On the Subject of Button Messer

Please don’t kill me for this!

On startup, the module has nothing visual. However, if there’s more of it on the bomb, all of them except for 1 will have a “Solve” button which solves the module when clicked.

When you click a button on any other module*, it will seemingly do nothing. But on the active Button Messer, a grey rectangle will show up with the image of a button of another module on it.

The grey rectangle represents the module which has its button shown. (Position of the button on the rectangle is the same as its position on its module)

When you click on the shown button on its module, that button will work like it should. But if it wasn’t pressed before, the Button Messer module will show a new button.

This module will solve when every button on the bomb was pressed at least once or every module that isn’t a Button Messer is solved.

Note: When a Button Messer is active, no buttons will strike on their first press! (Every other action will run, unless it’s not yet unlocked.)

*There are modules ignored by Button Messer (Listed on the next page)