On the Subject of Burglar Alarms

Why would you want to rob a bomb?

This module will display buttons from 0–9, a disarm button, a submit button and a module number. To disarm the module:

  • Find the 8 digit long code from the table below.
  • Add each digit of the module number to the corresponding digit from the table and obtain the least significant digit of each result.
  • Press the disarm button (✗) and enter the code, then press the submit button (✓).
  • There is a time limit. After the disarm button is pressed you have 15 seconds to input the code. If the time runs out before the correct code is submitted the module will give a strike. If the wrong code is entered the module will give a strike.
#Condition 1Condition 2TF
1Batteries > portsBattery holders even91
ElseModule # last digit even34
2PS/2 portSN has 4 letters06
ElseLit BOB52
3Even number of solved modulesModule 3rd digit even84
ElseRJ-45 port93
4Sum of module digits oddPort plates > indicators73
ElseD > AA72
5Solved > batteries × port platesEven ports93
ElsePorts > indicators78
6Parallel portSerial port15
ElseLit FRQ04
7Batteries > 4Any unlit62
ElseAny lit94
8Batteries = indicatorsSN # contains B,U,R,G,1,410
ElseSN # contains A,L,M,3,508