On the Subject of Catchphrase

Just see what you say.


  • Goal: Press the 4 panels in correct order and time. Then, calculate the product of numbers shown on the screen.
  • Green ‘S’ button: submit; Red ‘C’ button: clear
  • Ignore letters in the image.
  • You may enter your final answer at any time, even if you have not uncovered all panels.

Part 1: Determine press time

  1. Sum all letters (ignore digits) in serial number by A1Z26.
  2. Add #lit indicators.
  3. mod 10, use that row.
Press correct panel when last second digit is:
Panel #1st2nd3rd4th
If digit is 0:5137
If digit is 1:2864
If digit is 2:0952
If digit is 3:9348
If digit is 4:6275
If digit is 5:1529
If digit is 6:8713
If digit is 7:4086
If digit is 8:3402
If digit is 9:7691

Part 2: Determine press order

Follow rules to determine press order. Last panel to press is the remaining one.

1st press

IF true (first applies): THEN press: IF ABSENT, press:
4 unique color Red Top Left
≥1 empty port plate Blue Bottom Right
Green panel present Purple Bottom Left
≥5 batteries Green Top Right
Otherwise Yellow Orange, else Top Left

2nd press

IF 1st press was: THEN press: IF ABSENT, press:
Red or Green Blue Top Right, else Bottom Right
Top Left Orange Bottom Left
Purple or Bottom Right Yellow Top Right, else Top Left
Otherwise Green Red, else Bottom Right,
else Top Left

3rd press

IF the remaining 2 panels: THEN press:
Both in top row and same color Top Left
Both on the left and diff color Bottom Left
Both at the bottom Bottom Right
Both on the right Top Right

Else, press first panel appeared in this sequence:

  • Red, Top Left, Blue, Bottom Left, Green, Bottom Right, Orange, Top Right, Yellow, Purple

Part 3: Submit the product of numbers on screen

as title.