On the Subject of Brown Hexabuttons

You don’t want to mess this up or else you’ll end up with a reaction resulting in the color brown.

Each of the non-center buttons will be assigned 6 out of the 8 chemical symbols. Use the button's character in the table below to get the chemical symbol for that button.


These chemicals can be mixed to form potions. The potions you will need to make can be obtained from the center button.

Pressing the center button will transmit a 6 letter code. If you are unable to hear, press the Status Light to enable/disable Deaf Mode. Use the table below for each letter to obtain which potions you will need to make in that order.

Letter's Position ➞
Letter ↓

To disarm the module, press the non-center buttons in such a way that each chemical symbol on that button forms the potion from any of the 2 absent chemicals, in order.

Note: You can only press each button once so plan out your button presses. There may be more than one solution. Pressing the center button will also reset any input you made.

Mixing Rules

The potion that the 2 chemicals make depends on their Color, Charge, and Size. Look for the color that has the SAME CHARGE AND DIFFERENT SIZE on the 2 chemicals. The potion it will make will be that color with that charge.


If none of the colors fit that criteria, then the 2 chemicals will create a neutral potion.

You can’t mix 1 absent chemical twice in a row. You have to alternate between the 2 absent chemicals.

Fun Fact: This puzzle is based off the table top game, Alchemists by CGE.