On the Subject of Chilli Beans

Me and the boys at 3 am at toilet 'cause B E A N S

This module has 16 spicy beans on it. Each bean can be tinted yellow, orange, red or white. To solve the module, you must consume three valid beans (but no more). Eating an incorrect bean will cause a strike. If no valid beans are present, the module will not strike you for eating a different one. Eating more than three beans will also cause a strike but the module will stay solved. Note that you cannot see a bean when it has been eaten.

Finding Valid Beans

To find out if a bean is valid or invalid you must note down the entire grid. This grid can be noted using the spicy values: yellow = 0, orange = 1, red = 2 and white = 3. Eat the first valid bean in reading order with the lowest spicy value. Every time you eat a bean, all spicy values on the grid will increase by 1 and the eaten position will be interpreted as empty. If any bean has a spicy value of 4 or more it will remove 4 from its own spicy value and increment each adjacent (up, down, left and right) bean's spicy value by 1. If there is no bean at the incrementing position, that point of spicy value is lost to the void. Continue this until no 4+ spicy values remain. Then, the next bean to eat can be determined. Eating a bean in the same row or column as a previously eaten bean is unhygienic, so don’t do that!