On the Subject of Cheep Checkout

All your bird and water fowl needs, all in one place!

  • This module functions similarly to Cheap Checkout, except the shopping list cannot be seen, and you work at a pet shop, with mainly birds.
  • To figure out which birds they have, listen to the sounds that they make.
  • Pressing the bar will cause the sound to play. You can use the arrow buttons to cycle through the five sounds.
  • If the customer has paid enough money, input how much change they need with the buttons. However, if they have not paid enough (or somehow paid the exact amount), submit no change to tell the customer (because you’re a monster).

The below table shows the bird species, the price, and their call. A call consists of three tones that can be high, medium, or low. Three medium tones can be heard whenever the clear button is pressed.

Species Price Call
Auklet $3.59 Medium, Medium, Low
Bluebird $6.33 High, Low, Medium
Chickadee $1.99 Medium, Medium, High
Dove $2.50 Medium, Low, High
Egret $9.01 Low, Low, Medium
Finch $6.90 Medium, Medium, Medium
Godwit $5.27 Low, Medium, Medium
Hummingbird $9.12 Low, Medium, Low
Ibis $4.10 High, Low, Low
Jay $8.93 Low, High, Low
Kinglet $7.28 Low, High, Medium
Loon $1.23 Medium, High, Medium
Magpie $3.77 High, Medium, High
Nuthatch $0.99 Low, Low, High
Oriole $3.14 Medium, Low, Medium
Pipit $1.41 Low, High, High
Quail $9.04 Medium, High, High
Raven $8.00 High, Medium, Medium
Shrike $4.20 High, Medium, Low
Thrush $2.60 High, High, Medium
Umbrellabird $0.01 High, Low, High
Vireo $9.67 Medium, Low, Low
Warbler $3.69 Medium, High, Low
Xantus’s Hummingbird $5.51 Low, Medium, High
Yellowlegs $2.01 High, High, High
Zigzag Heron $7.53 High, High, Low

If one of the sounds is Low, Low, Low (not on the table) and there is a lit BOB indicator, mash the submit button with no change to solve the module. If there is not a lit BOB, the bird costs nothing.