On the Subject of Character Shift

haha what is shape shift?

  • This module features two sliders, and a red LED.
  • Each slider cycles between five options: its default of *, and 4 numbers/letters.
  • The slider on the left cycles between different letters, while the slider on the right cycles between different numbers.
  • Using the table below, shift the letters according to the numbers. Loop around at A/Z. Apply each number to all four characters so that sixteen different possibilities are made, excluding the original letters.
  • Submit any shifted letter that results in a letter included in the Serial #. The letter/number combination that resulted in that solution must be submitted.
  • Note: This module has no submit button. As long as the module is not on its default of */*, the module will try to submit its current configuration every time the last digit of the bomb’s timer is 1. An indication of when this automatic submit is armed is provided by the red LED.

Calculate X by adding up Ports + Serial # letters.

Calculate Y by adding up Indicators + Serial # numbers.

0Add 3.
1Add X.
2Subtract Y.
3Add Y, then subtract the number of port plates.
4Add the last digit of the Serial #.
5Subtract the number of battery holders, then add X * 2.
6Add the number of lit indicators, add Y, then subtract the number of unlit indicators.
7Add X if there is a lit SIG indicator, Otherwise add Y.
8Add X and Y, then subtract the number of indicators, then add the number of D batteries.
9Add X if there are more than 3 batteries, Otherwise subtract it. Add Y if there are more than 3 indicators, Otherwise subtract it.