On the Subject of Chaotic Countdown

How do you even solve this?!

  • The module shows seven pressable numbers, four pressable operator buttons, a target number on a larger screen at the top, and a blank square button, used to start the module.
  • To disarm the module, calculate the larger target number using the given smaller numbers and the not-so-standard mathematical operators, which will be explained shortly.
  • There will always be at least one solution, and you must also enter at least one calculation.
  • To start interacting with the module, press the blank square button. Once started, you will have 30 seconds to input the correct answer.
  • Enter a mathematical operation by clicking a number, followed by an operator, then a different number.
  • The newly created number will be placed on one of the buttons below the 7 square buttons, starting with the top left and proceeding in Braille reading order, while both old numbers will disappear.
  • Once the operator is selected, the number cannot be unselected, and past calculations cannot be undone.
  • If the 30 seconds fully pass without the target number being created, a strike will be incurred, and a new series of numbers and target will be generated.

The operators:

  • +: Behaves like normal addition
  • -: Takes the absolute difference of the numbers selected
  • ×: Behaves like normal multiplication
  • ÷: If the first number selected can be divided wholly into the second number, perform that division. Otherwise, if the second number can be divided wholly into the first number, perform that division. Otherwise, take the larger number modulo the smaller number.