On the Subject of Buttonage

Impending doom approaches...

...it’s 64 buttons.

There are 64 buttons, in an 8×8 grid.

Each button can be red, yellow, green, orange, blue, pink, white, or black.

Each button’s border can be white, pink, gray, or red.

Some red, blue, and green buttons can have white ‘P’ on them.

Some yellow buttons can have orange ‘P’ on them.

And one or more special buttons (white, red border, and red ‘M’) can appear on the module.

Only one button will solve the module, any other button gives a strike.

To find the correct button to press, follow the rules below:

  • Add the sum of each button’s color value together (black and white buttons are excluded in this step).
Blue Green Orange Pink Red Yellow
1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Then subtract the sum of each black and white button’s color value.
Black White
1 2
  • Then, multiply by the number of special buttons.
  • Add the number of ‘P’ buttons.
  • Then change the number based on each button’s border (red borders are excluded).
Gray Pink White
-1 +1 +2
  • Finally, modulo the number by 64. The correct button is this number.
  • If the last digit of the serial number is even, the buttons are in reading order, where the top-left button is 0. Otherwise, the buttons are in Chinese reading order (top to bottom, right to left), where the top-right button is 0.