On the Subject of Gemini

Never one...

  • A module of the Gemini Twins, either Castor or Pollux, will contain a go button, 10 numbered buttons, and five screens.
  • The top three screens will be cycling numbers in which a function is being applied.
    • In the case of Castor, a random number between 1 and 100 is being added to the previous number, modulo 1000.
    • In the case of Pollux, a random number between 1 and 100 is being subtracted from the previous number, modulo 1000.
  • Determine which numbers are being added to or subtracted from the value on each of the three screens.
  • The screen on the bottom left indicates a timer, which is yet to be started. Upon pressing and immediately releasing the GO! button, the timer will start, and count down. The timer will always count down over a timer tick.
  • Pressing the GO! button without typing nine digits into the screen will incur a strike.
  • The goal is, when the timer reaches zero, that all three numbers on the screen have the same value. Successfully doing so will disarm the module. Unsuccessfully doing so will incur a strike and reset the module.
  • To set the numbers, press the numbered buttons at the bottom of the module, or type with the numbers on your keyboard. The cycling sequence of numbers will stop, and your input will appear starting from the right, and shift left upon every input.
  • If you wish to return to the cycling numbers, press and hold the GO! button for at least one second.
  • Important note: If both a Castor and a Pollux appear on the same bomb, they may be linked! Use the screen at the bottom right to determine which modules are linked. Linked modules have the same two-letter code.
  • For linked modules, both modules must solve at the same time.
    • If one module’s timer expires before the other, and it solves, that other module will strike, reset, and unlink.
    • If one module’s timer expires before the other, and it strikes, that other module will reset, but not strike. The modules will still remain linked.

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