On the Subject of Burglar Alarms

Why would you want to rob a bomb?

This module will display buttons from 0–9, a disarm button, a submit button and a module number. To disarm the module, find the 8 digit long code in the table below, press the disarm button (✗) and enter the code, then press the submit button (✓). But there is a time limit. After the disarm button is pressed you have 15 seconds to input the code, if the time runs out before the correct code is submitted the module will give a strike. If the wrong code is entered the module will give a strike.

Number 1 Number 2
Batteries > ports Else PS/2 port present Else
Even number of battery holders Else Last digit of module number even Else Letters > Digits in the serial number Else Lit BOB indicator Else
9 1 3 4 0 6 5 2
Number 3 Number 4
Even number of solved modules Else The sum of the digits on the module total up to an odd number Else
Third digit of the module number is even Else RJ-45 port present Else Number of port plates > number of indicators Else Number of D batteries > number of AA batteries Else
8 4 9 3 7 3 7 2
Number 5 Number 6
Number of solved modules > number of (Batteries*portplates) Else Parallel port present Else
Even number of ports Else Number of ports > number of indicators Else Serial port present Else Lit FRQ present Else
9 3 7 8 1 5 0 4
Number 7 Number 8
Number of batteries > 4 Else Number of batteries = Number of indicators Else
No unlit indicator Else No lit indicator Else The serial number contain any characters in B,U,R,G,1,4,R Else The serial number contain any characters in A,L,5,3,M Else
2 6 4 9 1 0 0 8

Next, add the first number of the module number to the first number you got from the table above and the second module number to the second number you got, etc.

If any of the numbers you got are over 9, Use the least significant digit.

The code should now be an 8 digit number. This is the code to input.