On the Subject of Chipping Triangles

Talk about it.
Talk about it.
Talk about it.
Talk about it.

  • On the module is a rotating plate with nine tortilla chips of assorted colours and flavours on both sides.
  • The arrangements of colours can be found in the grid corresponding to the colour of the plate, except for one mismatch.
  • The colours of each side that are neither the colour of the false chip, nor its corresponding colour from the grid, indicate which flavour is to be eaten.
  • Each flavour has its own rule determining whether a chip is or is not that flavour.
    Eat all chips of the target flavour on both sides of the plate.
    If there are no chips of the desired flavour on a side of the plate, eat all but the false chip on that side.
FlavourColoursEat the chip if...
Spicy SalsaRed...it is not adjacent to a chip of the same colour.
Jalapeño CheddarRedYellow...it is the same colour as the true colour of the false chip.
Triple CheeseYellow...it is either yellow or adjacent to a yellow chip, but not both.
Cheese & ChiveYellowBlue...it is the same colour as the chip directly opposite it on the other side of the plate.
Cool RanchBlue...there are exactly three of its colour on its side of the plate.
Sweet Chilli & Sour CreamBlueRed...it is the least common colour on that side of the plate. If there is a tie, eat all in the tie.
Slate GreyLavender
Pale TealHazel Wood