On the Subject of Cheap Checkout

Who in the world is purchasing something at a time like this?

  • There is a shopping list of items that are being purchased and can be viewed with the arrow buttons.
  • Above that, it shows the amount the customer paid.
  • Add up the amount of money it costs for all the items, applying the sale to each item based on the day of the week.
  • Weighted items must have their weight applied before applying the sale.
  • If the customer has paid enough money, simply input the correct amount of change the customer should receive using the buttons on the module and then press submit.
  • Otherwise if the customer hasn’t paid enough, press submit without any change to alert the customer. Wait for the new amount of money from the customer and then figure out how much change to give.
  • After pressing the submit button, the change will be cleared.


  • Item price refers to the price before the sale has been applied.
  • Fixed price items don’t have their prices change based on their weight.
  • A digital root is calculated by adding all the digits of a number together and repeating the process on the new number until you have a single digit.
  • Commercial rounding is when the digit checked for rounding is 5 or greater, the number is rounded up, otherwise you round down.


The day of the week is the date listed on the defuser’s computer when the module is activated.
Special Sunday
All fixed price items that contain an S in them are $2.15 more.
Malleable Monday
The 1st, 3rd and 6th items on the shopping list are 15% off.
Troublesome Tuesday
Calculate the digital root of the item price without the decimal point. Add that many dollars to the item price. Only applies to fixed price items.
Wacky Wednesday
Change each occurrence of the largest digit in the price to the smallest digit in the price, and vice versa.
Thrilling Thursday
All of the odd positioned items on the shopping list are half off.
Fruity Friday
All fruits are 25% more per pound.
Sweet Saturday
All sweet items are 35% off.

Item Prices:

Prices should always be kept in terms of dollars, for example, $0.68 instead of 68¢. All item prices are rounded to the 2nd decimal. You must commercially round after calculating the item price as well as after applying the sale.
Bananas$0.87 per lbFruit
Broccoli$1.39 per lbVegetable
Candy Canes$3.51Sweet
Canola Oil$2.28Oil
Chicken$1.99 per lbProtein
Chocolate Bar$2.10Sweet
Chocolate Milk$5.68Dairy
Coffee Beans$7.85Other
Deodorant$3.97Care Product
Fruit Punch$2.08Sweet
Grape Jelly$2.98Sweet
Grapefruit$1.08 per lbFruit
Oranges$0.80 per lbFruit
Paper Towels$9.46Care Product
Pasta Sauce$2.30Vegetable
Peanut Butter$5.00Protein
Pork$4.14 per lbProtein
Potato Chips$3.25Oil
Potatoes$0.68 per lbVegetable
Shampoo$4.98Care Product
Steak$4.97 per lbProtein
Tissues$3.94Care Product
Lemons$1.74 per lbFruit
Lettuce$1.10 per lbVegetable
Lotion$7.97Care Product
Tomatoes$1.80 per lbFruit
Toothpaste$2.50Care Product
Turkey$2.98 per lbProtein
Water Bottles$9.37Water
White Bread$2.43Grain
White Milk$3.62Dairy