On the Subject of Cartinese

In A9 I Milly Rock...

  • This module contains 4 directional colored play buttons and a cycling character display in the center.
  • Pressing a play button plays a lyric from rapper Playboi Carti’s verse in the song EARFQUAKE (see appendix 1G0R for the lyrics).
  • Each play button also moves a space in the grid of Playboi Carti tweets pictured on the next page. To solve the module, navigate to the tweet which is cycling on the display, and press the display itself.

Use each button’s position, color, and played lyric to calculate a score with the rules below, starting at 0.

+1 +2 +3
The button is red. The button is yellow. The button is green.
The button is on the bottom. The button is on the left. The button is on the right.
The lyric is in an even position. The lyric is in an odd position. The lyric is the only one present in its stanza.
The lyric has 10 or more letters. The line has an even number of vowels. The line ends in a consonant.

Take the location of the blue button and use that position on the left to assign directions to each button. The columns are a button’s score, modulo 4.

% 0 1 2 3

N.B.: Y is not considered a vowel ever.

  • To calculate the starting position, add the sum of the digits in the serial number to the number of consonants present across all lyrics, then modulo 25 if necessary.
  • The starting position is this position in the grid in reading order, starting from 0. A strike resets the position to the starting position.
  • While moving, the grid wraps around on all sides.
rEd. rich forever HA ! Amazing !* fully loaded wHO THiS is???? playboi cahti
i Kant wait . Love u ! no sleep . X 4vr. Lit 4U !! Black heart DIE LIT *+_ SLATT!
* * CARTI ALBUM @ 12*+am ok ! i win k? FRANK OCEAN IS LIFE love like you’ve never been hurt ! * I WANT SMOKE IN EVERY MOSH ! DONT DIE ! FREE FACETATS!
love / is high school all over again ! * I Kan NOt Beef Ah bit Ya +:) FREE NUDY ! TF ! HEy . <3
FOSHO ! * MOOD ! * Uzi Carti * Carti Uzi * Tape ... loading . MoNDaY FY!! ima thief in the night

N.B.: The display only shows letters in their capital form.

Appendix 1G0R: EARFQUAKE (excerpt)

  • Aingobodirou
  • Dongifubounan
  • Ayofumylu
  • Dimycamilayw
  • Dogosemiu
  • Bitgosemiu
  • Iwittyluyu
  • Herolideca
  • Anseweke
  • Likwoveke
  • Omeygah
  • Dediamnatifney