On the Subject of Christmas Presents

Looks like Cousin Bob has been gift-wrapping laundry detergent again...

  • It was Christmas Eve and the K'Tane family had all gathered around the Christmas tree.
  • It was their first Christmas together in many years and they were very excited.
  • However, every member of the family had a different idea about what time they should open presents the next day.
  • Cousin Bob wanted to dive in as soon as he was awake. Auntie Marge and Uncle Simon liked to open their presents after church. Great Uncle Bertie was used to opening his presents after lunch. And Granny May liked to open her presents in the evening "to avoid all those awful soap operas".
  • Since everybody had a different idea of what time the presents should be opened, and since they liked a good maths problem, the K'Tane family decided that they would look at how many presents were given by each family member and calculate the hour in which they would all open presents that way.
  • Use the below table to determine which gift is from which family member.
  • There are 13 gifts in total.
Auntie Marge Uncle Simon Cousin Bob Granny May Great
Uncle Bertie
  • Take the sum of Auntie Marge's and Uncle Simon's presents.
  • Subtract the number of Cousin Bob's presents.
  • If this value is negative, multiply by -1.
  • Add the number of indicators to obtain value X.
  • Take the absolute difference between Granny May's and Great Uncle Bertie's presents.
  • If this value is 0, use 1.
  • Add the number of ports to obtain value Y.
  • Add the number of batteries to the product of X and Y.
  • Modulo 14 and then add 7 to obtain value Z.
  • Click the clock when the hour time is equal to value Z to disarm the module.
  • Clicking the clock at the wrong time will cause a strike.