On the Subject of the Extinction Transposition CM

A machine that knows no bounds when it comes to ciphers.

From the ƎNA Cipher module by Kilo Bites.

Pair up each letter on the left screens with the letters on the right screens. For each letter pair, do the following:

  • Convert both letters into Values via the Value Table.
  • Add/subtract X to both values until the value is between 1 - X. X is equal to the length of the encrypted word.
  • Swap the 2 letters corresponding to the positions of the 2 values you got from the previous step.
  • Do this for each letter pair to get a decrypted word.


Encrypted Word: AGUELRR
Letter Pairs: CX VF CW YZ

CX → 0,15 → 7,1 + AGUELRR → RGUELRA
VF → 102,2 → 4,2 + RGUELRA → REUGLRA
CW → 0,6 → 7,6 + REUGLRA → REUGLAR
YZ → 10,4 → 3,4 + REUGLAR → REGULAR

Decrypted Word: REGULAR