENEVER (30)DAD (31)GETS (32)A (33)MOVIE (34)HE (35)NEVER (36)CHECKS (37)THE (38)RATING (39)SO (40)ITS (41)ALWAYS (42)WORTH (43)HANGING (44)AROUND (45)AND (46)SEEING (47)WHAT (48)HE (49)PICKED (50)OUT (51)AND (52)HALF (53)THE (54)TIME (55)HE (56)GETS (57)SOMETHING (58)MOM (59)WOULD (60)NEVER (61)LET (62)ME (63)WATCH (64)ON (65)MY (66)OWN

{B} (1)THE (2)ONLY (3)DOWN (4)SIDE (5)ABOUT (6)WATCHING (7)MOVIES (8)WITH (9)DAD (10)IS (11)THAT (12)IF (13)THERE (14)IS (15)EVER (16)A (17)SCENE (18)WITH (19)ANYTHING (20)THE (21)LEAST (22)BIT (23)INAPPROPRIATE (24)SOMEHOW (25)MOM (26)SHOWS (27)UP (28)AT (29)THE (30)WORST (31)MOMENT (32)AND (33)MAKES (34)YOU (35)FEEL (36)ASHAMED (37)FOR (38)WATCHING (39)IT

{C} (1)LUCKILY (2)I (3)HAVE (4)MASTERED (5)THE (6)KIND (7)OF (8)RESPONSE (9)THAT (10)GETS (11)ME (12)OFF (13)THE (14)HOOK (15)EVERY (16)TIME (17)ESPECIALLY (18)DURING (19)THE (20)RACY (21)SCENES

{D} (1)I (2)JUST (3)MAKE (4)SURE (5)I (6)HEAD (7)BACK (8)DOWNSTAIRS (9)LATER (10)ON (11)TO (12)CATCH (13)UP (14)ON (15)ANYTHING (16)I (17)MISSED

{E} (1)TODAY (2)AFTER (3)CHURCH (4)MOM (5)AND (6)I (7)WENT (8)OVER (9)TO (10)GRAMMAS (11)TO (12)CHECK (13)UP (14)ON (15)HER (16)MOM (17)WAS (18)PRETTY (19)WORRIED (20)BECAUSE (21)GRAMMA (22)HASNT (23)BEEN (24)ANSWERING (25)HER (26)PHONE (27)FOR (28)A (29)FEW (30)DAYS (31)SO (32)MOM (33)WANTED (34)TO (35)MAKE (36)SURE (37)GRAMMA (38)WAS (39)OK (40)BUT (41)WHEN (42)WE (43)GOT (44)THERE (45)WE (46)FOUND (47)GRAMMA (48)SITTING (49)IN (50)HER (51)KITCHEN (52)CLIPPING (53)COUPONS (54)LIKE (55)USUAL (56)SO (57)WHEN (58)MOM (59)ASKED (60)GRAMMA (61)WHY (62)SHE (63)HASNT (64)BEEN (65)ANSWERING (66)THE (67)TELEPHONE (68)GRAMMA (69)SAID (70)CORDLESS (71)TELEPHONES (72)ERASE (73)THE (74)MEMORY (75)OF (76)THE (77)ELDERLY


{G} (1)SO (2)WHEN (3)MOM (4)CONFRONTED (5)GRAMMA (6)ON (7)IT (8)AND (9)SAID (10)WHERE (11)DID (12)YOU (13)READ (14)THAT (15)MOM (16)GRAMMA (17)KNEW (18)SHE (19)WAS (20)CORNERED

{H} (1)SO (2)MOM (3)FOUND (4)WHERE (5)GRAMMA (6)WAS (7)STASHING (8)THE (9)TABLOIDS (10)AND (11)WE (12)TOOK (13)IT (14)HOME (15)WITH (16)US (17)TO (18)THROW (19)AWAY (20)WHAT (21)MOM (22)DOESNT (23)KNOW (24)IS (25)THAT (26)I (27)ALWAYS (28)DIG (29)THOSE (30)THINGS (31)OUT (32)OF (33)THE (34)TRASH (35)AND (36)READ (37)THEM (38)WHEN (39)NO (40)ONES (41)AROUND

{I} (1)THERES (2)ACTUALLY (3)A (4)BUNCH (5)OF (6)GOOD (7)STUFF (8)IN (9)THERE (10)LIKE (11)HOROSCOPES (12)AND (13)PREDICTIONS (14)IN (15)FACT (16)THE (17)REASON (18)I (19)TAKE (20)SCHOOL (21)WITH (22)A (23)GRAIN (24)OF (25)SALT (26)IS (27)BECAUSE (28)THIS (29)ONE (30)TABLOID (31)SAYS (32)THE (33)WHOLE (34)EAST (35)COAST (36)IS (37)GOING (38)TO (39)BE (40)UNDERWATER (41)WITHIN (42)FIVE (43)YEARS

{J} (1)I (2)DONT (3)KNOW (4)IF (5)I (6)EVER (7)MENTIONED (8)THIS (9)BEFORE (10)BUT (11)EVERY (12)MORNING (13)WHEN (14)DAD (15)WAKES (16)ME (17)UP (18)HE (19)GIVES (20)THE (21)SAME (22)EXACT (23)SPEECH (24)ITS (25)TEN (26)OF (27)SEVEN (28)MOMS (29)IN (30)THE (31)SHOWER (32)AND (33)I (34)WANT (35)YOU (36)IN (37)THERE (38)THE (39)SECOND (40)SHES (41)OUT (42)SO (43)YOURE (44)NOT (45)LATE (46)FOR (47)YOUR (48)BUS (49)LETS (50)MOVE (51)IT (52)HUP (53)HUP (54)HUP

{K} (1)I (2)DONT (3)KNOW (4)WHERE (5)DAD (6)GETS (7)HIS (8)MORNING (9)ENERGY (10)BUT (11)I (12)DEFINITELY (13)DID (14)NOT (15)INHERIT (16)THAT (17)GENE (18)FROM (19)HIM (20)AFTER (21)HE (22)WAKES (23)ME (24)UP (25)I (26)PROP (27)MYSELF (28)UP (29)ON (30)MY (31)ELBOW (32)AND (33)TRY (34)MY (35)HARDEST (36)NOT (37)TO (38)FALL (39)BACK (40)ASLEEP

{A} (1)THIS (2)ONE (3)DAY (4)I (5)ACCIDENTALLY (6)FELL (7)BACK (8)ASLEEP (9)AFTER (10)DAD (11)WOKE (12)ME (13)UP (14)AND (15)BELIEVE (16)ME (17)IT (18)WAS (19)THE (20)LAST (21)TIME (22)I (23)EVER (24)MADE (25)THAT (26)MISTAKE

{B} (1)AT (2)SCHOOL (3)THIS (4)MORNING (5)THERE (6)WERE (7)A (8)BUNCH (9)OF (10)KIDS (11)FROM (12)MRS (13)BUNNS (14)HOMEROOM (15)CLASS (16)STANDING (17)AROUND (18)IN (19)THE (20)HALLWAY (21)TRIPPING (22)EVERY (23)OTHER (24)KID (25)THAT (26)WALKED (27)BY

{C} (1)ITS (2)REALLY (3)SAD (4)TO (5)SEE (6)WHAT (7)PASSES (8)FOR (9)COMEDY (10)THESE (11)DAYS (12)BACK (13)IN (14)THE (15)FIFTH (16)GRADE (17)ME (18)AND (19)BEN (20)WERE (21)AN (22)AWESOME (23)COMEDY (24)TEAM (25)AND (26)WE (27)HAD (28)SOME (29)REALLY (30)GOOD (31)ROUTINES

{D} (1)BUT (2)EVER (3)SINCE (4)BEN (5)LEFT (6)TOWN (7)THE (8)FUNNIEST (9)THING (10)THAT (11)EVER (12)HAPPENS (13)IN (14)SCHOOL (15)IS (16)WHEN (17)SOME (18)POOR (19)KID (20)DROPS (21)HIS (22)LUNCH (23)TRAY (24)IN (25)THE (26)CAFETERIA

{E} (1)I (2)TRIED (3)TO (4)PICK (5)THE (6)COMEDY (7)THING (8)BACK (9)UP (10)WHEN (11)ROWLEY (12)CAME (13)ALONG (14)BUT (15)THINGS (16)NEVER (17)REALLY (18)WORKED (19)OUT

{F} (1)I (2)THOUGHT (3)OF (4)ANOTHER (5)GOOD (6)REASON (7)TO (8)KEEP (9)A (10)JOURNAL (11)WHEN (12)I (13)GET (14)RICH (15)AND (16)FAMOUS (17)I (18)CAN (19)PULL (20)OUT (21)THIS (22)BOOK (23)TO (24)REMIND (25)MYSELF (26)WHY (27)I (28)SHOULDNT (29)LET (30)RODRICK (31)SWIM (32)IN (33)MY (34)POOL (35)OR (36)USE (37)MY (38)BOWLING (39)ALLEY (40)OR (41)ANYTHING (42)ELSE (43)LIKE (44)THAT

{G} (1)TONIGHT (2)RODRICK (3)PULLED (4)HIS (5)GETOUTOFDOINGTHEDISHES (6)ROUTINE (7)JUST (8)LIKE (9)HE (10)DOES (11)EVERY (12)NIGHT (13)DAD (14)HAS (15)A (16)RULE (17)THAT (18)WERE (19)NOT (20)ALLOWED (21)TO (22)WATCH (23)TV (24)UNTIL (25)THE (26)DISHES (27)ARE (28)DONE (29)BUT (30)RIGHT (31)AFTER (32)DINNER (33)RODRICK (34)ALWAYS (35)GOES (36)UPSTAIRS (37)TO (38)THE (39)BATHROOM (40)AND (41)DOESNT (42)COME (43)DOWN (44)FOR (45)SOMETHING (46)LIKE (47)45 (48)MINUTES (49)BY (50)THAT (51)TIME (52)IVE (53)DONE (54)ALL (55)THE (56)DISHES (57)MYSELF

{H} (1)WELL (2)TONIGHT (3)I (4)SAID (5)ENOUGH (6)IS (7)ENOUGH (8)AND (9)I (10)WENT (11)TO (12)COMPLAIN (13)TO (14)MOM (15)AND (16)DAD (17)BUT (18)OF (19)COURSE (20)RODRICK (21)HAD (22)AN (23)EXCUSE

{I} (1)ALL (2)I (3)CAN (4)SAY (5)IS (6)THAT (7)IF (8)RODRICK (9)WANTS (10)TO (11)HANG (12)OUT (13)IN (14)MY (15)MANSION (16)WHEN (17)WERE (18)GROWN (19)UP (20)HE (21)BETTER (22)BRING (23)A (24)TOWEL (25)AND (26)SOME (27)SPONGES (28)BECAUSE (29)HES (30)GOING (31)TO (32)BE (33)DOING (34)A (35)WHOLE (36)LOT (37)OF (38)DISHES

{J} (1)TONIGHT (2)SOCCER (3)PRACTICE (4)ENDED (5)A (6)FEW (7)MINUTES (8)EARLY (9)SO (10)THE (11)COACH (12)COULD (13)HAND (14)OUT (15)UNIFORMS (16)AND (17)WE (18)COULD (19)COME (20)UP (21)WITH (22)A (23)TEAM (24)NAME

{K} (1)I (2)SUGGESTED (3)TWISTED (4)WIZARDS (5)AND (6)SAID (7)MAYBE (8)WE (9)COULD (10)GET (11)THE (12)GAME (13)ZONE (14)TO (15)SPONSOR (16)US (17)BUT (18)OF (19)COURSE (20)MY (21)PERFECTLY (22)GOOD (23)IDEA (24)GOT (25)SHOT (26)DOWN

{L} (1)A (2)BUNCH (3)OF (4)OTHER (5)IDEAS (6)GOT (7)TOSSED (8)AROUND (9)UNTIL (10)SOME (11)IDIOT (12)CAME (13)UP (14)WITH (15)THE (16)NAME (17)RED (18)SOX (19)I (20)COULDNT (21)BELIEVE (22)IT (23)WHEN (24)A (25)BUNCH (26)OF (27)KIDS (28)THOUGHT (29)THAT (30)WAS (31)A (32)REALLY (33)GOOD (34)IDEA (35)AND (36)GUESS (37)WHAT (38)THATS (39)WHAT (40)EVERYONE (41)VOTED (42)ON

{M} (1)NOW (2)NUMBER (3)ONE (4)THE (5)RED (6)SOX (7)IS (8)A (9)BASEBALL (10)TEAM (11)NOT (12)A (13)SOCCER (14)TEAM (15)AND (16)NUMBER (17)TWO (18)OUR (19)UNIFORMS (20)ARE (21)BLUE (22)INCLUDING (23)THE (24)SOCKS (25)BUT (26)OF (27)COURSE (28)NOBODY (29)WOULD (30)LISTEN (31)TO (32)ME