On the Subject of Charms

Preparing you for the O.D.L.s!

  • This module contains two 2×3 sliding tile puzzles, seven hexagonal spell buttons in the center, three stage lights at the top, and two diamond buttons at the bottom.
  • Each sliding puzzle will contain a red, yellow, green, blue, and purple tile. There will also be an arrow pointing in a cardinal direction under one of the tiles. The spell buttons will be initially unusable.
  • Setting both sliding puzzles to their solution state then pressing the diamond button beneath them will activate the spell buttons. From this point, three spells must be cast to solve the module. Spells are cast by holding down a starting hexagon and moving to adjacent hexagons, releasing when the last one has been highlighted. Casting an incorrect or nonexistent spell will strike.
  • Casting spells requires precision and dexterity, so the orbs on each of the hexagons mark the area where they detect having been interacted with.

Solving the Sliding Puzzles:

  • Use the first and second characters of the serial number to identify the position of the empty space for the left and right puzzle respectively.
A G P U 3 8 D H M X 2 9
B I Q S 1 6 E J N V Ø 7
C K R W Z 4 F L O T Y 5
  • To find where to place the rest of the colors, start by taking the sum of the number of batteries, indicators, and ports modulo 8 as the column and the number of modules modulo 8 as the row in the table below.
  • For each puzzle, move from this starting cell in the direction this puzzle’s arrow pointed to until all 5 colors have been landed on at least once.
  • The order in which these colors were landed on is the order the rest of the puzzle’s tiles should be in, in reading order.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Casting the Correct Spells:

  • Once the spell buttons are active, consult Appendix SP3llB0Ok using two colors for each stage to obtain the three spells to cast and solve the module.
    • For stage 1, use the two colors in the same column as the empty space in the left puzzle, top to bottom.
    • For stage 2, use the two colors in the same column as the empty space in the right puzzle, bottom to top.
    • For stage 3, use the color from the same row as the empty space in the left puzzle and right puzzle in order.
  • The numbering system the motions for a spell are written in use this configuration:

Appendix SP3LLB0OK:

  • The colors, name, use, and motions of each spell are detailed here.
Colors: Name: Intended Use: Motions:
RR Conformare Series Summons a train. 5-7-6-3-1-2
RY Vestigium Ostendere Uncovers an animal track. 7-4-1-4-2-4-3-4
RG Apage Deciphers ancient Cartinese scripts. 3-1-2-5-7-6
RB Aenigma Insulsus Catches a fish. 5-4-3-6-7
RP Fortis Facini Gives the recipient the effects of the Adventure Game potion. 7-4-1-4-1
YR Id Isea Steals the recipient’s pronouns. 5-4-1-3-6-4
YY Arierae Factura Squeezes numbers into one digit. 1-3-6-7-5-2-1-4
YG Fulices Terreat Shoos pelicans, placates ducks. 7-5-4-6-7
YB Abrogo Titrates acid. 2-1-3-4-7
YP Pomi Ambrosia Flavors an ice-based dessert. 2-4-3-6-7-5-4-1
GR Urbs Cruminis Constructs a settlement using basic materials. 1-4-5-7-6-4
GY Pincerna Brews an alcoholic beverage. 1-4-7-6-3
GG Mortuos Defendisse Identifies any plant. 7-4-5-4-6-4
GB Incurrere Machinationes Hacks a computer. 2-5-4-7-4-3-6
GP Elutorium Cleans clothes. 2-4-3-4-7
Colors: Name: Intended Use: Motions:
BR Pluviarum Versicolorium Invokes rain with drops of many colors. 4-5-7-6-4-1
BY Tessellam Adcessio Increments the dimension count of any n-cube. 2-5-7-6-3-1-4
BG Refocillatrix Shocks a stopped heart back into motion. 2-4-6-4-2-4-6
BB Sicut Pater Create a simple organism out of basic elements. 2-1-3-4-5-7-6
BP Vendicare Compositum Places a curse on a Double-Oh module. 2-5-4-6-3
PR Speculi Expiatio Banishes ghosts that live in mirrors. 1-3-4-2-4-6
PY Praestigiator Fabarum Flips, clips, or dips a triangle. 1-4-3-1-4-3
PG Silentium Coeli Lets out a mighty “m” (cannot be heard in space). 5-2-4-7-4-3-6
PB Daedalae Orbitae Threads a needle. 5-4-3-4-5-4-3
PP Vastator Metallis Tesquorum Breaks netherite. 7-4-1-2-1-3