On the Subject of Channel Surfing

You are a gifted child, sitting in front of a TV screen.
You will use your intelligence to switch through every channel on the planet.

Upon activation, the module attempt to connect to Channel #1 via dial up.

Once connected, the module will count down from 60 seconds and display a word in a colour.
If the word matches its colour, press the left side of the module. Otherwise, press the right side of the module.

Correctly responding to the display will generate a new word and add 4 seconds to the timer, up to a maximum of 180 seconds.
Responding in under 1 second will increase the combo meter. Increasing the combo meter will add up to three pluses to the bottom left of the display. Each plus adds an additional 2 seconds to the timer upon a correct response.
The combo meter will fully deplete after 2 seconds without a response.

As the module accesses more distant channels, the display can be affected by several transmission errors, any number of these can occur simultaneously.
Errors that affect only the display are:

  • Scrambling the text.
  • Flipping the display vertically.
  • Changing the background colour of the display.
  • Shrinking the text.
  • Revealing the text letter by letter in a random order.

Errors that affect the whole module. Most* are notified by the appearance of icons below the text:

  • Red X- Neither button may be pressed while this icon is showing.
  • Arrows- The left and right sides of the module have swapped functions.
  • Eye- The text appears black, the true colour of the text is revealed if neither side of the module is highlighted.
  • Lost Signal- The module's signal is too weak to reach the next channel, rapidly highlight alternating sides of the module to boost its signal.
    *The whole module will change appearance when this happens.
  • Colour Wheel- The text will cycle colours. The correct response changes accordingly.
  • Question Mark- The text will cycle colours. Press either button when the colour of the word matches the previous displayed word.
  • Coloured Question Mark- The text will cycle colours. Press either button when the colour of the word matches the previous displayed colour.

The module will be solved if either:

  • All other non-ignored modules are solved and the timer is maxed out.
  • The text on all 399 channels have been correctly responded to.

Either running out of time or responding incorrectly will briefly disconnect the module, award a strike, deplete the combo meter, and reset the timer if it has fallen below 60 seconds.