On the Subject of Cartiac Arrest

In which absolutely no samples involve Carti at all. Use a GPS next time.

You and your friend love Playboi Carti. So one day, you two decided to head to his next concert!

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, you took a wrong turn, and ended up in a much more underground concert. The music is way more intense than what you're used to! So intense that your friend's gone into cardiac arrest! And now you need to get him to a safer place to rescue him!

You are completely unfamiliar with the layout of this place, but you were given some hints to find your way around.

You were told that the location is laid out in a 16x16 grid, 0-15 in both directions, (0,0) being the top left, and the first number being your vertical position. You also learned that they use four colors to mark locations: magenta, cyan, yellow, and blue.

Going in clockwise order starting north, the arrows are read as two quaternary (base-4) numbers of length 2. The numbers each color is mapped to is different for every concert, but the mapping from 0 to 3 is given by the screen, in a sequence of all four colors. At the start, the arrows show the position of the safe spot.

You were told that an ambulance is on the premises and will take you in immediately when you get to them. But you don't want to pay such an absurd price to use an ambulance! So you need to avoid it at all costs! Luckily, its location is also shown through the screen, in two pairs of encoded quaternary numbers shown after the decoding sequence. And if its location conflicts with your start or end, it'll ignore you! Yay!

When you're ready to make your move, press the screen. The crowd will clear up temporarily, and once it's open, your starting position will be shown by the arrows. You'll then have just over 30 seconds to make it to your goal before the crowd gathers again!

Every move you make will be accompanied by a kick. If you can't move there, you'll hear another tone as well alongside the kick. If you end up in the ambulance, every single move will be invalid! Keeping that in mind, make it to safety quickly while avoiding the ambulance to save your friend and get out of here, or you'll strike!